Thursday, July 15, 2010

Brookie - 14 months

Brookie – 14 months!

Wow! Where has the time gone?? This little chickadee has grown up so fast! She’s surprising us every day with all the new things she can do and how funny and cute she is.

Lately Brookie’s been staying up late so she can play with Ty when he gets home between 7 and 8. She doesn’t seem to have any trouble staying awake, but it makes her naps a little longer. Her routine right now is wake up between 7 and 8 am, nap (or not, if we’re doing something fun or going somewhere) from about 10 ‘till 11 or 12. She then gets up, plays, has lunch and we usually do something fun ‘till around 2, when she naps again for an hour or two. Cole naps at the same time in the afternoons, but Brookie usually gets up before him so we have some time to spend together doing 1 year old things.

Not that she needs to be catered to. She thinks she can do everything her big brother can, and she’s learning to do it all! This week we went berry picking and she kept up with the big kids really well as they ran around exploring the berries and the gardens of vegetables. She’s fearless and quick!

Brookie’s been walking for awhile, but is getting steadier and steadier. She still has a cute little kid waddle, but is quite stable and can even run. Being chased is one of her favorite games. She can get up stairs really well and is learning to come down. She still waits for help a lot of the time, but is getting more and more brave every day. She’s fallen out into the garage a couple times, but can get down one stair without too much of a problem. She’s also a terrific climber. No more staying put in the shopping cart or playing downstairs anywhere we go. She can climb onto furniture and up stairs. She loves to sit in the rocking chair or on the camping chairs (big and little).

Brookie’s favorite toys are her new baby doll which she loves to hug and give her binki, anything Coleman is playing with (she learned it from him), balls, shoes (hers, ours – anyone’s really – even shoes at a garage sale this last weekend), baseball mitt, phones & electronics, anything with buttons – especially if it makes noise, pens/pencils/markers – when she is and is not supposed to have them (she does love to draw), magnet drawing board, beads/bracelets, books (Old MacDonald, Jingle Bells, the Priddy books, touch and feel anything, Wheels on the Bus).

Aside from playing with toys, Brookie loves reading, playing in water, taking baths, singing and dancing. Her favorite dancing song is the Duck Tales song, but she’ll dance to anything. Her favorite songs to sing are Popcorn Popping, Eensy Weensy Spider, Wise Man, If You’re Happy and You Know It – she can do the actions to all of them and loves to bounce to the beat of just about anything. She can turn on her CD player and is very proud of that.

Brookie LOVES to play outside, have picnics, eat rocks, splash in the water, hang out at the park, go down her slide, chase and otherwise tease her brother, give hugs, back into Tyler’s lap when she wants to cuddle, talk on the phone and taste everything. She loves to play with Coleman and do everything he does.

Brooklyn’s favorite foods are milk, chocolate milk, yogurt, cheese, pizza (she even eats it with zucchini and peppers), meat of any type – but especially salmon, grapes, watermelon (not cut up – only wedges), apples (the whole apple), cucumbers, red peppers, broccoli (a definite favorite!!), & carrots. She’ll try just about anything. Tonight she finished her dinner and we got her out to go play while Coleman finished eating. She poked her hand around the side and stole all his fish. He seemed upset, but I think was secretly happy she ate it for him. They sometimes trade food during meals. It’s pretty funny.

Brookie’s learning so much! She folds her arms during the prayer, helps put on and take off her clothes, follows lots of directions, and is saying a lot of new words. Some of the most recent words are: gog (dog), wuh wuh (woof woof), cow, beeeee (binki), bah/ba’ol (bottle), beebee (baby), uh-oh, no (she can nod her head for no or yes but only says no), be (bear), & bawl (ball). She still says mem, dah & ganca. So far she doesn’t have a name for Coleman, she just grunts and gestures if she needs him. She spits and screams and can make lots of sounds. She’s been taught well by her big bro! She makes the fish sounds, and copies Coleman’s roars an squeals. She’s getting more and more verbal every day!

Catching up!! - April / May

So, I really have some catching up to do! We've been in Oregon for almost a month and I havn't posted anything with pictures since April... hmmm. Sorry I'm slow, but here we go...

We have had a busy few months! April and May were full of playing as much as we could while still in California, hanging out with dear friends, visiting family in Utah, (Tyler) studying really hard for boards, packing, packing, more packing, Brookie's birthday, last hoorahs in Disneyland and all the regular stuff too. These are a few pictures of some of the things we did - the pictures are in reverse order because I forgot again and did it backwards. Sorry...

Joe, Janel, Cole and Brookie. We love you guys! Thanks for being such great friends!! It was so fun to hang out!!

Happy birthday messy face!

Warming up after swimming with friends. We're going to miss our pool!

Wesley, Cole and Jackson having a treat while their moms were visiting teaching

Cruisin' down the street

A little young to drive a boat? Naw!

