Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Wow! We're doing it! We're in the middle of it (not a hard thing to do when the process is months long... :) )

Observations about Georgia...

*The weather is horrible (hot like purgatory)! and we don't plan on being dry until we move again - it's humid and sweaty, it even smells wet. It also rains every day - like someone is dumping out a bucket of water over your house - or your head...

*The trees are gorgeous (I wasn't expecting beauty like we encountered in Oregon, but the landscape here rivals Oregon's breathtaking green forests - the lack of mountains is unfortunate, but I guess it'll work).

*The water here is brown. Oregon's rivers and lakes always looked blue and sometimes almost black. They shined with beautiful glossy reflections of trees. The water here is murky and swampy. Coleman calls it all "swamp." He keeps mentioning how we need to beware of alligators and  stay away from the water because of the mosquitoes. I think he's probably right.

*The people are incredibly friendly! I had a 15 minute conversation with the security guard at the grocery store in the parking lot (he told me where all the other stores in the county are because this one was closing). I also sat next to a lady at Costco who had come with her family for lunch. While we ate, she talked to me for a good 20 minutes - nonstop. Very friendly! Our ward also gave us a fantastic welcome. We were not the only new family - in fact, we were one of 3. But many people came and introduced themselves and 2 families invited us over for dinner. I guess it's true what they say about Southern hospitality... :)

*Suprises:  We found a green frog at the park. We found a brown frog in our front yard. Our friends say they have turtles in their yard. Oh the wildlife! It's gonna be exciting. Our other "wildlife" we've encountered so far each have 8 legs and are ginormous! They hunt at night and like our porch... ewe!


A little brotherly love :) Playing with David and Goliath magnets on the dishwasher. They were so cute together!!! These two are lucky to have each other! :)

Happy 4th of July. Sparklers and snaps in the backyard together as a family. Fun stuff!

Our table is not set up yet. We're picnicing on these cool TV trays. The kiddos love it! Nice soft seat, hanging out with Dad, watching a show, eating in the living room - c'mon, what's better than that?!

The little techno geek and his favorite toys. :)

Karate Cole - we took the kids to a trial class at a karate dojo in our town. It was a fabulous experience (the karate part, at least)

This girlie girl was loving it! Whe has some pretty good moves!

This guy was totally into it all and very focused!

Punch and jab with Miss Jennifer


Kicks - kia!

White belt ceremony

Breaking the board

So proud!!

Brookie's board

She was excited too - behind the board :)

Ward 24th of July celebration at Camp Helaman. Brookie wasn't feeling great and had slept in. Tyler stayed home with her and Flint and Coleman and I got to go on a mother/son date to this fun party. We got lost and did a little 4 wheeling on the way there (serious 4 wheeling through a mud swamp) in the Subaru... but we made it and he had a blast! Fun friends, slip-n-slide, boys playing with sticks. Nothin could be better!

Swimming lessons! Yay for swimming lessons. We took swimming lessons for 2 weeks at the Jewish Community Center and it was so fun! They learned a lot and we had a blast!!
Flint loves the pool too! He and I swam with them most of the days.

Brookie with her wonderful teacher, Miss Becky

Kickin' along

This kid is a FISH! Give him a pair of goggles and he's good to go - anywhere, pretty much. He learned how to breathe while swimming (prior to these lessons, you had to pull him out of the water to breathe or he'd just keep swimming along). He went from swimming about 6 ft to about half the length of the pool! Good job big guy! He LOVED it!

Swimming to his teacher, Mr. Daniel

The sock ninjas!

Just love this little guy!!!

Daddy time is the BEST! Dad wrestles with  us and we LOVE it! He brings us treats (usually donuts) & reads us cool chapter books. We think he's the coolest dad EVER!

Flint loves his blankies! He also likes crocheted dish cloths and hats. ;) He hugs his blankets when they're out.

Lego mini guys meet the Millennium Falcon! Pretty cool how he has this all set up. Cole is really into Legos currently. While he's very capable of following the directions and building the models, his current favorite pastime is building his own creations and creating scenes in his Star Wars ship. We're impressed with your creativity buddy! :)

July was a crazy month around here. Swimming was great and gave us something fun and routine to do while we're still getting settled and getting to know people. It was time consuming, but fantastic! We're about 2/3 moved in to our rental house on Lakeside Landing Ct. The house is growing on us. We love having 4 bedrooms!! Brookie and Cole are in one and Flint in another and the other we use as a play room! FANTASTIC! They love taking their friends up there and there's plenty of room to play. We're not sure if we'll stay in the house or not. Lots of red tape with the loans, etc. Yuck! AND we really don't want to move again, but it's expensive to live here. Rent will be $1200/month and our electric bills are sky high! ($340 for the first full month! Yikes!) We'll see. The house is in a good area with a good elementary school though, so we're looking forward to that. Now we're just working on figuring out preschool for Brookie. There are a lot of options. She likes the one right across from our street. Blue Ridge Preschool and Daycare. I don't like that it's all day every day, but it's convenient and she says she likes it the best of all the ones we visited. We'll see how this goes. Finding schools and getting settled has been frustrating, but it'll all work out. We love our ward and have met lots of great people! The Bishop and his family have been so kind to us. They had us over for dinner and we met their cute kids. I have been in contact with his wife, Heidi since before we moved. She has been such a help and a wonderful friend. I'm looking forward to getting to know her better. We went to Aldis (sp?) together recently and she showed me the ropes of bargain groceries! Awesome! We had their 2 younger kids over to play and had a BLAST! They all built houses out of boxes and it was really fun to see them enjoy playing together. We've been missing our friends, but are thrilled to be making more friends. The Stewarts had us over as well and so did the Klementsons. We met other families through each of them as well and are really starting to feel at home. I'm so glad to have church friends! It makes moving so much easier! We feel so blessed! It's been a great month! Here we go - onward and upward in our journey!