Tuesday, January 31, 2012

September 2011

September was a busy month! We celebrated Coleman's 4th birthday, which was really exciting all around. We also regrouped from being in Utah for a month and then turned around to get ready to go again for another rotation. It was crazy, but tons of fun!

In hopes of posting this on a recipe blog I have with some friends, I took pictures of Coleman making sweet rolls. It was a really fun project for the two of us and the rolls were delicious! He's quite the chef!

Cole's favorite part about cooking.... definitely the tasting!

For Cole's birthday we decided that since we'd already celebrated with 2 fun parties while we were in Utah, we'd keep things pretty simple here. We spent the day downtown riding the carousel, visiting the children's museum and throwing rocks in the river. It was so fun!

Brookie's favorite is the zebra

Cole's favorite "The Indian Pony"

The kiddos each got to ride twice because they had to ride next to each other and their favorite horses are on opposite sides of the carousel. The nice volunteer let Cole ride free 'cause it was his birthday!

Finding leaves on our walk to the river

We crossed the long bridge and the kids were amazed at the views.

Throwing rocks and a picnic. Rocks were definitely the highlight!

Some pictures from the Gilbert House - Salem's children's museum - a favorite place!

After the museum, we were all tired and headed for home. Brookie took a nap while Cole and I worked on making his pirate ship birthday cake. We had a blast!

We had a little party with just our family that night. It was great! We can't believe how fast this guy is growing up! He's constantly amazing us with his imaginative and funny thoughts and smarts. We love hearing him "reason" and make sense of the world around him. He's a very logical (for a 4-year-old) thinker and he never forgets anything! We're so proud of you, Buddy! Sure do love you! Happy Birthday!!

Cole's first day of preschool. We're doing a preschool co-op with some families in our ward. He's totally loving it!!

Cole is also our super-builder. He can make the coolest stuff out of blocks, SmartLinks, his marble game, Trios, etc. He loves to build things symmetrically (color and shape) - especially space ships and airplanes and guns. It's amazing how fast he's learning. This marble run may not have been completely functional, but it's getting there! We're proud of you Big Guy!

We grew our first "garden" this year. We planted lettuce, herbs and tomatoes. Cole and Brookie picked lots of the tomatoes while they were green, but the ones that made it to red were sure tasty.

Enjoying tomatoes straight off the vine

We also discovered that Cole should wear glasses. We've been trying to get him in to see a pediatric opthamologist for a long time, but it took awhile to work it out. I really do wish we'd gotten in sooner. Oh well. Here he is picking them up. He was really excited to have glasses just like Daddy. He's been really good about wearing them!

Then we were back in Utah. We love it there, but this was a quick swing back! We had a great time though! I wish I had more pictures!

hiking (something everybody loves - yay!)

climbing (something else everybody loves!)

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