Dad and Brookie at Bass Pro Shop watching the fish

Nice ride Grandma! We're so sorry your foot was hurting!

Goin' to Disneyland in style!

Coleman playing in the pool with Brookie's balloons

Brookie in the pool with her birthday baloons

cleaning up afterwards

Coleman likes cupcakes!

a little messy, but definiteley worth it!


cake is soooooo good!


necklaces and cheese! what a happy birthday!

"loving"(hugging) her baby

definiteley happy about the stick pony :)

Brookie's Very Hungry Caterpillar cake

my 2 guys chilli' on the couch

summer fun!

2 half-naked cuties playing in the fountain

Clara, Brookie and Coleman playing in the fountain at the mall (yuck, but fun)

Just chillin' with some great blankies!

Grandma and Brookie at the airporr. We're sure going to miss you guys! Can't wait to see you again!

Grandpa and Cole at the airport. Cole thought he was pretty neat 'cause he has his own suitcase/backpack, just like his daddy. Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for the early b-day present. :)

4 generations of hamburger lovers :) I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful grandma, mom and daughter! I don't know what I would do without them! They bless my life in so many ways.

Grandpa and Coleman

Grandma Neff and Brookie at lunch eating hamburgers (everybod's favorite - I'm sure it's genetic :) )

Hanging out on the tramp at Grandpa Terry's and Grandma Marilee's. We were missing Dad, but having a great time hanging out!

Addie and Coleman at the aquarium - they had such a great time and saw so many cool things! Thanks for the fun field trip, Grandma, Leanne and Addie!! We LOVE you!!

Brookie Grace in her Sunday best :)

Playin' Wii with Grandpa Terry - so fun!

Watchin' a show in the kitchen with Addie on the bean bag chair. :)Brings back good memories - my gandma always used to make us "bum spots" so we could share the bean bag chairs. :) Cousins are wonderful!!

My 2 beautiful grandmas at Dad's birthday party.

Leanne, Addie and Scott at Dad's birthday party.

Happy Birthday Dad! Thanks for letting Cole blow our your candles (I guess you needed a little help since you had 2 cakes... :))

Uncle Scott with the cuties!

Cousins playin' at Grandpa's and Grandma's house.

Cousins in the bath - the flood was contained without the help of the National Guard (but bareley)

Brookie playing with Jonathan. Thanks for hanging out with us JP!

Brookie spent a lot of time navigating the rungs of Dad's ladder. She had a great time crawling in and out of the spaces. She's quite the climber!

She even took a minute to rest and have a little refreshment in her special spot. I guess it probably felt a little like summiting a mountain peak. All that climbing was hard work!

My darling cousin, Katie, was married in the Salt Lake Temle. She and her husband Dave are great examples of faith to all of us. Their wedding was beautiful! Here are a few more pictures. I lost all the rest of Katie and Dave because of a computer glitch. I'm bummed, but I'm glad at least one made it. :)

Annie, Laurie, Grandma, Carrie and Nanc

Steve, Dad and Mom

Grandma and Carrie


Steve, Dad

Laurie! When you bring lingerie to the temple you have to disguise it in a white bag. :)


Jamie - what a beautiful lady!

Laurie and Nanc! :)

Cole, Michelle, Grandpa Great (my Grandpa Coleman) Grandpa Coleman (my dad), Brookie

When we went to see Grandpa Great we got to see some great fish! - NEMO lives here!!

Cole and a dinosaur tromping through the snow

Cole and Grandpa built a fire. It was awesome! Cole loved bringing the wood and crushing the newspaper. Thanks Grandpa for the fun activity!!

Getting the paper ready...

Building the fire...

Getting the wood...

Brookie likes books - especially anything with "feely pages"

Little librarian Cole - he loves his blankies

I can drink from a cup (I can take a bath/shower in the water from my cup)

This is so fun!

I really like spaghetti!

Me too!!!

Coleman got a sucker as a potty treat.

Just after a bath - I couldn't resist.

Cole is really good at sharing. He shared his special sucker with Brooklyn with a smile on his face.

This girl loves her binkis!!! Here she's got 3 of them. A girl can never have too many!!

Ty and Cole playing Toy Story. Cole's really into interactive role play with Woody and Buzz. He loves to play with Tyler whenever he gets a chance!!

Playin' with my train magnets

Oh look!! More binkis!!

This is a good binki!

Still lots of binkis!!

Another favorite thing for this little chickadee is sitting on her Bas Pro Shop chair. It's just the right size! Thanks Grandpa and Grandma! What a fantastic birthday present!!

I like standing on it too, even though it makes Mom nervous.

Chillin' on the couch with a sleeping bag and rain gear -who doesn't want to hang out in their Buzz Lightyear rain stuff?


My handsome husband - making his own lunch... :)