Sunday, March 21, 2010

Coleman - 30 months

Favorite Foods: fruit! – any kind, especially pears, apples, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, fruit snacks, granola bars, pretzels, red/green peppers, onions, cheese hamburgers, steak, raw carrots, peas, corn (called popcorn), popcorn, juice, & chocolate milk. cole eats all sorts of food, but these are his favorites lately.

Favorite Toys: buzz lightyear, woody, cars, balls, baseball bat, bubbles, toy cooking stuff/food

Biggest Fear: getting left alone at night – he doesn’t care after we leave, but he puts up a big fuss every night when we leave – and we can’t take brookie with us – that would be horrible. he wants her to stay with him. cole also developed a new fear of ocean waves. he runs from them and screams.

Favorite Songs: if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands, abc’s with nursery rhymes, follow the prophet*, child of god, eensy weensy spider, book of mormon stories, “nephi,”

Favorite Non-Toy: sticks, sand, computer, mirror on our closet door, gluegun (he pretends it’s a “shoot gun” to shoot animals at the shooting gallery)

Things Cole Mimics: anything dad does, anything everybody says

Favorite Games: catch, pushing back and forth between mom and dad, pretending

Soothers: binki and his blankie – very very important!!

Favorite Place: outside, the park, the bathtub, grandparents houses, friends houses

Mischievous things that he does: he teases brookie and pushes her out of his way when he thinks nobody’s looking. he loves jumping on our bed and climbing into brookie’s crib. he also loves to sneak snacks from the cupboard.

Least Favorite things: stopping playtime to eat (unless it’s great food like waffles), going to bed, letting mommy brush his teeth (it’s ok when daddy does it)

Favorite People: daddy, “mama,” brookie, grandparents, uncles, aunt leanne, addie, “frens”

Proudest Moments: showing off his artwork (he says “I make that!”), towers, jumping off the arm of the couch

Hair Color: blonde – just like tyler’s

Best Features: handsome eyes, hilarious personality – he says the funniest things, kind big brother, daddy’s little copycat

Sleep Schedule: cole sleeps all night – he goes to bed between 7 and 8, then sleeps ‘till 7ish in the morning. he takes one nap – about 1:30 ‘till 4:30 or so. he’s an angel.

How Cole recharges himself: he loves to have his binki and blanket and loves to read books. he loves to watch “shows” and hang out with the family. he loves to run everywhere.

Coleman is our special boy. He keeps life so exciting. He’s interested in everything and really reminds us that life is full of excitement and is to be enjoyed. He loves his family and his friends. He’s learning new things every day. We love you Cole buddy!

Brookie - 10 months

Favorite Foods: chicken, ham, pork, steak, peas, carrots, fruit cocktail, raspberries, apples, pears, any baby food fruit, cheerios, frosted mini wheats, any cereal that dad eats, bread, noodles, pretzels, ritz crackers, graham crackers, yogurt, yogurt bites, ice cream, popsicles, dill pickles, and especially anything anyone else is eating.

Favorite Toys: balls, balls, balls, musical instruments, stacking rings, stacking cups, sand, water, foam letters, kid sized pots and pans, pretend food, yellow scarf, anything she can bang together, anything coleman has, blocks, music box, family picture, books (to play with rather than read), phones, computer keyboard, dad’s shoes, mom’s hair, cole’s binki, and her binki, of course.

Biggest Fear: this child has no fear. she tries her best to do everything her brother does and then some and she’s pretty good at it. at the beach she crawled around like it was home – she loved the sand and the water. she wrestles with dad and cole and is completely unafraid of walking and or falling – she does finally stop at the edge of the bed now before she flings herself over… we’re glad she hasn’t taken too many falls.

Favorite Song: if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands, abc’s with nursery rhymes, anything from the jungle beat cd or the kindermusik cds, follow the prophet, pretty much any music she hears – she dances (bounces) to it all. if i turn a cd on in their bedroom, she and cole can play in there for a long time – just listening, dancing and amusing themselves.

Favorite Non-Toy: all phones!!!

