Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Notes to self:

1. When trying to accomplish 700 things at a time, don't pick a brand new song to perform for the musical number in church. As disappointing as it is to realize you can only play this new song at about the level you sight read in high school, it's even worse when you realize you need glasses because - yup - those are 32nd notes, not 16th notes... 3 days and counting 'till show time. Hope we can pull it off. If not, I guess it's Come, Come Ye Saints from the Hymn book. :)

2. Don't EVER get excited about being "done" with the laundry. While I still have some clean folded stuff stacked along the edges of the living room yet to be put away, the laundry bag has magically refilled itself.

3. Waiting for the National Guard to show up to help you in your kitchen because you think it qualifies as a disaster area might be a waste of time, but here's hopin'. We're headed to a friend's  house today to work on a RS project. Maybe the National Guard will come while we're gone, or just declare it unable to be reclaimed so we can move on. :) We can cook in the dutch oven in the back yard this week.

4. Don't get up 2 hours before the kids. It's really boring cleaning up with no distractions. I kinda want to play dress-ups or make a snack.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


This was the end of April, but somehow got put with the May pictures...
Anyway, a birthday party for Dad (and Mom - just a little belated)

Not sure who was most excited about the cake?

A little (ok, a lot of) Grandpa love!

Of course we worked on the car a little. It wouldn't be a vacation without a little car maintenance! :) Props to the handsome and wonderful mechanic for his hard work!!

I think the sun was starting to get to him...

Yup. Not the usual way to check your oil level... (And they're letting HIM work as the psychiatrist next month...) Hmmm...

A little gardening

A little more gardening

Trying to grow watermelon. I think we killed them all, but it was fun to try.

Playing with a stick on our hike - Ferguson Canyon - a new favorite hiking place. Rocks, check. Water, check - but not dangerous, double check.  Climbing, check check. Yup. Meets the criteria.

Happy hikers

Using the iThing to find climbing routes. Cool.

Another hike in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Loving EVERY minute of it!

Also loving every minute of it - even if she insisted on wearing a dress. :)

A little trail time love.

2 peas in a pod

We love spending time with Daddy. ESPECIALLY when we get to do such fun things!!
These guys are actually really good hikers. They've almost always got a few miles in them no matter how steep or rocky the trial. :) Way to go Little Evans peeps! Dad and I think you're awesome!!

For Brookie's birthday (we were going to be in Disneyland on the actual day) we went up Millcreek Canyon to roast hot dogs and marshmallows. We had a blast!! These guys are a bit high on the pyromania-o-meter, but it was tons of fun!

Grandma and Grandpa AND Grandma Neff joined us. It was fun to be with such great people enjoying a beautiful and really fun place!! I miss this canyon. It's 10 mintues from my house where I grew up. We spent lots of fun times there as kids and even while Ty and I were dating.


Cole and Dad.

I promise she was happier than she looked. This girl loves everything about being outside!! She's always begging to camp. You can tell she's a California and Oregon girl though, cause she prefers to camp at the beach. Here in OR you can camp in the forest and walk less than a mile to the ocean. Very cool. Wish we did that more often.

See - she's happy. :)

Not the best picture of my beautiful Grandma, but I had to put it up because I think she's incredible. She's involved in everybody's everything. Bless her heart! She's wonderful and always makes everyone feel so special! I want to be like you when I grow up!!


After the canyon we all came back to Grandma and Grandpa's house to open presents and have cake (which my cute mom made and we never ate) - Thanks Mom for all your hard work! You are amazing! She's always doing 100 things for 100 different people and she gets them all done and can still show up places on time. Amazing lady!

Coleman was excited to help Brookie open presents and to give her his present.

Opening Coleman's present.
I love to see these guys enjoy being nice to each other. They really are cute together! Best buds! I hope they always stay that way.


I think she likes it!!

Grandma Neff, Grandpa and Grandma Coleman and Dad and Mom went in on this gift. This girly girl is a princess lover and she was thrilled. She plays with them every day! So fun. (I can't even tell you how much better I like these than Barbie!!)

Yup! She liked it!!

I really failed in the picture department. I don't have many of all the fun things we did. I'll try to get back on top of the picture documentation. Here are a few from our California Trip though.

We drove down to California with Grandpa and Grandma (Ty and I got to be passengers most of the time and it was WONDERFUL!!) We both read books and held hands and just hung out. So nice.  We drove to St George first and spent some time there. Cole and Brookie LOVED Zions National Park!! We could have spent days there. We hiked to Emerald Pools and rode the shuttle through lots of the park. Cole became totally obsessed with being a "junior ranger." Very fun. It was fun to spend time in St George on the way down! I have lots of great memories there! Thanks Grandma Great, for letting us use your house!!

We did make it all the way to California - just in time to attend church in our old San Dimas ward and see lots of our old friends. It was Mother's day and we felt weird imposing on people, but our good friends, the Reuckerts, invited us to spend the day with them. We went to their house after church and made dinner and the kids just played. It was like no time had passed at all. We had a BLAST! Thanks Mike and Veronica for your hospitality. It was so fun to be with you! (We got to see them a few more times too - they met us at the beach one day and at Disneyland one evening and even came to hang out with us after Ty's graduation!) We love you and miss you lots! Hope we can see you again soon!!

And the Disney festivities began on Monday!!

