Sunday, April 5, 2015

1st Loose Tooth!

Coleman is SO excited to have a loose tooth! He's been wiggling it all day! He's been telling us for weeks that it was loose, but until yesterday it didn't look it (at all). I thought it was wishful thinking. Most of his friends have lost teeth and he's very excited to join the ranks of big kids with holey smiles. Tonight in his prayers he prayed for his tooth to fall out soon. Then added "whenever you want it to." After listening to General Conference today, the Lord's timing has been on my mind. I was impressed that he added that last bit. It's something I'm always working on - patience and faith in the Lord's timing and in his plan for me. Way to go little man! You're teaching me so much!! We're so excited for all the wonderful experiences you will have in your life! We hope you'll always put your trust in the Lord and recognize his hand in your life -  in all aspects - even loose teeth.