Things Brookie Mimics: peek-a-boo, head turning, clapping, dancing

Favorite Games: catch, peek-a-boo, (she puts her hands above her eyes - almost on top of her head to hide, then yanks them down hard - so funny to watch - pretty intense!), stealing cole’s binki, walking between mom and dad (or parents and furniture), getting thrown from dad to mom and back and forth

Soothers: binki and quick hugs. brookie loves to get quick hugs all day long. she stops by for a hug on her way to anywhere. it’s pretty cute!

Favorite Place: outside, in the sand, the bathtub, church – so she can see all the people and spend lots of time with dad, the grocery store – so she can flirt with everyone around, under and between the furniture, anywhere where she’s walking around

Mischievous things that she does: brookie loves teasing cole. she steals his binki or toy any chance she gets (he does the same to her). they both love to scream at each other then answer back and forth… kinda weird, but they seem to enjoy it. she likes to find treats on the floor and eat them before anyone notices.

Least Favorite things: getting her face washed with a cloth (it’s ok in the tub), eating green babyfood, being swaddled (until she is, then it’s ok and she goes right to sleep), sitting still for anything – even to just play. she has to be on the move at all times.

Favorite People: daddy, mommy, coleman and anyone who will smile back

Proudest Moments: walking everywhere, banging stuff together, clapping for songs

Hair Color: golden brown. it’s getting lighter, but is shiny and dark still. she’s so beautiful!

Best Features: gorgeous dark eyes, contagious smile, outgoing personality

Sleep Schedule: sleeping all night – finally! brookie goes to bed between 7 and 8 and sleeps ‘till between 6:30 and 8 in the morning. it’s fabulous!! She takes a short morning nap and a short afternoon nap (in our bed, unfortunately). we’re hoping she can start to nap a little longer so she’s not tired by dinner time, but we can’t complain now that she’s not getting up for her middle of the night social calls.

How Brookie recharges himself: she loves to hug and have physical contact. as she plays she stops to get/give hugs. if she’s having a hard time, she likes to have her binki and listen to fun music.

Brookie's words: mem (mom) & dad - she still uses them interchangeably sometimes, but she knows who she's talking to. she'll be talking before we know it!

Brooklyn is a joy to be around. She’s got such a fun personality – it draws people to her everywhere we go. She’s beautiful even with a messy face and messy clothes (which is her m.o. lately). She likes trying new things, loves doing anything Cole does and is always on the go. She likes swimming, playing in the sand (and anywhere outside). She likes to eat books – we’re still working on the reading thing. She loves to play with the books and will read anything that has feely pictures or textures – like cloth books. She has big smiles for Daddy when he comes home and still loves to be with Cole as much as possible! They’re so cute with each other. She’s quite patient with him. We’re so glad to have such a wonderful girl! We all love you, Brookie!!


Tyler is Superman!

Yesterday he helped our dear friends move from 8 'till 5, then came home and helped with the kids, gave them baths, put them in bed, filled the car up with gas, cleaned the carpets, made soup for dinner, and unloaded the dishwasher. He packed and got ready for his trip and he presents his anesthesiology research tomorrow morning in Hawaii. What a rush! I love you hun! Thanks for all the wonderful things you do! Good luck tomorrow! xoxo

Sunday, March 14, 2010

L.A. ~ 3.4.10

My cousin, Jonathan, has been in CA for a couple months and we've been wanting to get together. He's been working lots and we've been busy, but we finally got in touch with each other and planned a time to hang out. I thought I'd posted these pictures last week, but I was telling my mom about them today and she said she hadn't seen them. I just checked, and sure enough, I'd gotten them all read yand then forgotten to post them. Oops! So, here they are!

The kiddos and I (Ty had school) spent a long day of driving and working our way through Los Angeles traffic, vut it was so worth it to see Jon and get to spend some time with him. We've had so much fun together growing up and it has been way too long since we've had the chance to do something fun together!

After the kids and I navigated our way to Jon's friend's house, our first stop was Santa Monica. The pier was incredible and the beach was gorgeous!! I loved being able to see the mountains from the beach - ocean/mountains is a stunning combination (I'm such a sucker for mountains!)

