Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Family Pictures November 2013

My sweet friend, Heidi Robinson, took these pictures of our family at the canal park. She did a great job! :) Thanks Heidi!!


October was a busy month! We had lots of fun school stuff, family stuff and church stuff! We had a blast! We wished happy birthday to our wonderful dad! He's the best! We took him to a very high class restaurant (a two cockroach restaurant, in fact) and tried to spoil him with our love! We think he's #1!! We had a fun visit from Grandma Marilee. We enjoyed every minute of having her here and hope she comes back soon! We had a little lull in the middle which we filled up with fun with friends and school stuff, then we had more visitors! Grandpa and Grandma Coleman came for a visit! We had a wonderful time and enjoyed it all so much!!! We hope we can see them again soon!

 a man of many remotes. :)

 somebody LOVES his daddy!

 we drew on this piece of chalk board all through conference, i think this guy is a really good artist! nice work, cole!!

 brookie is a great artist too! i LOVE the way they each draw people differently! so creative and fun! LOVE these darling kiddos!!

 ty and flint at the canal

 cole and brookie at the canal

 happy birthday to the love of my life, the most wonderful man EVER, my favorite guy! he's my hero and i love him with all my heart! hope you had a fantastic birthday! 

 birthday leftovers. :) the kids liked the restaurant we went to and ate really well there, despite the roaches who accompanied us at our table. :)

 the kids and i went with friends, the nortons, to a festival at mistletoe park. we had a blast! they went on a scavenger hunt, made corn husk dolls, played games, roasted marshmallows and cole even tried to eat an apple off a string. :) we had a great time! 

 a fun bean bag tossing game. he did pretty well. :)

 very motivated to eat this elusive apple... :)

 ...i need MORE!...
 m m good!

 finger lickin' good!

 the chief roaster!

 my three musketeers! LOVE these guys!!

 making dolls from corn husks. loads of fun!!!

 ...even for our manly men! (their dolls had legs, not dresses)

 flint enjoyed his doll!

 the cake walk - - - we even won a cake (which we ate for dinner. :))

 the cake winner!

 every activity is better with a fire truck. 

 the cool park where we played and ate cake for dinner. :)

 my cute 4 year old!

 pretty girl!

 flint and his buddy, eli, playing with the kitchen! we love playing with eli and his cute mom!!

 fhe at the robinsons' home with fun families from the ward. we all enjoyed the fire pit, stories and music!

 this cute guy gets my heart!! i love hanging out with him all day!!

 made these cool ornaments while tyler's mom was here. they're for the festival of trees in honor of his grandma flint. a very fun project!

 wish we had more pictures of the fun week we spent with grandma marilee. guess we were too distracted by the fun to take too many pictures. we had a great time with her though!! thanks for coming to see us grandma!!

 coleman earned his swat team costume for halloween!  here he is with his chart! nice work buddy!!

 this little guy is growing up so fast. a whole bag of goldfish is a serving, right?

 the neighbors gave us these fun roller skates (a little big, but oh so fun!)

 we may have a future skater on our hands!! :)

 she did really well!
 this is how we saw this guy for the week or so before halloween! looking pretty official!!

 teething on fingernail polish... yup. third child.

 #1 LOVES #3! brothers are awesome!

 batman at the ward chili cook-off/trunk or treat

 snow white at the ward party. 

 swat guy at the party.
 coleman drew this web and spider (and spider lunch) for us for a halloween decoration. he did a fantastic job! 
 grandpa and grandma coleman were here with us for halloween again this year! it was so fun to spend time with them!! flint really liked grandpa's hat. :)

 the crafts we prepared for our ward's super saturday that kept getting cancelled and re-scheduled. we did finally do it and it was lots of fun!

 brookie and grandpa!

 mom... LOVE YOU!

 coleman's school had a halloween party and i got to go help. it was really fun to see him with all his cute school friends and meet them and some of their parents. :) kindergarten is awesome!!

  mrs. thigpen painted faces!





 we all went trick or treating in the robinson's neighborhood. it was fun to be with them and some other fun families from the ward. :)

grandma and grandpa were real troopers to come with us on our long candy intense adventure! :)