Thursday, March 14, 2013

November 2012

wow! what a fun and crazy month! we had family in town for a visit and flint's blessing and it was wonderful - 11 people crammed into our mini sized house. thanks everyone for enduring the accommodations. it was wonderful to be together!!

the kiddos fell right into their usual roles - picking right up where they left off last time they saw each other months ago. :) here they are playing in the kiddos room. the 3 older kiddos slept in there and that was one happy giant sleepover! so fun! :) we love having you here addie!!

just playing!

flint spent lots of time being loved and held by everyone - what a lucky little guy - and he ate up all the attention very happily!! :)

here i am in my car seat with the blankie my aunt leanne made for me. i love it!

beautiful eden - i'm so glad you would hang out with me even though we're still getting to know each other. you are a doll and i loved every minute of being with you! :) she is such a cutie!!

the 3 musketeers at costco - spontaneously holding hands :)

pizza at costco - what could be better?

had to work on one little project while they were here - thanks dad and scott for hanging some hooks for the 11 coats that were corralled there afterwards and the backpacks and stuff that resides there now :) so nice to have a place for stuff!!

chilling on mom and dad's bed. :)  this little monkey is a cutie! we sure love him and the sweet feeling that accompanies him in our home :)

grandma and the kiddos read a lot - here they attacked her in her bed (the couch) - they loved having grandma and grandpa around to play with and cuddle! what special memories we're making!

this guy is pretty attached to grandpa and grandma too :) he shared lots of smiles with grandpa! :)

eden :)

more stories on the couch. never though of our couch as holding 7 people before... amazing... like loaves and fishes this house. :)

what a fun time to be together!

helpers smooshing the air mattress to get it out of the way so we could all occupy the living room. ;) thank you maughans for the great sleeping equipment and entertainment. :)

special cuddle time with his uncle scott! i so enjoy being with my brother - especially in moments like this. wish we were together more often. he very sweetly calls me often on his way home from work. i'm so lucky to have a brother who keeps tabs on me and my crazy life. :) thanks scotty for always being there! i so love you!

some good times with eden - LOVE getting to know you sweet girl!!

and the field trips begin! here we are at a fish hatchery - just found it on the side of the road on our way out of town. pretty cool.

the crew

spending time with grandpa





love getting to spend time with these sweet kiddos! they make life so fun and exciting!! i love that they're developing good relationships with their cousins even from far away! :) love that addie girl!

an almost smile from he who hates pictures. one day when you're old, you'll thank me. :)

saving the hair :) my beautiful mother with a smile on her face!

my wonderful dad - in his element -  i love being on trips with him! we learn the most random and interesting things. it's always a fascinating experience!

a random logging truck. we've lived here for awhile now and i haven't gotten a picture of a logging truck. was impressed that this turned out through the front windshield of the suburban. :) hooray! this is so oregon!

more oregon. we're going to miss these tree tunneled streets!

the cheese factory! worth the drive!


missing tyler, but a funny picture nonetheless. :) glad we didn't all drive like that to tillamook! :)

3 cuties watching the cheese being packaged.

my photo partner in crime. would never survive without her! :) we need to hang out more leanne!

one of the great things about this cheese factory is that it sells tillamook ice cream (in other words, heaven on a cone!!) so fun!

lovin' it!

a first taste. :) shhh... don't tell. it went rather well. he's a smart guy!

we went to see the lighthouse and walked down to it in the rain. so fun!!
brookie and grandma holding hands. :) it's so sweet for me to see everyone together enjoying each other and loving each other! :) families are the most wonderful blessing!

still treckin'!

my wonderful parents next to the ocean you can't see in the picture :) sure do love you guys!!

a cute couple! thanks leanne for marrying my crazy brother! :)
just kidding
i so love you both! it was so nice to spend time with them!

rocking our umbrellas - more for fun than protection from the rain, but hey - that's life when you're 3,4 &5!