Jon and Cole at the beach. We played in the sand and had some snacks and just enjoyed being out. The weather is perfect for being on the beach right now. It's cool enough that the beach isn't like and anthill of people, but just sunny enough to make for some great sand play and relaxation time. :)

Sweet Brookie at the beach enjoying the sand and seaweed. :) (she ate some - sand and seaweed - yuck!)

On the move. This girl couldn't get enough of crawling through the sand - so fun to conquer the hills and so fun to find all the burried treasure (and taste it).

Coleman playing in the sand. He stayed pretty close to the stroller and towell. After getting knocked down by a wave last week, he's pretty leary of the water.

This beach baby has no fear. She walked right out into the water with a huge grin on her face.

Lovin' the sand and the water!

Coleman stayed nice and dry while Brookie and I had our little water adventure. Jon watched him, but I guess he wasn't too much trouble...

Hiding and laughing in one of his favorite spots. Thank heaven for this stroller! It's been a real life saver!!! We all love it!

Jon and the boardwalk.

Jon and the water/mountains.

Google. Neat. :)

The L.A. Temple (from the car) - not bad, eh?
We weren't sure if we had time to stop or not, but I'm so glad we did! Cole, especially, loved seeing the temple and I loved the feeling of being on the grounds!

Cole checking out the fountain. Not long before this kid was hiding in the stroller saying "hold me mamma! water get me!" Now I'm sure if he could reach he would have jumped right in.

Jon and the kids at the temple

Me with the kids at the temple

We were talking about Moroni. Cole thought he was pretty neat. He's playing a trumpet - for Cole, that was enough to be awesome!

Beautiful flowers. It wasn't just a beautiful building and beautiful grounds, but also a beautiful spirit that surrounded the temple. It was familiar and welcome after a long day of L.A. experience.

Cole was especially excited to see the temple. He reminded me that "mommy got married in a temple." We got a chance to talk a little about the temple and shat a special place it is and I know he understood. I'm sure it wasn't the talk, but the feeling there that taught him that is Heavenly Father's house.

"I touch the temple!" He was pretty excited to touch the temple.

Jon and the kiddos. He was cute to hold them and help them touch and see everything they wanted to see.

Touching the temple again

The view from the temple looking out into L.A.

American flag flying on the temple grounds - thank heaven for some people in L.A. who still know which flags to fly. It was beautiful.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

my husband the hopeless romantic

my husband is a hopeless romantic! (hee hee) for all of you who know us well, you're probably laughing right now. tyler's idea of "most romantic date" would probably include 75 lbs. of climbing gear and us hauling ourselves up a really tall rock. i find that kinda cute (i should have known when we went rapelling on our first date) but this tops it all! :)

our whole family has had colds. usually i'm lucky and miss out on the fun, but not this time. when the kids and i got home from santa monica i was so done! i called tyler from the car and had him come meet us and help me get the sleeping kids in the house. (it had been a long day of driving and fun.) after they woke up - cause they always do - ty fed them dinner and we got them in bed. i was so tired i could hardly move. we hadn't eaten yet and i was loosing confidence in my ability to make anything. i wasn't all that sure i wanted to eat either. sleep was looking better and better. ty told me to go shower and he'd work on it.

before i even had all the sand washed down the drain ty appeared with buffalo wings and bleu cheese dressing. we ate them in our bed while we watched hogan's heroes - a perfect date at the end of a long day. :) thanks hun! you're the best!

Friday, March 5, 2010


these last couple weeks have been filled with firsts for our family. :) here are a few:

1. cole has started to sing! after many many many hours of singing (we sing every day - quite a bit most days) coleman has finally started to sing along. he has been singing along to "follow the prophet," elmo's song about music, and the abc's with nursery rhymes between verses. i have been really suprised at how many of the nursery rhymes he knows! congrats kiddo!!

2. brookie has been standing up on her own without holding on to anything. she usually has to grab something to help her up, but then she's free standing!! - we're going to have 2 walkers before we know it!! (update! as of 3.4.10 brookie is a walker! she took her first steps at our friends' home while we were there for dinner. i missed them, but tyler saw her do it. she was so proud of herself!)

