Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ok, so the kids are FULL of funnies this month!

Brookie LOVES shoes. This is no shock to anyone who knows our little dress-up princess. I spend time every day collecting her shoes and mine from around the house and putting them back in their places. If not, I have a hard time finding any to wear. If she thinks I need wardrobe help, she'll bring us both shoes (usually high heels) or ask me to put on a tutu. She calls heels "glass slippers."

At church Sunday I wore some shoes I haven't worn for a long time (truthfully I found them as we were cleaning out the garage last week - not sure what they were doing out there??). In the middle of the meeting, Brookie noticed my shoes.

Brookie: "Mom! Can you not hide these shoes from me? Can you put them in the box in your closet and put them on top?"
Me: "Do you want to borrow them?"
Brookie: "YES!" (I'm pretty sure at least 3 rows of people heard her. :))

a few minutes later...

Brookie: "Mom, how about you take off your shoes and I can wear them for a minute?"

I'm getting used to having a full-time fashion consultant. Love this girl and her strange girly habits. :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Lord is there in for the small things and small people

Coleman was very excited today when Heavenly Father helped him out of a potentially nasty situation.

Cole: I almost fell in the potty.
Us: What happened?
Cole: Heavenly Father put his hands over the potty so I didn't fall in.

Another funny conversation with Cole as he was laying in bed trying to avoid going to sleep.

Cole: Mom, I have a fever.(Cole has been known to say he has a fever when he want Chapstick for dry lips.)
Michelle: Where's your fever?
Cole: It's right on the left.
Michelle: On the left?
Cole: Which one's the left?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

When Primary Bites Back - Another Funny Conversation with Coleman

Because Cole is a boy he has an obsession with guns.  We were eating breakfast this morning when he began discussing that if someone was shot with a gun it would hurt.  I, of course, tried to promote gun safety.  This is a summary of the conversation that followed.

Me: We don't ever shoot people with guns or even point guns at people.
Cole: But we can talk about it.
Me: No, we shouldn't talk about it because guns can hurt people really badly, so badly they can die.
Cole: . . . and then they'll be resurrected.

Oh boy.  I guess we need to find a different way to promote gun safety than the finality of death.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

3 year old perception of what Mom does.

I wanted to relate  a conversation we had in the car with Brooklyn last night.

Brooklyn: When I grow up I want to be a Mommy and my name will be Michelle.
Michelle: Oh really.  What do Mommies do?
Brooklyn:  They clean up.
Michelle: Do Mommies like to clean up?
Brooklyn: Yes.  They do like cleaning up.

At least we now know what a Mommy does.