Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Brookie!

We can't believe you're a year old! The time has flown by! You were such a fun baby and have grown into such a cute little lady! You're so smart and funny! You amaze us every day! We love you with all our hearts!

Love, Dad, Mom and Cole

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Coleman – 31/32 months

Favorite Foods: fruit!! – especially pears, watermelon, apples and raisins, “chocolate sandwiches” (Nutella), cheese hamburgers, chicken nuggets, cereal (especially Dad’s sugary cereals), juice, corn, cucumbers, red peppers, fruit snacks, granola bars, goldfish crackers, “square crackers” (Wheat Thins), cookies, and suckers!!! (Cole does eat some healthy food – this is just his preferred list) (We made caramel apples last week and cole ate for a few minutes, then asked me to take the caramel off so he could just have the apple. Apple on a stick? Who would have though that could be soooooo great?)

Favorite Toys: cars. Buzz, Woody, anything Brookie plays with, everything at friends’ houses, animals (elephant, bear, tiger, shark, scorpion, crocodile, etc), “buried treasure” (Cole loves playing with small toys and spoons in a bin full of beans or cornmeal), “shoot guns,” sticks, rocks, sand, etc., play food.

Biggest Fear: lately – going to bed!!!

Favorite Songs: If You’re Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands/ Click Your Claws, Wise Man and the Foolish Man, Head Shoulders…, Nephi’s Courage, Follow the Prophet, Do You Know What Traffic Lights Say to Do?

Favorite Non-Toy: blanket, binki, computer (he’s actually started to play a few little games and he’s really liking it!)

Things Cole Mimics: actions to songs, Brookie walking (sooooo funny)

Favorite Games: wrestling, chasing, catch, baseball (t-ball), playing WITH someone – like having Dad hold Woody and Cole hold Buzz. He likes to have conversations with the toys together with another person and sometimes he’ll even play both parts alone.

Soothers: binki and blankie – still

Favorite Place: outside!!, Grandmas and Grandpas houses, friends houses – anywhere new , Disneyland, park.

Mischievous things that he does: takes Brookie’s binki, gives his food away at meals, runs away (he’s getting better at listening and stopping), empties my drawers of my nightstand, empties cupboards in kitchen looking for snacks, climbs on top of tables and chairs to reach things he wants, goes potty just for the treats.

Least Favorite things: having to take a nap, taking time out of playing to eat or go potty or any other reason

Favorite People: Dad, Mom, Brookie, Grandpas and Grandmas, Uncles, Aunt Leanne, Addie, friends, anyone who will smile or talk to him. He’s a pretty friendly guy.

Proudest Moments: Anything he deems mischievous, making “projects” – he says “I maked that!”

Hair Color: blonde, just like Ty’s. It has a little brown and even a little red tone to it. We cut it really short and let it grow pretty long because he still doesn’t like haircuts.

Best Features: friendly smile, kind spirit (he is upset if anyone cries and thinks they need a tissue to wipe their tears, he apologizes when he makes someone sad and has a compassionate side to him that’s really cute for such a little guy), gorgeous eyes, hilarious personality! (just to name a few)

Sleep Schedule: 7 -8 at night ‘till around 7 in the morning. He naps from 1 or 2 ‘till between 3 and 5 in the afternoon.

How Cole recharges himself: Snacks are major (he’s such a guy!), his blanket and binki are still key players and sometimes he needs to have quiet time to :”watch a part a show” or read a book.

Cole, you make us laugh and help us remember what is important in life. Dad and I stay up at night and talk about the funny, cute and amazing things you say and do and how much we love you and are thankful for you. You are a special part of our family. We're so proud of how you share with and take care of your sister. You're a great big brother and Brookie loves you so much! Dad and Mom love you so much too! Keep learning and growing and doing good things!

Brookie - 11/12 months

Favorite Foods: cheese, ham, yogurt, baby food fruit, crackers, cookies, raisins, goldfish crackers & graham crackers (noticing a cracker theme? She LOVES them!) – Brookie does eat other (healthier) food, but these are her favorites.

Favorite Toys: doll, penguin stuffed animal, teddy bear, instruments, anything stick-like, anything Coleman plays with, gumball machine!!!, new zoo animals quiet book (thanks Grandma!), farm, books (Priddy books, touch and feel books, Noah’s Arc soft book), farm puzzle (banging the pieces like sand blocks), play dishes/pans, silverware or spoons of any kind – plastic or metal, food (yes, she loves to play with her food – especially throwing it on the ground), my keys, tyler’s keys, her keys (noticing another theme?), computer keyboard and mouse, CELL PHONES!!!, slide, swings, sand – anything outside, BALLS of any variety and just about anything else she can get her hands on. Brookie is always exploring. She’s very brave, ambitious and busy.

