Tuesday, June 17, 2014

More Pictures of Aptil

Here are a few pictures I missed posting from April. :)

Monday, June 2, 2014

May 2014

Oops! These first few are from the end of April. :) Easter.

Tyler built a mining computer in a milk crate. Very interesting. :) He's amazing!

Now, this is May:

Working on Coleman's school egg drop project. I sprung it on Tyler the night before it was due. He really delivered. He and Coleman made an awesome contraption complete with propeller to slow it's descent.

...ready, set, go!

Happy Mother's Day! These three little munchkins make me the happiest mom in the world. We took a little walk at Reed Creek park that morning before church and had a great time checking out the wildlife. The best part (besides the company) was the 100s of mini frogs hopping all over the place!

At first I thought these were bugs. They're smaller than the nail on my pinkie finger. Flint informed me that they were frogs. He was right. :)

A birthday party at the park for Brookie's 5th birthday! I can't believe my baby girl is 5! What an amazing person she is and what joy she brings to our family! We had a fun time with friends and Daddy even got to come for part of it. A great day! :)

Making fake snow.

Daphnie made this gorgeous and delicious birthday cake. It was a big hit with all the kids - especially Brookie. Thanks Daphnie for sharing your talents and making Brookie's birthday extra special!!

Pretty happy about her special cake with Olaf on top. :)

This guy enjoyed the party in his PJs. :) He didn't seem to mind.

Coleman, Flint & Joey

Lydia, Lucy, Irene, Jackie & Brookie


Irene and Brookie

Big F


Brookie was very excited about her birthday presents. Thanks sweet friends!

Brookie got a doll named Emma for her birthday. They kinda look alike. :)

I'm 5!

The end of the school year was a busy one. Field day, ice cream day, water day, kindergarten graduation, family fun day... and swim team practice every afternoon. It was a marathon! Coleman running extra fast on field day!

Brothers are the best! Fllint loved watching Coleman run around. He wanted to give him high 5! Pretty soon he was in the thick of the game. Not sure all the other kindergartners liked that, but Cole didn't mind. :)

Relay races.

Kindergarten graduation. We're so proud of all your hard work this year, Coleman!!

They asng cute songs that they had learned during the year - about letters and counting, weather, and all sorts of other exciting things!

Jude, Coleman and Jude's little sister.

Coleman and Ms. Thigpen

Coleman and Ms. Proctor

Brookie and her sweet griends at family fun day - the last day of school We went as a family and enjoyed a picnic lunch with her after Coleman's graduation.

Brookie and Ms. Kim

Brookie and Ms. Laura

A family trip to Alaska in our horse-drawn sled. We love some good make-believe!

Memorial Day dinner and FHE with our friends, the Robinsons, Daphnie, Jessica and Michael and the Sisters! A great night!!

Dallin, Michale, Coleman, Peter, Carley, Brookie & Tyler

Sister Eggett and Sister Hathaway, Jessica, Heidi, Ryan & Daphnie

1st swim meet! Coleman has been practicing hard at swim practice. He's doing so well. When the coaches forgot the kick boards for the meet, he jumped in to practice and swam away. No more kick board for this fish! We're proud of all your hard work Coleman!

Brookie at the ward talent show!

Coleman and his Lego creation at the ward talent show.

 Chef Flint! He loves to "cook." He helped cook all the tortillas for Sunday dinner. :) What a cute helper!