Monday, August 23, 2010

Coleman's Almost 3 - Brookie 15 months

Coleman and Brooklyn are growing so fast! We can't believe how big they are. This morning we took a few pictures just for fun. The pictures aren't great, but I had good material. :) We didn't dress up or anything. We were just outside and the light was nice. We decided to give it a go. These kiddos really really love each other. I think they look pretty cute sitting together there on the rock.

A few things about Brookie -

Brookie is hilarious! She loves to dress up - she's especially fond of shoes (anybody's shoes). She also likes to put clothes and jackets around her head and pretend to wear them. When she thinks she's dressed up she struts. :) She also loves to wear her butterfly wings even though they kindof get in the way. Brookie is a great listener. She's getting really good at following directions. She knows lots of animal sounds and is saying some really important new words like: mote (remote), k-k (cookie), sss-sss (music), chs (cheese), sh-sh-sh (shoes) and more. She's a funny little monkey. She adores her daddy and attacks him almost before he can get in the door. She loves to play with Coleman and with other little friends. Even though she's not old enough, she loves to visit nursery and play with the kids. We wish she could go now. Brookie loves to tease, play with anything Cole plays with, hug her dolls and stuffed animals (and anything else soft), shoot the pop gun, have sword fights with her brother and wrestle with Dad and Cole. She likes to draw and color (especially on her fingers). She likes to eat almost anything, but is most recently enjoying throwing every other bite on the floor (argh!). She's a darling little monkey and brings happiness to everyone around her with her contageous smile (or funny scowl). We love her so much and are so blessed to have her in our family.

A few things about Cole -

Cole loves chocolate (must be genetic), gummy anythings - especially animal shapes and red licorice. He doesn't particularly like eating meals, but loves to snack on pears, raisins, crackers, bread, honey sandwiches (pb&j) and about anything else we'll let him eat not at the table. He likes watching Duck Tales, "Barney's Letters," Elmo and The Land Before Time. Cole is potty trained and is getting better and better at it all the time. He's a good listener (when he wants to be) and can follow multiple directions. He's also a really good helper! He's interested in letters, numbers, animals, Buzz Aldrin and any other space anything, and bugs, bugs, bugs. He likes to wrestle ("knock you over" and "smash you flat like a pancake"), play catch and make-believe anything, glue, cut (rip) with scissors, look for bugs, help with the cooking and washing the car, play with cars and Toy Story toys and listen to music/play his instruments. He loves the park, the childrens museum, the science museum, nursery and playing with friends. He loves water and anything related to splashing. He's really enjoying throwing rocks in the Willamette River. Cole loves his daddy, mommy, sister, grandparents, uncles, aunt and cousin. He's really friendly to EVERYBODY! He likes to wave at everyone and likes to watch the garbage truck and wave at the sanitation workers. We're so lucky to have him! He brings such joy into our lives.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This picture was taken a long time ago, but it's my favorite picture of my grandparents. My grandpa passed away this morning and we've been thinking about him and my grandma all day. We're all going to miss him, but we're happy to know he's having a great day today reuniting with family and friends. We'll remember the good times and the things we learned from him and know that we'll be together again. We're so thankful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the blessing of eternal families.


I don't post my status on facebook. I just can't help it this morning though. I want to post:

Michelle Coleman Evans knows we've reached a whole new level when she HOPES Tyler only works 12 hours today.

We've been spoiled with family practice and OMM rotations so far (8 - 10 hour days with a few 11ish days thrown in - but only a few). Ty's first day of surgery was yesterday and he was there 16 hours (on his FIRST day). YIKES! I know this is not as hairy as it could be (and I'm grateful) but still - YUCK!

Medical School 101

What we learned (besides all the parts of the body, every medicine known to man and lots of other stuff that will hopefully be useful someday)

The Lord's hand guildes us in EVERY aspect of our lives. TRUST HIM.
Never judge ANYBODY for ANYTHING.
Enjoy the JOURNEY. LIVE (really LIVE) your life every day.
LOVE everyone.
Give THANKS. It makes you happy.

