Thursday, April 11, 2013

december 2012

merry christmas!
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happy december!

these pictures are all from december, but they're way out of order. i don't have the patience to fix it, so here it goes...

 christmas morning! :) opeining david books. this girl was pretty excited!

 robin hood made an apprearance too :) who knew? he's such a handsome guy!

 the day after christmas we spent the day at OMSI with our friends, the jacobsons! what a fun day! it was nice to get out of the house too :)

 our future chemist :)

 just happy to be here!

 picnic lunch at OMSI - the boys

 the girls picnicing

 "grossology" at OMSI - all about yucky body stuff - coming from the stomach into the intestine...

 dermatology climbing wall - hairs, cuts, pimples, moles, warts - oh my!

 the big f!

 cute little munchkin!

 enduring tummy time

 he's so strong!

 practicing a little archery

 a happy guy!

 little brother watches everything big brother does! :) he'll be after those legos pretty soon

a gingerbread science experiment - growing hydrogel snow and crystals :) thanks gramdpa terry and grandma marilee for the fun package!

 3 kiddos and 3 trees. :) tyler's schedule was so busy this year that we didn't make it to getting a fresh tree this year. while i'm sad because it's so nice to get them fresh and even from a farm here, we  had a great time setting these trees up. thanks melanie for lending us your trees. we got lots of compliments and they took up just the right amount of room. there's something magical about christmas trees - whatever shape or size they may be. it was so fun to watch the kids decorate them and enjoy them throughout the month. :)

 3 bed bugs. this happens a lot and i love it! (during the day) we have come to the grand conclusion, however, that in the night 5 people do NOT fit in our bed... fun tho it may be to spend time together, our bed can't really hold us all comfortably...

 my friend sarah took some cute pictures of flint. she posted them on fb. here's my attempt at getting good pictures myself. one day i will have ideal conditions and it will turn out cool. still, you have to admit, he's pretty cute! :) love this guy!!

 chillin in my bouncer. i feel so safe now that my siblings have promised not to launch me from here ever again. plus, i have this great safety bar that plays music!

 3 in the tub - another stretch of space, but we love being together! :) LOVE these guys!!

 3 years old!
 5 years old!

 4 months old!

 first food - YUMMY!!! this guy loves him some sweet potatoes!!

  brookie - diva

 talking to one of the carvers of the new carousel animals :)...

 ...and riding on the elephant

 love these 3!

 we attended one of the nights of our stake nativity festival! it was amazing! we met some fun friends there and hung out a little bit. this is coleman the shepherd with his friend mika the sheep :). the kids loved seeing all the exhibits - the shepherd who spoke about seeing the angels the night christ was born, the hands-on nativity scenes, the wheat in the tent, the make-your-own nativity gluing activity, the dress-ups, live nativity with animals and everything, etc. they also loved the display of all the beautiful nativity pieces and sets in the gym. the whole exhibit is so nicely done and the spirit there is always special. :) i'm so thankful for this great opportunity to take our kids to see something so inspiring! :) i'm so thankful for christmas and the opportunity we have to focus on the birth of our saviour and the blessings he has provided us in our lives!

 looking at the well

 tasting the foods from jesus' time

playing with wheat berries in the tent

making nativity pictures

 playing with a fisher price nativity scene

chilling together

a nativity maze - helping the wise man follow the star

 a display of kid friendly nativity scenes


 brookie on the bridge at silver falls - tyler was kind enough to indulge my need to go to silver falls for the christmas festival again. it's so crowded and crazy, but so fun. we had a blast! we made a wreath and looked at the pretty area all around. the kids made gingerbread houses and we just hung out together. it was crazy with so many people around, but really really fun! thanks wonderful husband!!

 on the bridge at silver falls

 we had fun decorating our christmas trees this year. it was hard to find a time to do it, but we finally did. the kids had a blast! christmas is so magical!

 we planned a fun activity at the church where each family brought an activity for the whole group and we let the kids go around and experience it all. :) it was a great day! reindeer hats, donut snowmen, "don't eat frosty," reindeer food, felt wreaths, bell necklaces, frosting cookies, marshmallow snowmen, a science experiment about santa going down the chimney -it was all fabulous!

 and we finally did it! i've been wanting to do this for quite awhile! grandma marilee sent us some fun sprinkles and we frosted cones and made then into christmas trees. good times! thanks grandma!!

these pictures are all out of order, but these last ones are really random, but hey - you now how it goes. :)

 tyler gave me DDR for christmas! it was so unexpected and fun! we all loved it! thanks hun for the fun gift!!

 i left a harry potter wand on the laptop and someone closed it - we broke the screen and it was a bear to replace. good thing tyler is so knowledgeable and so patient!! he had to take it all apart to get it out and that was a project in and of itself and after all that, the new screen was a dud, so he had to re-order and do it all again... what a trooper! thanks tyler for fixing it! you did a fantastic job!! look at how organized he is! that paper towel is labeled and the small parts are all taped into place so they don't go missing. genius!

this guy is amazing in so many ways! not only is he a hard worker who puts in tons of hours, he still always has time for our family. i so appreciate him for his wonderful perspective on life and the choices he makes to always take good care of his family. :) hat off to a wonderful husband and dad!!!

flint and jessi! :) we spent christmas eve at our friends' home. the jacobsons graciously opened their home to our ruckus crew and another fun family, the downeys. :) we all had a good time. it was an interesting evening. very quiet, but peaceful. the downeys had just lost some close members of their extended family in a car accident, so the somber thoughts of loss were very present in all our minds, but the spirit of christmas brought a beautiful peace. i'm so thankful for our savior and for our heavenly father's plan. we are so blessed to have the gospel in our lives! merry christmas!!