Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I love you more than...

So, we've been blessed with sweet children - or maybe it's better stated - children that are sometimes so sweet. :) I love the relationship Coleman and Brooklyn have. They fight a lot, but they love each other fiercely. I love to watch them together. I love the relationship both Cole and Brookie are building with Flint. They were loving with him from the very beginning, but now that he's responding to them with his extremely contagious smiles and squeals, they're even more interested in being his friends. Here are a few of the cute moments from the last couple weeks:

Brooklyn is our little spitfire child. It sometimes seems like she's just waiting for the right time to push Cole's buttons. She's quite good at eliciting huge over-the-top reactions from our otherwise even-keel Coleman.  It makes me smile, however, that when she sees anything green (Cole's favorite color) she always mentions how much Coleman would like it. She gave him her green bouncy ball the other day that she bought from the vending machine at Old Navy in exchange for his blue one. He was eyeing hers and she noticed and just traded - no biggie, not button pushing. :) (This is a big deal when we don't push buttons given the opportunity!)

Brookie is ALWAYS willing to help out with Flint. She loves to pick out his clothes or run to get a diaper or wipes. She's not one to always do as she's asked the first time (I jut asked her about 15 times to finish her orange from lunch), but whenever her little brother is involved, she's Johnny on the spot. :) She's saved me from a few very messy situations. :) She's always so cute with him and could probably change his diaper by herself if I'd let her...

Coleman and Brooklyn both are always united by treats. Whenever I give one of them something, they always share with the other one or ask for one for the other. I think it's sweet. They're also united in their criminal acts. Any time there's a crazy scheme in the works, they're always in it together. I sometimes find them hiding under the table sharing contraband chocolate chips or other treats.

My new favorite thing - and if I had time, I'd make it into a children's book - is what Cole says to Flint when they're just talking. They talk a lot and Flint LOVES the interaction. Cole does it willingly without being asked. A couple times a day, Cole comes bounding up to Flint, gets right in his face and says "I love you more than..." and he inserts wonderful things. My favorites are:
"I love you more than chocolate pudding!"
"I love you more than presents - even special Christmas presents!"
"I love you more than candy and all the good things we get to eat!"

I'm writing these experiences down so I can remember them later when these kiddos are too grown up for these things and they have more sophisticated social skills. Right now, it's all out there on the table - the good and the bad. I'm so thankful for these times when it's good and I can see glimpses of how much they really do love and care about each other. What a special blessing it is to be a family! These kiddos crack me up! They are so unique, exciting and wonderful! It's humbling to think of who they are and where they came from. I feel so blessed to call them mine. They're teaching me so much! I love them more than chocolate pudding! :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Asking Santa for Christmas Presents

Christmas is an exciting time of year, especially if you're a kid.  Out kids just wrote letters to Santa this week and were sitting at dinner telling us all thing things on their lists that Santa would be bringing on Christmas.  We took the opportunity to explain that we don't always get the things we ask for for Christmas but that Santa may surprise us with a few things or something else fun.  I told them about when I was 16 and put a truck and motorcycle on my Christmas list.  Santa surprised me with a toy truck and toy motorcycle.  I added at the end that I still didn't have a truck.  Coleman followed by pointing a couple of things out to me.

First, Santa brings toys for Christmas so, of course, I didn't get a real truck and motorcycle.

Second, he suggested I change from my doctor job to being a mailman so I could have a truck.

Why didn't I think of being a mailman so I could get a truck?  Looks like it's time to consider a career change.