Thursday, July 21, 2011

JULY ~ soccer, 4th of July, little miss make-up, berry picking, copy-cat & creations

Coleman's little buddies in the ward started playing soccer on Saturday mornings. Here they are at the first day. I think they look pretty good all things considered. :)


brookie was more interested in pushing her stroller around the park, but she joined in for a minute here (brought the stroller along just 'cause)

more stretching

we're really proud of our little buddy! he did a great job and even kicked the ball between the cones (mommy thought that was impossible for a pre-schooler, but hey - i'm happy to be wrong)

On the 4th of July we had an action packed day! We first headed over to our ward breakfast that took place in the church parking lot this year. I was a little skeptical, but the kids had a great time running around on the grass and riding their bikes (and pushing our beloved stroller) in the parking lot! At home we played a lot, bought some sparklers, tested out the sparklers, filled and exploded tons of water balloons, then went to a really cool BBQ party that night! Fun fun day!

the left half of all the eagle scouts and their sons

the right half of all the eagle scouts and their sons - a pretty cool thing to see!

racing around in the parking lot - we need to invite jackson and logan over to ride bikes. cole seemed to loose his fear of fast when he was around them!! :)

our american sweetheart pushing her baby around in her stroller!

loading water balloons into the wagon. this was the first time trying this out. we had a blast!!

dad even got into the fun - - - maybe he had the most fun. he sure launched them the farthest!!

brookie helped me husk 18 ears of corn for the bbq that night. a few of them ended up with bites snitched out of them.... sorry friends...

the pre bbq show... :) a big hit!!!

after the water we all dried off and went inside to enjoy a delicious dinner!!! after dinner the kids played and watched a movie while the adults played scategories - - - we actually had time to play a game... it was really fun!

12 kids + their parents + 12 boxes of sparklers all on a 12x6 ft deck overlooking dry bushes = CHAOS, but great entertainment. no major burns (thankfully!) cole was not too interested, but brookie was in heaven watching the sparklers then the professional (and illegal) fireworks.

the rest of june... bike rides, friends & playin' at the park

Daddy ran/biked/canoed in a really cool race in Bend. The route was a secret - it was an adventure race - so we couldn't go watch, so we stayed home and played with friends. Wish we had pictures of the cool race, but maybe next time!!

Our cute friends Mackenna and Grayson and their mommy, Erin came over to hang out with us Friday night. We played in the backyard and had a pretend camp-out. The tent was still up drying from the previous week's camping trip, so that was convenient and we even roasted marshmallows! Had a blast!

Cole and Mackenna

Brookie and Grayson

Saturday we went to the park and met up with some other friends too. I didn't get pictures of everyone, but here we are running through the water fountains - definitely a favorite pastime.

Brookie, Logan, Coleman and Jackson

Cole and a friend we met at the park tracing the letters on the sign (I was so glad to see him show interest in letters - our pre-schooling and lofty hopes have been on sabbatical ...)

Cole's been showing interest in his new bike (Still LOVES his green 4-wheeler). He hopped right on and started pedaling.

brookie wants to be right in the middle of the fun!!

hmmm... somebody thinks his daddy's pretty neat!! cole insisted that dad ride his bike too. we're really proud of tyler and his incredible balancing abilities!!! :)