Friday, August 9, 2013

Flint - 11 months!

Wow! How the time has flown by! I can't believe our "Little Bub" is almost 1! He has grown so much and is such a blessing to our family! I just want to write down a few things about him so I can remember his "babyhood" :).

Flint is almost 1, is walking quite well, has 2 teeth, weighs about 17 or 18 lbs, has gorgeous big brown eyes with long eyelashes, is tan from swimming :), has longish light brown hair (a bit of a comb-over), and a very magnetic personality. He's friendly, but can be a little shy at first. He loves to flirt.  He is flexible and patient. Flint sleeps from about 8pm 'till about 7am - give or take an hour. He takes 2 naps, but the timing of the naps is flexible. Bless this boy's sweet heart. He's a wonderful 3rd child!

Favorite Foods: Flint seems to like everything (well, almost). His first food was pizza and that is definitely a favorite still. He loves all kinds of pizza but I like to think he's partial to Costco pizza. He'll eat the peppers, sausage, onions, pepperoni, mushrooms - everything! Way to be Pal! Flint also loves smoothies! And I do mean LOVE! He will go and go on a smoothie, green or otherwise. :) Smart guy!  Flint also likes crackers, graham crackers, PB&J, hot dogs, spaghetti, cheese (even extra sharp cheddar), quesadillas, ham, chicken (the real meat - not the baby food),  oatmeal baby cereal or wheat baby cereal, pancakes, milk, formula, juice, chocolate milk (mommy shouldn't have, but she did), peaches, bananas (probably his favorite fruit), applesauce, babyfood of all types, but especially fruit. This kiddo has only 2 teeth, so we're pretty impressed that he eats all these things!

Favorite toys: Flint is easily to entertain. He can find something to do with everything! His favorite real toys right now are his gumball machine, cars (he makes the cutest car bvroom EVER), blocks, books, anything with buttons that make noise or even look like they should make noise, anything that fits in his mouth, musical instruments - especially the ones that shake.

Biggest fear: Being left. Flint is a little attached to his family. He likes to be with everyone and if he feels like you've left him, he gets really upset.

Favorite non-toy: This is a tough one, but probably most favorite is my cell phone. He also LOVES remotes, kitchen knives and wooden spoons. He likes to play with plastic lids too.  He also likes all afghans and Nuk binkis. He doesn't like binkis as much as Brookie, but he's a pretty big fan. His most favorite entertainment non-toy is other people. He's quite a people person and loves to make faces and noises at other people. :)

Favorite games: Flint likes to play chase. He runs or crawls away really fast and you grab him. That's a fun game! He laughs so hard! He also has recently learned a new game: "u' oh!" He drops something and says u'oh and you pick it up. Lovely game. :) I guess "u'oh" is officially his first word.

Soothers: Binkis and blankies. He LOVES his afghans, but he will also cuddle with other soft things, including crocheted scarfs and washcloths... :) Funny little guy! He can also be calmed down by distractions of almost any kind. He is so interested in everything that's going on around him he will forget to be grumpy on the rare occasions he gets grumpy to begin with. He also loves music. If he's sad the kids will sing to him (usually I Am a Child of God) and he calms right down. He also likes I've been working on the RR.

Favorite places: Right in the middle of everything! Flint loves to be with other people. He wants to be where the party's at. :) He loves the stairs, sneaking into the bathrooms, the bathtub, pool (really anywhere wet), under chairs and tables, in Mom's and Dad's arms. Flint is so easy going. He enjoys being outside, inside, crawling through the fountain at the park, playing in the sand, sitting at your feet banging toys on the kitchen floor, on your lap watching a few minutes of a Signing Time movie, cuddling in Mom's and Dad's bed, visiting Dad at work, playing at the grandparents' houses, playing at friends' houses, church, you pretty much can name a place he's been and he's a fan. All sorts of new stuff to explore all the time!

Mischievous things that he does: Flint is not too mischievous. Or maybe our standards  have been lowered by our previous kiddos. He does like to throw food off his high chair and he likes to twist around in the stroller. No sitting still for this guy.  He eats off the floor and sneaks big kid food like raisins and nuts from the big kids. He opens and closes cupboards, but has not yet started emptying them. His most mischievous pastime is dipping his hands in the toilet. He likes to sneak into the bathroom and play with the water in the toilet. YUCK!

Least favorite things: baysitters, sitting through church, and washing his face.

Favorite people: Dad, Mom, Cole, Brookie, Grandpas and Grandmas, all family, friends, Jenn (his bestie from church who played with him all the time during YW), pretty girls or anyone else who will have a friendly exchange with him. He gets a lot of attention everywhere we go and he loves every minute of it. Everyone comments on his beautiful big brown eyes! We think he's pretty much a cutie!

Flint, we're so happy you're in our family. Your cute personality and funny sense of humor bring such joy to all of us. Your mom and dad adore you and are so thankful for you! Your big brother and sister think you're "the bees knees!" You have such a sweet spirit of peace and patience. Since you were a newborn baby people have asked about you and said how sweet they thought you were. People have commented many times about how you carry a special feeling with you and I agree. You radiate peace, patience, love, kindness and gentleness. You are a wonderful example to your family and all those who meet you! You are destined for greatness! We are so proud of you and the wonderful things you're learning! Thanks for being our special boy and making our day every day with your contagious smiles and laughs!