Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the rest of august...

The second half of August turned out to be a busy one. We waited for Baby Flint to arrive - kept hoping it would be soon. We had a fantastic surprise visit from Grandpa Terry - we loved every minute of having him here! My mom came for a visit on the 30th and Baby Flint came that day too. August was an exciting month around here. :)

 roasting marshmallows!

 playing with their zoob belts - what a good sport you are, grandpa!!

 playing in the creek at woodmansee park

 attack of the green smoothie!! :)

we shared a garden plot with some good friends this year. honestly, they did most of the work. we just ate it. :) it was a really fun experience. sometime when i'm not preggo and tyler's not working so many hours, i think we'd like to do it again. the kids really enjoyed watching everything grow. maybe they'll be old enough to water it (and each other a little less) next year. :)

 our garden - lettuce


 tomatoes (still hoping for them to turn red...)



 zucchini (it's a joke that we took a picture of just one - there are hundreds!)

 the transfer case... this is a real saga, but in short, it needed to be replaced. we were so glad terry was here to help with getting it out. it was a real puzzle!  good job guys!

 science experiments :)
(thanks for the cool idea aunt leanne!! this is way better than the one time reaction we've tried before. this kept us busy for awhile and we've done it more than once! :))

 pretending it's another planet

 playing outside and riding bikes

 at pietro's pizza. cole and brookie filled up their eye patch charts. as a reward, coleman wanted to go to pietro's pizza for lazer tag. :) (he really doesn't care about the pizza). thankfully we had a groupon and a coupon. :) we'll be looking for that deal again. 2 pizzas and 2 games of lazer tag for $12!

 watching the pirate explain the lazer tag rules

 gearing up

 dad, cole and grandpa played and brookie and mom observed. they had a good time and they were fun to watch!

 we were sad to see grandpa terry go. we had such a good time playing with him. we did lots more stuff - parks and "old mcdonalds," "five mans," burger king crowns, playing outside, playing games, movies, the carousel and tons more! :) grandpa even had them reading books to him without complaining. it was magical!

when grandpa left, he said he'd come back if we had flint while he was on his way. oh how we were all wishing! :) too bad baby flint decided to bake a little longer. this kiddo wanted to arrive right on his due date. we're so glad you came, grandpa and hope all goes well with your new job! we can't wait to hear all about it!

Baby Flint!!

we weren't sure he was ever going to come, but he decided to arrive exactly on his due date! :) thanks for finally joining us little bub! (the poor kiddo has been nicknamed "bub" - we'll see if it sticks - so far he's "bub
 and "baby flint."

wednesday night we went to bed hoping (like every night for the whole month) that we'd have a baby soon. i'd been having contractions all the time for hours, so that night was nothing different. they woke me up. that wasn't different. from midnight 'till about 5 i just kinda wondered. again, not all that unusual. :) my biggest fear was that tyler wouldn't be able to make it for the delivery, so i woke him up around 5 and said "what if..." we still weren't sure. he talked to his carpooling buddy around 6 and made plans to leave at 6:30. i was nervous, but what do you do?? he called him back a few minutes later to tell him he'd decided he needed to go in to work later. he planned to wait an hour just to see if anything happened. i'm so glad he didn't go. :) by 7 we were sure it was the real deal. about that time he would have been arriving in corvallis and turning right around to come back. i would have been freaking out. :)

we called our cute friend, melanie to take our kids - she was sweet and kind enough to even come pick them up. we woke them up, told them we were going to the hospital to get baby flint, handed melanie their suitcase and were off to the hospital. a cute lady in our ward later told us she saw us driving down commercial street with no kids, smiling and she knew exactly where we were going. :) i had to ask her if we were speeding by that point. tyler, who doesn't show a whole ton of emotion and never acts nervous was driving quite fast. i only mentioned it once. :)

we got to the hospital around 8 o'clock and they believed us this time. we didn't even have to go to triage. :) happy day! we had a great nurse and then another great nurse (their names escape me now). in between the nurses being around (they were around a lot - guess they knew we were going to be quick) tyler gave me a beautiful blessing which i have thought about many times since. it's so wonderful to have the priesthood in our home. everything went smoothly. i met a few people tyler had worked with, so that was neat (and a deciding factor in whether or not to get an epidural - best 10 minutes ever, by the way). :) he was a speedy delivery. :)

at 9:51, flint richard evans made his first appearance with a loud cry. :) it was awesome to hear him. he weighed 7 lbs 13 oz and was 19 inches long. our beautiful dark haired, perfect baby boy!! we got to snuggle him right away - something i've always wanted to do, but never had the chance. it was so special! he's already been a great blessing in my life.

welcome to the family, bub. :)

i know some of these pictures are repeats, but 'ya know. :) i just can't get enough of this cute little monkey!

by the time he was born, mom's plane (which had been in the air pretty much since we knew we were going to have a baby) was almost ready to land. she headed into town with the jacobson's parents who came in on the same flight to visit them. :) funny coincidence. :) thanks jacobsons for taking care of all of us! tyler picked her and cole and brookie up and brought them up to the hospital to meet their new little brother. it was so fun to watch how excited they were. so far, the excitement is still a big deal. cole introduces everyone we know (or even meet) to "our baby." brookie wants to be his mommy (around 3am every morning, i kinda wish she was). we're so glad grandma got here and could share this special day with us. we're lucky she was around. she jumped right in and took care of stuff at home. thanks mom!!

baby flint had presents for cole and brookie - he gave brookie a lollipop and a princess watch and coleman an army guy and a lollipop. :) very exciting stuff!

first bath - good job dad!


hearing test - very interesting. we got to see it twice. i kinda always wondered how that all worked. we also watched the circumcision (sorry, no pictures) - i probably wouldn't do that again. screaming babies make my heart hurt.

brookie and coleman made these cute pictures at the jacobsons' that morning. :) what a nice welcome for a little brother. :)

coleman excitedly explained to us all that "we're a family group!" so cute. he's explained all sorts of things to "baby flint" too. we're getting a kick out of this big brother's take on the world. brookie can't leave him alone. she always wants to hold him and help him sick a binki (which he's not a big fan of). both cole and brookie are the best helpers! we're so glad we're a "family group!" hugs and kisses to these sweet children who are such a remarkable blessing in our lives!