Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Coleman's SIX

Wow! Where has the time gone? It for sure has flown by! It seems like you were just a little guy and now I look at you - you're tall and thin and responsible. You are fun to talk to. You're smart and funny. You make my heart happy. You are kind and loving toward others. You are obedient and gentle. You're a good friend. You have grown so much and we are so proud of the amazing young man you are becoming! We love you so much!

Here's a little about you:

You like to play. You can keep yourself busy doing about anything. You love to play Legos! You also build with Trios and Zoobs. You like to play make believe games and dress up like superheroes and real life heroes. :) You love to play with friends. You love to jump off of stuff and climb on stuff. You are quite brave and loud. :) You are starting to enjoy drawing and writing. I love the pictures you make. My favorite one is the one you drew of you and Dad. :)

Every morning you get up and get ready for the day all by yourself.  Sometimes you come in and cuddle me in bed and sometimes you set off to play with toys. You're happy every morning and you're always ready to get going with your day. :) Your life is exciting and it makes me happy to watch you grow and learn and do all the things that boys do. :)

You are a bit of a picky eater. You prefer foods that are plain like grilled chicken, steamed veggies (or raw), & BBQed steak. You don't like sauce, but we've found that sweet and sour (you call it sour sweet sauce) is ok and sometimes you like to dip your chicken in honey... You like PB&J, nutella sandwiches, turkey and bread sandwiches & plain baked potatoes (sometimes you like butter on the skins). You'll eat almost any vegetable (as long as it doesn't have sauce on it) and every fruit you've ever tried. You are a healthy eater and we're proud of you. We've recently started requiring you to eat casseroles (you'll thank me later) and dishes with sauce and you don't love it, but you do it and you're still alive, so I guess it's going ok. :)

You started Kindergarten this year and love school. You love your teacher and your friends and you love recess. You ride the bus home and I love to pick you up every day - especially because when I ask how your day was, you always say "GREAT!" You are so positive and full of energy! Everyone loves being around you. Your teachers have commented to me about how smart you are. They say they just love to listen to you talk, and I agree. I do too. :) You are also learning a lot of fun new things and showing us at home. You even like to do your homework (most of the time). You're getting really good at writing and you love counting to 100. You are a good reader when you give yourself a chance. :)You're learning so much and we're so proud of you!

You are also enjoying Primary and are learning a lot at church. You have lots of fun buddies in your class and you're learning a lot there. You are very good at memorizing and have memorized lots of the Articles of Faith. :) You also like to sing. You are a good singer and love the primary songs. Your favorite song is still "I Am A Child of God." I loved it when your bore your testimony about how Heavenly Father answered your prayer and helped you find your airplane.

Coleman Lee! We love you so much! You make life exciting and fun for everyone around you! You are a good example to your brother and sister and to your parents. You are a special member of our family and we adore you! :) Thanks for the hugs and the smiles and the uncontrollable laughter. We enjoy you every minute! xoxoxo