Biggest Fear: being left. I left Brookie with family and friends while in Utah and Ty and I have left her once since and she’s realized that sometimes we’re not always present. It bugs her and she has been really clingy when she thinks Ty and I are leaving.

Favorite Songs: If You’re Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands – definitely still the favorite, but she likes just about anything, especially songs with actions or songs with fun pauses or sounds to anticipate. I brought her to nursery for the last few minutes Sunday and she had a BLAST singing with the kids. She did the clapping for “If You’re happy and You Know It” and “Heads, Shoulders…” She loves music and loves listening to it in her room while she plays. She tunes in to the Disney shows Cole likes to watch when a good song comes on.

Favorite Non-Toy: blankets, pillows, or anything soft. My phone and keys, crawling around, under and through the tables and chairs, and the ladder in my parents’ addition.

Things Brookie Mimics: actions to songs, some words and sounds, waving/wiggling her head, peek-a-boo, talking on the phone, reading books

Favorite Games: fetch (she loves to throw things and have us pick it up. She’s especially loving playing this game at church where she has more patient friends to play with – thanks Zelinskis!), tag (she loves to be chased), peek-a-boo, tickle wars, wrestling with Dad, up the stairs and down the slide.

Soothers: binki and blankie, cuddling, music, rocking

Favorite Place: outside!!, Grandmas and Grandpas houses, friends houses – anywhere new to explore. She loves to be under furniture or in funny spaces like between the rungs of my dad’s ladders. Sometimes she even likes her bed (can you believe she’s related to Coleman??) She LOVES being in the bathtub and really likes the pool.

Mischievous things that she does: throws food, takes Cole’s binki and wanders all over with it, sneaks food from Coles tray, trades food during meals (this is a two-way mischief that is really really funny!), empties Tyler's bin under his nightstand, empties the cupboards in the kitchen, wanders off with my phone and/or keys, empties baskets of folded laundry, dumps everything out of any container.

Least Favorite things: being put in her car seat, wet diapers, having diapers changed, getting dressed – any time she has to stop moving and exploring to take care of something mundane – you should see this girl drink a bottle in the middle of the day. WOW! It’s like wrestling a greased piglet! She’s so wiggly!

Favorite People: daddy, “mama,” Coleman, grandparents, uncles, aunt Leanne, Addie, kids, anyone who will smile at her. She’s a little social butterfly who makes friends everywhere we go.

Proudest Moments: walking around, climbing stairs, anything mischievous (especially taking Coles binki)

Hair Color: brown – kinda like my mom’s – maybe just a little darker. She’s finally getting more and it’s pretty cute. She doesn’t like to wear bows or flowers in it, but if I sneak one in on the very top, she’ll leave it alone. Anything large or to the side is pulled out immediately.

Best Features: darling personality!!, beautiful eyes, hilarious smile, friendly attitude, loving actions (she’s very good at giving hugs and loving toys)

Sleep Schedule: Brookie sleeps from between 7 and 8 at night ‘till between 6 and 8 (sometimes on rare occasions 9) in the morning. She usually takes a morning nap from 9 or 10 ‘till 10 or 11 (sometimes later). She takes a mini nap later in the afternoon while Cole sleeps. We’re still working on having them sleep together in the same room and at the same time, but ‘ya know. She’s a good little sleeper most of the time.

How Brookie recharges herself: She loves to be with people. She’ll play games or sing songs and her mood improves. If she’s tired, she naps or will have a quick cuddle with a blankie or stuffed animal or pillow. It’s pretty funny. She also loves to snack or have a quick bottle to power up.

Words: Brookie can copy lots of sounds and is babbling all the time. She says Mem and Da (Mom and Dad), Ganca (the word for all grandparents), baby, bah (ball), cookie, boo (like peek-a-boo)and uh-oh.

Brooklyn, you’re a special part of our family. Dad and Cole and I love you very much! Your happy personality, cute smile and mischief make our day! Dad loves how you light up when he comes home and I love the smiles and loves I get during the day. Coleman is loving playing with you and is a very good big brother. You’re an exciting little sister and I’m so glad that you two have a good time playing together. I especially love your tickle fights and when you tease each other and laugh. I love when you share your food at dinner and how you somehow end up with all the veggies, especially broccoli – and how you don’t mind and you eat it anyway. I love how it makes you both so happy when Cole shares his suckers and treats with you. You are such a special girl. Your love and happy personality influence everyone around you. You are a special daughter of Heavenly Father and we are so blessed to have you as part of our family.