3. brookie's first beach trips! definately a beach babe! she loved every minute of it - the sand, the water, the people - everything!

4. brookie slept through the night last night for the first time in months! thanks kiddo for the wonderful rest! now, if we can keep the tradition going... :)

5. i drove through la for the first time on thursday. we've lived here for 1 1/2 years and i have never driven into la. (i realized why on my trip). here are a few things that occured to me while i had time to ponder the experience:
*the signs on the freeway along the way epitomize my driving experience in cali: "uneven pavement" - not sure why la has signs to denote that, but it is true of every california road i've been on. once while traveling at nearly freeway speed, i hit a bump that totally changed my direction of travel... a little scarry.
*the lady driving next to me as i crept along the freeway at a whoppin' 15 - 20 mph had a lizzard on her shoulder. maybe she was hoping for access to the carpool lane...
*when i was biding my time on my nearly 2 hour 30 mile drive, i saw a big black diamond on the freeway sign. for a minute i thought i was headed toward a ski resort and a rush of exhiliration swept over me, 'till i realized i was still just trying to make my way toward the carpool lane.
*coleman was intrigued by the scenery. he saw all the big buildings and said "get me in the temple, mama!" - so cute and so opposite from what i was thinking as we drove through the scumy streets. we had to drive across town to show him what the real temple looks like. :) he was thrilled. i love the innocence children bring into life!
*on a completely different note, it occured to me that i'm very thankful my kids can't read! yuck yuck yuck as far as billboards go.
*it's been a long time (mission - 5 years) since i've not been able to read all the signs. we saw signs in korean, chinese, spanish and probably more. (triple x, sadly, is universal in all the aforementioned languages)
*it's also been a long time since i've seen people passed out in the middle of the sidewalk in the middle of the day where people were walking around them... weird! even though i knew the probable reason that put them there, i still had to fight the impulse to shake them to see if they were ok.
*aside from all the nasty big city stuff, i was pleased to see moms with their children walking home from the grocery store, people walking to and from work. kids playing with their families on the beach and friends walking together and laughing. i guess it made me think that even in a place so full of problems, there are good people all around - i'm thankful for that!
yep. i believe that everyone needs a good dose of big city every once in awhile. i'm glad i live a little farther from the center of town. :) i got my share of big city happiness all in one day. i'm good for awhile.

6. a few days ago, i felt a cold coming on (ty, cole and brookie have all had it already - i thought i might escape the wrath, but no such luck) for the first time in 3+ years though, i'm not pregnant or breastfeeding, so i happily downed some echinacea! wonderful stuff!

7. during our big trip to la, coleman and brooklyn got to see the la temple for the first time (my first time too). we walked up to it and touched it and talked about how beautiful it is. my grandma told me that wilford woodruff said that if you can't go into the temple (which we couldn't) you can go to - as in near - the temple. we were near the temple and felt the peace that it brings. i love the temple! it was neat to feel the change as we drove off the busy main city road and up toward the house of the lord. i think coleman felt it too. he was thrilled to be there, but also seemed reverent (for a 2 year old).

lots of exciting things happening around here! these kiddos are so fun! they make life a joyful ride!

baby pics

my friend let me take pictures of her new baby boy. she wanted a picture of him with his eyes open! this is my favorite. he does have handsome eyes! he's a cute munchkin! while i was there we had to get one of his darling big sister too! thanks alex for letting me take some fun pictures!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

a beautiful day at the beach

tyler's brother, trevor, and his girlfriend were here visiting for the weekend. it was fun to see them - we just wish they could have stayed longer. we got to go to dinner with them saturday and saw them for quick visits sunday and monday and the kids and i got to go with them to the beach tuesday. poor tyler was at school (practicing pelvic & rectal exams :( ).

we had a great time playing in the sand (and some of us played in the water - just not cole - all of a sudden he's terrified of ocean water)

here are a few pictures of the fun we had. the kids especially enjoyed the huge sand mountain uncle trevor made for them. both cole and brookie climbed it over and over (brookie even tasted it - along with half the other sand on the beach).

thanks trev and simnee!