Thursday, June 3, 2010

You'd Have to be CRAZY!

Yep. I think I've officially lost it!!! We're in the middle of a move and Tyler's taking his first set of boards on Tuesday. Life around here is a little nutty. It hit me today that I've completely lost my mind, my marbles, every shred of common sense that I have ever popsessed.

I should have clued in on Tuesday at dinner. We had the missionaries over, which is always a treat. After dinner, we were having ice cream sandwiches for dessert and Brookie ate 3 of them. What kind of a parent gives their 1-year-old THREE ice cream sandwiches??? Only a psychotic, overtired, braindead one. Or maybe it was because she bargained for them so well with her adorable smiles. When we handed her the third one, she flashed the widest, most amazing, hillarious, darling smile we've ever seen. (We're pretty sure ice cream is going to be a favorite for a long time!)

Today, however, was the true kicker. The realization of insanity came flooding in as I put Coleman to bed with a Buzz Lightyear squirt gun. How do you think this nap time will pan out? Yep. I asked him to put it away, he got upset and I CAVED... I'm just praying for a good hour of adult only packing time, no matter what it takes. I may have to borrow a wet vac this afternoon, but packing with "helpers" is more trouble than it's worth. Yesterday, after giving it my ALL for most of the day and feeling like I'd totally neglected everyone, I looked at the sum of my hard labor and almost cried - 4 whole boxes. Definiteley not worth it. Hope my squirt gun (he calls it a "shoot gun") idea buys me a few minutes to get a bit more packing done this afternoon. What's the big deal about a small flood anyway?

Bless these kiddos for their patience with their parents this month!

Sorry about the conspicuous lack of pictures. I haven't had time to get them off the camera. Expect some after we get to Oregon. :)