Tuesday, April 13, 2010


4.9.10 - 4.10.10

This weekend we decided to go camping. Ty had Friday off which was fabulous!! We spent the morning Friday getting ready and figuring out exactly what we were going to do and where we were going to go. We had some friends who were possibly coming, so we were trying to pin down all the details before we ventured out of cell phone range. We fianlly piled everyone in the car, ran to the grocery store for the last minute food items, threw them in the cooler in the parking lot and headed out around 2:30. I was really excited. I love to camp! We drove to Joshua Tree and looked for a camping spot even though the rangers had told us they were all full. We were getting a bit discouraged and on our way out of the park to drive over the BLM land (desolate sand dune) decided just for fun we'd drive to where we'd most want to camp if we had the choice of anywhere in the park. This place is close to lots of climbing, has trees and lots of vegetation and is covered with interesting rock formations. We were so lucky! We found an awesome spot just right to pitch our tent and let the kids play. We were close to really neat rocks and we were sheltered from the wind a little bit by a huge boulder. It was a great spot!

We spent the evening setting up and the kids played. One of their favorite features - aside from the sand and rocks - was the fire pit. They both got pretty sooty, but they had a great time! Brookie had a hard time at first trying to figure out walking on the uneven ground. She fell several times and seemed really frustrated. Good thing she was totally enamored with the dirt and rocks which helped her forget about being grumpy until she fell again. By the end of the trip, however, whe was walking really well over all types of terrain. I have a feeling we're going to have to put a beacon on her next time we go camping so we can find her after she takes off. She loved it!

We drove into Joshua Tree the town that evening to finalize plans with friends and buy some matches. We were soooo sad when it turned out that none of our friends were able to make it. We hope we can plan another time to do it soon. Camping is really fun with friends. The trip was still awesome though. The kids had a BLAST and just watching them enjoy it so much made it worth all the hassle.

We put them in bed that night and sang for about 20 minutes until Brookie fell asleep all tucked in to Ty's mummy bag. Cole was in the portable crib in the tent under (but not in) his sleeping bag. He didn't fall asleep, but was really good about laying there and enjoying the evening while Ty and I finally ate dinner, enjoyed a few stars (millions actually - we haven't seen that many stars in a long time!) and then came to bed. Cole was still awake when we came in and we talked a little in whispering voices. We finally told him it was time to go to sleep and he was quiet for a long time. It was still early, but really dark so Ty and I started whispering again and pretty soon a little voice joined in. Tyler told me he was going to to roll onto his back. Coleman's little voice quickly added, "I can lay on my back too." as we heard him roll over. He was so cute and so funny. He was thuroughly enjoying himself and sleeping in the tent with Mom and Dad. He copied everything Tyler did. If Ty rolled over, Cole rolled over, if Ty whispered, Cole whispered. It was really cute. These kiddos really think their daddy is something! I think he's pretty awesome too!

The kids slept great. In the middle of the night Brookie woke up a little and Ty brought her into our sleeping bag. A few minutes later we thought Cole might be cold because he refuesed to get IN his bag - he only wanted it as a blanket. Ty brought him in our sleeping bag too and he slept great. everyone did. It was nice. Ty and I were a little squished, but we survived.

In the morning it was chilly so we stayed in our PJs and coats. It was a pretty relaxed morning. The kids played and we made breakfast burritos. I was hoping we'd figure out a way to climb at least a little, but as it turned out, it wasn't in the cards for this time. We just hung out. Brookie took a nap, then when she got up Cole was ready for one. We took them on a drive in the car to do some recon on good climbing sites for next time and Cole fell asleep really fast. We just let him sleep in the car while we packed stuff up and Brookie played. It worked out great. Ty did most of the packing while I played in the dirt with Brookie. It was fun to have some one-on-one time with her.

The drive home was easy and we got home early enough to unpack a bit and get a few things done before Sunday. It was a terrific trip. I hope we can go again soon! Thanks for all your hard work Ty!

building a tower with rocks

our squirrel friend who hung out with us during and after breakfast

cole kept wanting to switch hats with tyler - he thought it was soooooo funny!

our awesome campsite

the wind mills on the way back - i've always thought they were pretty neat

big hat, little head

little hat, big head - you're such a fun dad!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Having Easter and Conference on the same day made Sunday extra special. We got up early (probably because Cole's parents told him the Easter Bunny was coming and he'd already tried to wake up a couple times Saturday night even before he fell asleep - even before we left his room after saying goodnight - somebody needs to write not to do that in a parenting book somewhere!) He was really excited to see the Easter Bunny and/or what he'd left for him in his basket!!

