Monday, January 18, 2010

Coleman - 28 months

Wow! Our Cole Buddy is growing up so fast! He’s always quick to remind us that he’s a “big boy” - and he really is getting big. He’s finally wearing 24 month and 2T pants and still wearing 2T shirts. He wears size 6 shoes and his boots are a size 7. (Our little "sheriff cowboy," as he calls himself thinks boots are so cool!)

Cole’s newest favorite things are Toy Story everything. He loves Buzz Lightyear and Woody. His aunt Leanne bought him a Woody doll when she was here in October. He’s still loving it to death! He got a Buzz Lightyear action figure for Christmas and another Buzz figure that he just loves. Those three have been our constant companions this month! Coleman is also loving riding his horse, Spirit. He’s doing more and more make believe play and it’s really cute! He talks to his toys and speaks for them. It’s funny to hear. He also makes up stories about what’s happening or what has happened. He’s a great comedian on a long car ride… He’s really into decorations of any variety and loves playing outside. Puddles and sand are his favorite outside adventures. He loves leaves too and of course, snow. Cole still loves music and loves to dance. He likes to pretend he’s Dick Van Dyke from Mary Poppins – his favorite dance is the one with the chimney sweeps.

Cole is learning right from wrong (sortof…). He tells us when he should be in time out (and when we need a time out and when his friends or even TV characters need time outs). If you ask him, he can tell you what he should do. I think he even told me that King Herod needed a time out. :)If you ask him what we can throw he will tell you balls. He and Dad have a fun time playing catch together. Now we just have to work on sure it’s ONLY the balls that get thrown... :)

Cole is such a great kid! He keeps us busy and is so creative and entertaining. He’s making conversation all the time and is learning so much. He loves talking on the phone to his grandparents.

Cole’s favorite foods are still cheese hamburgers (probably the all-time favorite), chicken nuggets, quesadillas, hot dogs, blueberries, pears, apples (he eats them whole – sometimes core, stem and all), raisins, carrots (by the truckload), peas, corn, lettuce & spinach, cucumbers, red or green peppers, onions, Brooklyn’s star puffs, any cereal (but especially "wheats"), tortillas, oatmeal, muffins, cookies, fruit snacks, popcorn, pretzels, goldfish, wheat thins, “gingerbread guys,” any juice and milk (he also really likes chocolate milk – wonder where he got that from??) Cole will finally eat sandwiches! Hooray for PB&J! We’re so excited! It’s taken him a long time to go for that!

Coleman sleeps like a rock! He and Brookie share a room and she’s really noisy! He gets in bed after he brushes his teeth, has a story and says his prayers. Ty and I sing him a song – his favorites are “Child of God” (I Am a Child of God), “The Prophet Song” (Follow the Prophet) “Jesus” (A Child’s Prayer), and “Nephi” (Nephi’s Courage), and he goes to sleep. After all the sleep drama/trauma as a baby, he’s a pretty good little sleeper!! He sleeps from about 7:30 or 8 ‘till 7 or 8 in the morning. He also takes a nap for about 1 ½ hours in the afternoon. It’s great to have him sleeping so well! His only goofy non-sleep habit is waking Brooklyn up if he wakes up. One of them always wakes up the other in the mornings when the other might sleep a little longer... oh well.

Coleman brings a smile to our faces every minute. He’s definitely two years old and quite good at giving us a run for our money, but he’s sweet and kind and hilarious! We love him so much and are so glad to experience life Coleman style! Thanks for being our special guy, Cole! We love you so much!

Brooklyn - 8 months

Wow! We can’t believe how fast our baby is growing up!! Time is flying faster than ever!! She’s learning and growing so quickly!

Brookie’s favorite foods are still pears (of course). She has now moved on to ALL possible types of baby food fruit and veggies – and yes, even that disgusting baby food meat…). She really likes sweet potatoes and carrots and all types of orange food (unfortunately for my laundry). She will eat green beans, but shows her disapproval by making really scrunched up faces while she does it. She eats Cheerios and puffs, cheese cubes, bread and sometimes small chunks of soft fruit all by herself. She’s getting really good at picking up her food and getting it into her mouth. Last week she ate pizza, french fries and steak! I don’t think she’ll go for baby food much longer.... :)

Brookie’s growing really fast too. She’s wearing mostly 12 month clothes, but still fits into her 6 month onesies. Her old pants are now capris, but that’s ok, ‘cause it fits the California weather.