grandma and grandpa with the grandkids next to the lighthouse. ;)

spontaneous oyster snack - YUCK! whatever floats your boat guys! NASTY!

the face says it all!

we visited the riverfront carousel - a salem must! we always love the carousel!! this is coleman's favorite horse, "the indian pony"

always love some daddy time! poor tyler wasn't home very much this week. we missed him in most of our fun, but he always finds time to get involved. :) this little guy sure loves his daddy!

a bath with glow sticks - fabulous idea. it was so fun!!

flint on sunday after stake conference. :) what a cute little button. this boy really is pure joy! he makes my life wonderful. i'm so blessed to have him!

a few pictures of flint in his blessing outfit before he was blessed. :) tyler gave him a blessing at home because we forgot we had stake conference the week we had decided to do it... oops. oh well. it was an absolutely beautiful experience at home. :) more on that later. :)

grandma brought flint a blanket that was made by his great great grandmother, emmarose woodruff christiansen. it was so special to have it for his blessing day. :) i often feel the love of our family on the other side of the veil and i know they were watching today. :) what a blessing it is to have a family and to know our heavenly father's plan for families!

hiking at multnomah falls - so pretty! one day we're going to go all the way up (might wait 'till the kiddos are big enough not to fit between the holes in the bridge and the sides of the trail)

tyler and flint :) flint, you have an amazing and wonderful daddy who loves you so much! you are a lucky boy to have such a good-hearted, kind, obedient, trustworthy man for a dad! he's also a pretty fun guy! you guys are going to have lots of fun growing up! :)

i wish i had taken more pictures. this trip was a blast (maybe because i got to stay home and enjoy all the fun fight from my own house). thank you mom and dad and scott and leanne for coming up! you guys are amazing! wish we could be together more often, but we'll treasure these wonderful memories and hope to all be together again soon! we love you with all our hearts! thanks for the fun times!

the rest of our november...

a little sensory bin love - oats and wheat and rice

the flint mister - almost 3 months old :) what a cutie!

our 3 musketeers. :) cole and brookie have been such great siblings for this little guy. he's definitely loved! i'm so glad you all have each other!!

happy thanksgiving...

we spent thanksgiving this year with our dear friends, the jacobsons! :) we picnicked at silver falls and hiked a little. it was so fun! had a blast!!- and paper plates! gotta love paper plates on thanksgiving!!

ready to hike

me and melanie

found a stick! :)

a little attitude...

the men

yup. attitude.

doing a little hiking. :)

i'm so thankful for my sweet little family! what a blessing tyler and these 3 beautiful kiddos are in my life!

yup. the white steve urkel. love these hand-me-down pants from a friend. they're some of coleman's favorites! :)

flint man liking to play with hanging toys. :)

the best big brother! coleman is such a wonderful kid! he's really growing up and learning to be such a good helper! being around him makes me feel happy inside. i see so much good in him! i love you so much, cole bud!!

this crazy lady adds all sorts of spice to my life. the sugary kind of spice that comes with everything nice. she's a hoot! i so love her and her cute quirky personality. you're going places brookie! i so love you!!

the very exciting raspberry pi! :)
tyler can tell you more. i just think it's amazing that he can figure out how to do all these cool things with this little card with soldered dots. ;) thanks ty for being brilliant!

i worked on getting a few christmas cards done this year. it was fun to try to make 3 different looking cards. i thought they turned out cute. you can see tho that i obviously have a favorite font. :)

i love this time of year that we have to remember and ponder our blessings. remembering how thankful i am for all my heavenly father has given me starts off the christmas holiday beautifully! i'm so thankful for my savior and his loving sacrifice so that i can someday return to be with my heavenly father and my family again. i feel so blessed to have these wonderful people in my life! thank you for all you teach me and the great example you set for me! 
much love to all our sweet family this holiday season! thank you for all you do! we hope you have a beautiful christmas! xoxoxoxoxoxo