He woke up happy and of course, Brookie woke up when he did. We tried to stall for a futile 10 seconds. I thought maybe Brookie could drink a bottle before we jumped into the baskets and candy and all that, but YEAH RIGHT! They were way too excited. Cole got eggs, a wash rag bunny, a bubble "Peter Pan" sword, a McQueen car a "squishy crocodile" and a toothbrush. He was elated!! Brookie got bracelets, a baby bottle with disappearing juice, sunglasses, her first toothbrush, a washrag bunny and eggs. She was pretty happy too. What a great treat! It was fun to watch the kiddos be so excited. :)

The rest of the day was quite relaxing. We ate breakfast (biscuits and gravy - ty's favorite) and Brookie took a nap while we watched Conference. It was the most relaxing session of Conference we've watched since we've had kids. It was terrific!! Coleman watched too and was pretty attentive for a 2 year old. He loved the choir and kept reporting to us that he'd seen people he knows in the choir. :) So funny! He listened to some of the talks, frequently said "amen" at the end and watched "the prophet." It was great for Ty and me to just be able to listen together while he played and tuned in and out. Knowing how fast his brain works, I wouldn't be suprised if he was just multitasking instead of tuning in and out. He did a pretty good job of keeping up.

Both the kids were asleep for the second session - and in the same room nonetheless! SCORE! Ty and I got to watch another session together. I was about to put a turkey breast in the oven for dinner when our neighbors called and invited us over. It was nice to spend dinner time with friends. Sunday dinners with us alone sometimes get a little loneley. Dinner was fun and we enjoyed hanging out. Thanks Andersens!

We had double fun too because they came over Monday to eat turkey with us. It brought back memories of the fun times at University Village when we did dinner with friends every week. So fun.

We had a great Easter. Conference was wonderful and the music was my favorite part. I love when the choir sings the primary songs. They're so beautiful and simple and so inspiring. I love how I felt after Conference - rejuvinated and more at peace about the world around me. I'm so grateful to know that Heavenly Father knows us and knows our lives and situations. He knows our hearts. He loves us unconditionally and his love will carry us through any trial, temptation or fear we may face. I'm so thankful for his love and for the Gospel. I love the Book of Mormon and it's teachings. I'm so thankful for the prophet, Joseph Smith and the faithful early saints that left such a legacy for us all. I know Thomas S. Monson is a Prophet, Seer and Revelator. I'm so thankful to know he is here to lead us in the way our Father in Heaven would have us go.

Cole opneing his Easter basket

Brookie opening her Easter basket

Brookie eating her treats and trying out her new accessories

Mcqueen and the squishy crocodile watched as Coleman ate his treats

2 kiddos very happy that the Easter bunny visited

Brookie slept through Conference. I think I took this picture then... she's so cute when she sleeps. It makes me laugh that she sticks her bum up in the air like that

Coleman listening to the prophet and enjoying his Easter treats

Cole and Dad sharing some Easter yummies
Grandpa Terry, Grandma Marilee and the Uncles sent the kiddos (and the parents) new Easter clothes. We went outside between Conference sessions to play on the grass and do bubbles. Here are a few pictures of the kids in their new Easter outfits while we were playing outside.

The Easter Bunny visited me again a few days after Easter. Ty got me one of my favorite movies to put in my post-Easter basket. He's so thoughtful and sweet. Thanks hun! The suspense was exciting too. He gave me clues about it, but wouldn't tell me what he was planning on getting beforehand. Very tricky. Love you sweetheart!

easter/conference saturday

the saturday before easter was a busy day for our family! we got up really early to be to a primary activity at 7:20 am... i was sure out primary leaders (some of my very best friends) were totally crazy. we woke up both coleman and brooklyn (breaking the very important "never wake up sleeping children rule") and headed to the park in our pajamas. we were a little late and couldn't find the exact place they'd told us to park, but we walked around and found everyone on the nature walk. they'd planned the cutest bingo nature walk activity. the kids loved it. then they played on the equipment at the park which was a definite hit, had a cute easter lesson, ate breakfast, planted seeds in cups, AND had an easter egg hunt. cole had an awesome time and brookie was pretty happy just to be outside. ty and i got to talk to some of our greatfirends in the ward. overall, it was an incredible activity, i no longer think these wonderful primary leaders were crazy. it was a fabulous activity and the kids who went really had a good time, learned about the gospel and got to spend time with people who love them. thanks guys for the fun activity!!

after the primary activity we came home, ate a quick (really quick) breakfast and headed over to our friends, the pauls,' house to meet for another easter egg hunt. we walked from their house over to the egg hunt and waited. the hunt took less than a minute, but it was really fun! cole and brookie both really enjoyed the whole thing. brookie had a really hard time waiting to crawl out to get the eggs. she was soooo excited!!
after the easter egg hunt, we plated at the park for a few minutes then headed home. it was fun to be with friends and fun to be together as a family. the rest of the day was a bit more relaxing. the kids had naps and we watched conference. it was a really nice day!

playing at the park for the primary activity

cole riding the train at the park

cole riding a green rhino. it took me a minute to figure out what animal this was supposed to be. he seemed to think it was pretty great. he really loved hanging out with the bigger kids in the primary. they were so cute with him!

cole and brookie in their chariot on the way back to the car. it was a chilly day. we're so glad we have this cool stroller. they love to be in it and it worked out great for walking and keeping everyone warm.

cole waiting for the egg hunt to start - very exciting!!!

dad and brookie anxiouslt waiting too

still waiting...

after the egg hunt, everyone was super happy. easter eggs are so cool!

playing in the sand (wanting to taste everything she can pick up)

riding the turtle

riding the camel

this was a very cool camel. everyone needed to get in on the action here. so fun!

brookie loving stacking cups and easter eggs. these two toys have given her hours of entertainment!!