This post is mostly for me. I don't keep a good journal anymore and these are some things I wanted to remember. I don't mind sharing (that's why it's here on our blog) but I hope nobody thinks this is too weird or too personal. I was also hoping this wouldn't sound like one of those cheesy emails, but all these things put so simply do sound a little cliche. They are, however, all true. Unlike school where you study and reach a certain level of proficiency in an area then somebody "signs you off" so you can move on to the next concept, all these things are a work in progress for us. We're still learning how to apply what we learn. We haven't always been quick to understand the lessons, but we are thankful for them and hope to keep learning all along the way.

Monday, August 16, 2010

More Visits!

I had to add this picture as an afterthought. I just thought it was funny. Cute girl! She's so crazy about shoes!!

We did all sorts of things while Mom and Dad were here. I probably can't even remember them all. We went to the children's museum and down to the river to throw rocks. Grandpa showed Coleman how to skip flat rocks. We went to Silver Falls and expanded our waterall experience by hiking both directions from the trailhead. The second waterfall was amazing - we walked behind it along a trail - so neat!! We went to OMSI and hung out at Aunt Mackie's house (Coleman really likes all her animal figurines). We went to a birthday party for Jeff's little boy and reconnected with them (after about 15 years). We even had a pre/post birthday party for Coleman and Brooklyn. It was just fun. Between major events, we rested, watched Leave It to Beaver, played Wii (Dad and Tyler were quite the bowlers and archers), read stories, made Costco runs and hung out. It was so great to be together. Dad and Tyler worked on our lawn mower and hung out in the garage and Mom and I chatted and caught up while the kids rested.

My parents came to visit the first week in August. It was so fun to have them. They flew in Tuesday morning and we met them in Gladstone at my great aunt's house. We hung out in Portland and went to lunch at Tebos (a family favorite restaurant) with Mom and Dad and Dad's cousin, Nancy. It was so great to see her too! We had a great time. We drove home squished in our car and hung out for a few minutes 'till Tyler got home. It was wonderful just to have them around. The kids were thrilled to see Grandpa and Grandma and had such a great time playing with them and showing them what they like to do.

Brookie LOVES shoes! She thought Grandpa's were especially neat.

Brookie, Grandpa, Grandma and Cole hanging out at the river.

Coleman learning to skip rocks. (We're mostly happy nobody got bonked on the head and that all the airborn rocks ended up in the water.)

Coleman at the childrens museum climbing in the river in the Chinese room.

Brookie loves the music and the big panda in the China room.


At the childrens museum they have a room that shows your shadow in these neat lights. We all had a great time. Coleman espcially loved using the hula hoop.

Grandma is an angel. :)

Coleman making circles with the hoop.

The dino chair at the museum - a definite favorite!

Brookie loves to rock. This chair was her favorite.

Brookie in the bubble room at the museum.

Dad and Brookie walking to the first waterfall at Silver Falls.

Coleman, Mom, Dad, and Brookie at the first waterfall at Silver Falls. We can't wait to see the rest of the falls - there are 10 waterfalls in an 8 mile loop. We're working up to making that happen with our kids. :)

Cole, Grandpa, Grandma and Brookie at Silver Falls

Mom, Grandma and Brookie at the falls.

Grandma, Cole and Grandpa hiking along the trial toward the second waterfall.

Dad and Mom checking out the great views


Dad and Brookie behind the waterfall

Grandpa and Cole behind the waterfall chillin' on the bench. What a neat view - and the company was great!


Coleman loves cupcakes!!

Cole finally ate his dinner (which he had been holding in his cheek for 30 minutes) so he could have cake. :) We're not sure what is up with his new chipmunk strategy...???

Birthday cake is so yummy!

Opening presents at his birthday party

"Buzz" Coleman Astronaut

Brookie landing the shuttle :)

Brookie Astronaut

Wearing goggles from the chemistry lab at OMSI.

The little mad scientist - he was a scientist, an astronaut and Buzz Lightyear while wearing these at OMSI.

Playing with bubble guns. These kiddos were totally spoiled - not only by Grandpa and Grandma, but Grandma Neff too. They really had a blast with these bubble blower guns. (We're still getting a kick out of them!)