Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Detroit Lake Camping 10-1&2

Blogger is taking so long to post!! I posted these pictures upside down, but I don't have the time or patience to fix it. This one of Brookie was the last one I took on our trip. Please read this post from the bottom up. :)

We've been dying to go camping for a long time and we've talked and talked about it with our friends - WE FINALLY MADE IT! We made it late. It was crazy. We pitched our tents in the dark on rocks and hills next to a highway, but we made it! :) We survived our crazy kiddos and the dangers of camping (and the sleeplessness) and managed to have a terrific time! The kids, I think, especially enjoyed being outside and being with friends. We sang songs, ate yummu food - Brookie had her first s'more. :) - she's a big fan! It was grand! I reccomend Detroit Lake (but find a spot closer to the lake and farther from the road...). We saw some cool mushrooms, went on walks, chilled around the fire and all in all had a good time. Thanks Kelly, Sally, Clara and John for accompanying us on this wild adventure.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Portland Rose Garden and Zoo

Our Western Wives play group went to the rose gardens and the zoo! We had such a fun time! We checked out the flowers and fountains while we waited for everyone to arrive, then we rode the train from the rose gardens to the zoo for the afternoon. It was so fun!! The kids loved the train ride and seeing the animals. We can't wait to go back again soon!

Crowding around to see all the cool animals! This is a really neat zoo. There are multiple points from which you can see all the animals. It was a little crowded with all our little friends, but they had a good time interacting while they checked out all there was to see :).

Checking out the cook fish in this zoo fountain. Sooooo neat!

Coleman is a great climber (guess he takes after his dad :) ). After he got over his excitement of just touching the fish and the water, he decided it was worth going up. :) Funny monkey!

Brookie liked this tractor A LOT! She had a great time posing for the camera!

Coleman LOVED seeing all the animals! He especially loved the farm animals and the ocean animals. The Portland Zoo was incredible! They had so many differeny types of animals to see! We couldn't see it all - guess we'll have to go back!

Coleman, Brookie, Judd, John and Clara on the train! :) Choo choo!

lovin' the train ride!!

also lovin' the train ride!

Judd, Coleman and Clara riding the train on the way home. :) We had such a great time!

Love the Park!

Cole and Brookie love the park. The swings are always a highlight! This was at a really cool park in downtown Salem. We'll definiteley be going back there again. We went with some friends from our ward and had an absolute BLAST! Cole chased chipmunks most of the time and Brookie explored and swung on the swings. Very neat park! (Coleman also carried his bug jar on a string around his neck all day at the park - our cute little scientist...)

Super Girl!

Coleman got cool super hero costumes for his birthday from the Parkers. :) They both like to wear them, but Brookie might like them more. here she is as SUPER BROOKIE! She struts her stuff when she dresses up. She's so cute!

Happy 3rd Birthday Coleman!!!

Coleman Turned 3!!!

We’re so excited for you little buddy! You’re learning so much and are such a fun little guy!! We’re so proud of all the great things you’re doing and all you’re learning! You are one amazing kiddo!!

A few things about Cole…

- He says the funniest things – “MOM!!! I’m sneaking up on you!” … “I don’t know that.” (referring to anything he doesn’t want to talk about)… “”I’m just like Dad.” … “Is this just like Daddy?” (referring to anything he wears or does – climbing especially) … “I’m just ________” (he likes to explain everything he’s doing – even justify things he knows he shouldn’t do…pretty funny most of the time)… “Come here Brooke!”… “Brookie’s awake” (even when she’s not – I think he knows that if he says that loud enough it will come true)… the other day he asked Grandpa Terry over the phone if he’d come get him and take him back to his house – so funny!

- He loves to go to Home Depot, Walmart (the toy section), Bass Pro Shop (We haven’t been since moving, but he still asks to go. We’ll have to hit Cabellas in UT over Christmas), the zoo, museums, the library, the park, friends’ houses, Grandpa/ma’s houses (Again, we haven’t been for a long time, but he still asks all the time.), the cheese hamburger store (any burger place will do), the swimming pool at the Kroc Center.

- Cole is a bit of a picky eater lately. He’d prefer to live on fruit snacks, trail mix, granola bars and chocolate chips. He will eat box after box of raisins and likes crackers when he’s really hungry. He does like a few real foods – cereal, milk, chocolate milk, meatballs, cheese hamburgers, french fries, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, any fruit (in large quantity), carrots, green/red/yellow peppers, cucumbers, toast, PB&J, and quesadillas.

- Cole is growing up quick too – he likes to put on his own shoes (crocs and boots), take off his shirts (he’d rather be less clothed…), go potty all by himself (sometimes – when he’s in nursery or in a good mood at home), clear his spot, clean up his own toys (sometimes – ha ha), help Brookie, help me cook (especially cracking eggs or pouring stuff), pretend (super heroes, Buzz Lightyear, Buzz Aldrin, Pistol Pete Maravich, pirates, knights, Prince Phillip, dinosaur, animals, Launch Pad, etc.) He’s a pretty funny guy! We love it when he tap dances like Elmo too…

- We’re proud of Coleman and all that he’s doing. He’s reverent at church (most of the time), likes to help Tyler when he plays the organ, and loves to sing and play music. He loves to read and learn about all types of things (especially bugs lately). He’s cute with his sister and with his friends. He knows lots of letters and sounds. He gives great hugs and even sometimes rubs my back. He’s friendly and kind to everyone. We love you Coleman! And we think you’re amazing!

The Birthday Boy...

Opening his "buggies" - cool bug puppets that have spent lots of nights in his bed...

Dad, Cole and bugs

We were all worried Brookie would be jealous that Coleman was getting all the attention. We even got her her own little gift to open when he opened his presents... turns out she played with this balloon all morning. Why were we worried?? :)

Cole was really excited about his bug cake. Ty and I were just glad it turned out ok. First time with a 2 layer cake... nothing a few oreos couldn't fix!

Blowing out the candles (the Toy Story candles were a big hit Grandma Marilee and Grandpa Terry!!)

Our big guy

We had some dear friends over for cake and a spider pinata after church. It took awhile for these guys to break the pinata - we were really glad the big boys were heavy hitters :). We had the pinata (which Cole was sooooooo excited about for forever!!) and then had cake and everyone just hung out and played. Thanks friends for coming to make his birthday special!

Dad and Brookie partying outside

Beck and Ann

Peter and Cammie (we didn't get a picture of Andrew)

Mackay and Raegan

Nate (sortof) and James

John and Clara (sorry - no pictures of Kelly and Sally - maybe because Sally was taking lots of the pictures - thanks again Sal!)