Sunday, May 18, 2014

April 2014

Play Dough never gets old! (Ok, the dough does, but we never stop loving it!)


Looking sharp. All ready for church.

I want to be just like Daddy!

Milo and Coleman sliding down the dead grass hill.

Sisters are the best helpers!

A grass-covered donut. :) He never took it out of his mouth. If just gradually disappeared.

Triathlon preparation bike ride. :) Turned out to be more like a pioneer trek preparation. At one point we had all the kids in the trailers and otherwise attached to our bikes. :) But we were awesome!

I was ready for church. :) I'm still going. Just like this. We'll baby wipe my face and be on our way. :)

Rub a dub dub. Three kids in a tub. :)

We enjoyed a really fun visit from Uncle Trevor! Thanks for coming to see  us!

...a little rock climbing while Uncle Trevor was here. Georgia walls leave a bit to be desired, but we had fun anyway!

Coleman and Brookie ran around with the camera and most of the rest of these pictures were taken by them. They're pretty good. :) Way to go little photographers!

Swinging at the park... a favorite pastime!

I have "happies" on my face!

Pretty dollies! :)
Future piano player :)

...and very happy about it!

I found Flint "cooking" the pancakes A few cups of syrup and a spatula and you're all set. That's how you make pancakes.

Back yard art

Listening to conference :)

More swinging

We love the park

Running away from the water at the park!

...turtles at the pond at the park

...frog at the pond at the park

...geese or ducks at the pond at the park the park

...having fun with Grandpa and Grandma at the park

...singing the songs from Frozen time with Grandpa and Dad

Putting up a new canopy. :)