Friday, December 4, 2009

Family and Fun for Thanksgiving!

Ty made this for his background on his laptop - I thought it was pretty cool! A couple cute pictures of cute kiddos having a blast at the happiest place on earth!

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving at Disneyland! Tyler's parents and brothers and our good friend, LeAnn came down to spend the holiday with us. We had a blast together. Cole loved watching Uncle Trent swim and had a great time hanging out with LeAnn and Grandma Marilee! They're so fun! We went to Disneyland for Grandma Marilee's birthday and had a blast! Even Ty came - he sluffed! It was so nice to have him all to ourselves for an extra day!! (Don't tell his future patients...) The next day we even got to go to the beach and enjoy great weather (in November!!)! When Grandpa Terry and the Uncles got here, the excitement was over the top! Coleman (and his parents and sister) were so excited! We stayed at a beautiful condo in Anaheim Wednesday night, then went to Disneyland early on Thanksgiving morning. Disneyland on Thanksgiving was terrific! It was just the right amount of crowded to be fun. The lights and decorations were awesome and the rides were a blast! Even Brookie loved the rides. Cole's favorites were the Jungle Cruise, Pirates, and Buzz Lightyear (if we have to pick favorites - he really loved them all!!) Ty and I even went on a few big kid rides by ourselves (it was so weird, but soooo fun!) We had such a great time together with the family too. Thanks guys for everything! We can't wait 'till we see you again!