Brookie has been crawling for a couple months, but it’s just been this month that she decided tp switch from backwards to forwards. She now crawls everywhere and can get into all sorts of things. If she sees something she wants she just goes for it. She’s not content to just sit around anymore! She also took her first step all by herself this month! She will walk forward and backward holding onto your fingers, but a couple weeks ago she let go of my hands completely and took a step all by herself to grab onto the shopping cart. She seemed so proud of herself! We were proud of her too! She also pushed a wipey box (the big Costco one) all across the living room while walking by herself. Pretty awesome!

Brooklny loves her binki and she still deals with being swaddled and rocked to sleep. She can sleep almost anywhere though, which is nice. Ty and I finally broke down and let her cry a few nights to get her to sleep through the night. We’ve been getting up with her at the smallest sound one or two times a night so she wouldn't wake Coleman up (2 kids up at the same time in the night is insane!). These two tired parents finally did the unthinkable… It only took her a couple nights though to figure out that nights are for sleeping and we will still be there to love her in the morning. The first couple days she was a little clingy and cried quite a bit during the nights, but now, she’s like an old pro. She still sometimes gets up at night, but she can go back to sleep herself. She’s usually up to practice pulling up on her crib bars to stand or wiggling out of her blankets. Other than that, she pretty much sleeps all night. We get her up between 6:30 and 8 when she and Coleman wake up. They do a great job together in their room. Too bad we haven’t perfected nap time yet…

Brooklyn loves to play. She can pretty much entertain herself. She searches for her favorite toys or finds new things (not always toys) to entertain herself all day. She likes to play with Dad and Mom and Coleman too, but is pretty content to explore her world. Her favorite toys are: shaker eggs, a water bottle with marbles in it, her small purple doll, any of the musical instruments we have in our box, her gumball machine, the shape sorter shapes, Grandma’s bell blocks, Coleman’s Buzz Lightyear action figure, and anything Coleman has or she has seen him use. She also likes to play with the straps on her high chair and her binki/binki holder. She’s especially curious about what’s under the chairs. She frequently crawls under her high chair and Coleman’s. Sometimes she lays on her back looking up at the bottom of those facinating chairs... Funny kiddo!

Our favorite part about Brooklyn this month is how happy she is and how she can always bring a smile to all our faces! We all love making her smile and giggle. She has an adorable laugh and does a funny panting thing when she gets really excited. Every time someone smiles at her she smiles back. She practically explodes when she sees her daddy and brother!

We love you so much, Brookie! Thanks for making our lives so happy!


i didn't take this picture. i stole it off the internet from I never post pictures from the internet, but i've never been to hawaii and don' t have any pictures...

right as we were leaving for salt lake, ty found out that the research he did as an undergrad at the u is being published. he can tell the story better, but he's too busy, so you have to hear it from me.

the short story is that he did a lot of anesthesiology research for his senior project. right before he presented it, they told him all his information was outdated and they had to change a bunch of things, but thanks anyway for doing the research. it was kindof a downer.

but, a couple months ago, the professor he worked with called to tell him they were trying to publish the research and he would be first author (that's kindof a big deal!). come to find out they didn't change that much of what he had done, so he quickly put together an abstract (he had about 2 days between when they contaced him and when it had to be done) and they submitted it.

we waited for a long time to hear if it would be chosen for the conference or not and we're really happy it was! we're really excited it's being published and he has the chance to present it at at the conference . did i mention the conference is in hawaii? :)

WAY TO GO TY! i think you're amazing!

Evans Family Pictures


the fam

the boys

the girls

happy grandparents and grandkiddos
thanks leann for taking the pictures!

Home in Salt Lake for Christmas

Here are a few pictures from our trip. I'm really sad we don't have more... I don't even think I have a picture of the kids from Christmas... CRAZY! Oh well. Just know it was a great trip!! - and Christmas was great!

Brookie crawling. She refused to show off her skills much while we were there. She waited 'till we got home to crawl forwards...
Under the tree. It must have looked facinating to her. She was entertained with the tree for a long time. I guess it's fitting that one of our greatest gifts spent some time under the Christmas tree. :)

LOVING the snow and licking the snowman... Kinda weird, but kinda cute. Cole had a really good time being outside!

Playing with Grandpa is so awesome!!

4 generations of girls. :) Brooklyn, me, my sweet mom and my wonderful grandma.
My mom brought it to my attention that I had Brooklyn when I was 27, she had me when she ws 27 and my grandma had her when she was 27. Kinda crazy, hu?
I'm so blessed to have these wonderful women in my life! Thanks for all you teach me!

Ty's school ended on the 18th and we threw everything together really fast to head to Salt Lake to be with our families for Christmas. Suprisingly, everything went really well - even though we were really rushed.