Brookie with Gepetto

Cole was tall enough to ride Star Tours! Both Daddy and Cole were thrilled about that!! What a cool ride!

Grandpa enjoyed it too!!

Ready for take-off. Ty says he was very serious about getting ready to go. Glasses, on, and braced on the armrests, he was so ready. :)

We got to spend time with our cous, Addie again. We'd all been looking forward to that since they left Utah to go home to Colorado after Eden's blessing. These three are a hoot together!!

Cole on the carousel

Brookie on the carousel. This girl sure loves her carousel rides!!

Tarzan's treehouse?

Brookie and Addie waited in line to see some princesses. It was magical!

They love each other!

2 peas in a pod. These girls were happiest when they were together! Brookie still talks about having Addie over all the time. Wish it was that easy. We did sure enjoy the time spent together on this fun trip though!!

I'm not sure Brookie knew quite what to think. She was pretty excited! - but very shy.

Mulan and 2 real beautiful princesses

Snow White and 2 real beautiful princesses

Not totally sure what to think, but loving it!

Snow White with Princess Grandma and Princess Eden :)

Dancing with Sleeping Beauty.

We also waited a little bit to see Cinderella. She had somewhere important to be, so we didn't get any one-on-one time with her, but it was fun to see her anyway. :)

Mom and Brookie

One night for dinner, Grandma and Grandpa got us HUGE turkey legs. They were delicious - a little less than delicate to eat, but fun.

Princess Brookie in our condo. She has a thing for shoes. :)

The Three Musketeers

On Brookie's birthday, we were going to spend the day with Ty's family who joined us the night before. When we got to the park, before we could find them, we ran right into Scott, Leanne, Addie and Eden and did our first ride of the day on the spaceships. It was fun and wonderful to see them and spend a little time with them. Thanks guys! We sure love you!!

The intergalactic Evans men...
We all love the Star Tours ride!!

Pooped after a long day of fun!!

Brookie and Mom riding another carousel. We LOVE them! This one has King Triton - even cooler!!

We finally got everyone in the same place at the same time to take a family picture. Yup. Pretty crazy. This is us after a long week of partying!

The 3 graduates! We're pretty excited for all these guys! Tyler graduated from medical school, Trevor graduated from nursing school and Trent graduated from high school this year. 2012 is a big year!!! Congrats EVERYONE! Pretty cool!

Waiting for Daddy's graduation. We're excited!

Trevor took these pics at graduation. I wasn't allowed to have a camera in the hooding area... weird. He did a great job. We just wish the lighting had been more cooperative. :) Thanks Trev!! for documenting this momentous occasion!

Ty and Terry

Brookie had reached the end of her cooperative time.

Terry, Tyler and Marilee
Thanks for being such wonderful and supportive parents!

Grad Dad and the kiddos. Crazy as these little guys are, we credit them for helping our family make it through med school. Tyler put lots of time into our family during school and the kids brought us so much joy! They're funny little troopers and I couldn't be more proud of them AND their daddy. :)

Our little family :)

Congratulations Ty! I'm so proud of you! You did it - and you did it well! XO

Big thanks to more supportive parents! Mom and Dad - you're awesome! Thanks for your love and support!

The 3 Brothers - 2012 Graduators

Evans Family

LeAnne and Tyler - Thanks LeAnne for being such a great friend! You are truly amazing. We so appreciate all your love and support! Thanks for entertaining our kiddos during graduation! You're amazing!

We had a fun time at lunch after with our family and cute friends, the Rueckerts and the Spencers! Thanks guys for coming and joining us to celebrate! I can' t believe we didn't get any pictures. I definitely need to get back on a camera routine. :)

We had a great graduation trip! It was fun to celebrate with everyone. We were sad we didn't get enough tickets for all our family to come to the ceremony, but we're pretty sure you had more fun in DisneyLand Scottie and family. :) We do so much appreciate all your support and love though. We wouldn't have made it without all of you! Thank You dear family!!

We continued our trip with more time  in Utah before we  had to face reality again in Oregon with residency starting soon. We played  hard. Once again - wish we had more pictures, but here are some:

We took a trip to Kennecott Copper Mine with Grandma Marilee to see the mining and the big trucks. The kids were facinated. :) Very cool. Cole  had been asking where metal comes from. I think this helped solidify the answer. :)

Brookie's favorite part was this display. She was a great fit. :)

On Memorial Day we went to Midway to put flowers on the graves, then headed over to Dave and Susan's in Oakley to have a hot dog roast and ride horses. It was a little chilly, but oh so fun!!! Thanks Dave and Sus  and family for being so fun!! We love you guys!!

Checking out the horses.

Pretty happy with himself! :) You look good up there Bud!

Brookie loved it too. I wasn't sure she was going to try it, but she did and had a fantastic time!
Thanks Emma for letting us ride your horse! and Dave for doing all the work. :)

A little unicycle practice :) I married such a talented man!!!

Grandpa Terry and his new birthday bike! Pretty exciting!

Uncle Trevor can ride a unicycle too. :)
Don't worry Uncle Trent. You did way better than I did. :) I think I'm permanently joining the spectators. You, on the other hand, will do great. You were so close!! Besides - you've got years before you have to aspire to be as geeky as your brothers. :)

The spectators

More graduation pictures and summer pictures to come. :)