We drove to St. George and stayed the night with my grandparents who then drove the rest of the way to Salt Lake with us. The boys (Tyler, Grandpa and Cole) went in one car and the girls (Grandma, Brookie and I) drove in the other. It was fun to have some chat time with Grandma. We had a nice chat.

While we were home for Christmas, we did lots of family things: We had 2 extended family Christmas parties. It was great to see everyone! Family is such a wonderful blessing! We had lots of dinners and game nights with our families. We got to see Scott and Leanne's new house (We're so EXCITED for you!!) and play with Addie (We love you so much!!) The kids got to spend lots of time with their grandparents and uncles and aunt and cousin - even great-grandparents! It was heavenly! It was so fun to be together! Ty and I got to spend some time together (just us) - which was wonderful! We got to see some of our dear friends that we don't get to see often enough. We even met up with some of our dear friends from California to spend a day hanging out together. We got to go to Ty's parents ward and hear their Christmas program and see old friends. We got to go to my parents' mission ward and meet some wonderful people. We got to ski and experience the beautiful mountains (which we're realizing more and more are a big part of who we are). It was a wonderful trip. We came home super tired, but happy we had time to be there and be with so many of the people we love.
Thanks everyone for the fabulous trip! We love you and can't wait to see you again!!

jUmP jUmP jUmp!

Brooklyn LOVES to jump! She's thrilled to be able to stand up and move around on her own. Thanks Sally and Baby John for lending us your fun jumper! We can't wait to watch you jump in it now, John!

Gingerbread Cookies

I remember making cookies with my mom during the holidays. It was soooo fun! I thought Cole would enjoy cutting out cookies (it's kinda like play dough... :) ). I was right. He had a blast, and I loved watching him! It's so great to watch him be so excited over such simple things in life. I think I need to take a leaf out of his book. :) Maybe he was soooo happy because he knew he didn't have to clean up the flour explosion after - take a look at his shirt... :)
Life IS grand!

Ready. Set. Go! Laundry Basket Derby 12.10.09

Tyler is the best dad! He's so fun and both Cole and Brookie light up when he walks through the door. They couldn't be more excited to see him EVERY DAY! Here's one of their latest together activities. Dad does the best laundry basket rides. !! Don't they look thrilled? I love you, Ty!!

Dancing 12.08.09

Cole still loves to dance. Any time we play music or there's music in a movie, he's up and moving. He we were watching Dan in Real Life and he decided to do aerobics with the family in the movie. Hilarious! I love this little guy! I wish I had some Richard Simmons... or maybe not.

My favorite is when he mimics Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. That dancing is truly hilarious and Cole is getting really good at it!

The Spirit of Christmas

"I give him a love."

Christmas time was an exciting time for all of us this year and it was extra special because Coleman really got into it. He loved all the preparations and was really quite excited about the real Christmas story. We read some books about it, watched a cartoon about it and talked about it many times. I got out a not-so-fragile nativity scene and he really enjoyed playing with it. He lined all the people up in different ways and talked to them. Baby Jesus was his favorite. In the picture he's giving him a hug and saying, "give Baby Jesus a love." I found the baby figurine in Cole's crib several times and when I asked him about it Cole always said he was "taking a rest in Cole's bed." The whole experience was sweet to me.

It's wonderful to have children and experience the wonderful things about life through their eyes. I'm so thankful for Cole and for his great example to me. I love that he's learning the gospel and the Spirit is testifying to him of it's truth already at his youg age. It makes every day feel like Christmas to me.

Mommy and Daddy love you, Coleman. We hope you always remember that and remember that your Heavenly Father and Savior love you too.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

San Dimas Christmas Celebration 12.05.2009

Mom, Cole and Brooklyn sledding in the "cold" California weather...

Coleman LOVING playing in the snow

Cole pushing a racecar

Hmmm... cones

OOOH! A digger!
The city of San Dimas had a really fun christmas celebration. The senior center sponsored a sledding hill. They trucked in 9 tons of snow and made a hill and a play area for the kids to experience snow. It was really fun! Cole loved the snow and it got him ready for the real stuff in UT. I say "real stuff" because after seeing 9 tons of snow, I'm pretty sure I've moved that much off a driveway in just a moderate snowstorm. :)
The city also had fire trucks, an ambulance, some construction equipment and a racecar open for the kids to climb in and see what they're really like. It was a really neat fund raiser. We got there at the end I guess, 'cause there weren't many vehicles left and it was free by that point. Cole had a blast!!