Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Big Kids

Brooklyn - 6 Months
17 lbs. 11 oz.
25 1/4 in. long

Wow! How the time flies!! I can’t believe our baby girl is already 6 months old!

Brookie is growing so fast and brings us joy every day with her happy personality. She reminds us every day of the many blessings we have. The smallest things make her incredibly happy. I love getting her up from a nap or out of bed in the morning because she’s always excited to greet me with a smile and happy giggle. I hope she can always have such a happy and excited outlook on life. 

Brooklyn is a very active, strong, happy little girl. She’s been sitting up for quite awhile now and she loves to sit and play with toys (Coleman’s trucks are her favorites). She can sit for a long time and entertain herself with balls, cars and trucks, rings and anything else she can chew. She really likes to play with my keys. She likes shaker eggs and rattles (even though she hits her head a lot still). She likes anything that makes noise – especially hitting the tambourine.

Brooklyn is close to crawling. She reaches for toys that are really far away and can balance well enough to bring herself back to a sitting position. She rolls over from back to front and really loves to play on her tummy. She especially likes to be on her tummy if she’s trying to snag a toy or reach something far away. She pushes herself up high with her strong arms and will giggle and laugh when you get down and smile at her.

Brooklyn loves to stand up. She loves to stand on our laps and really likes to balance against the bench at church to look at all the friends behind us.  She’s our little social butterfly. Everywhere we go people stop us to tell us what a beautiful baby she is and she puts on a show for every one of them, flashing her cute smile and giggling back at them when they talk to her.

Brooklyn and Coleman have a special relationship. They love to be together. Coleman takes such good care of her. He talks to her and giggles with her. He’s always looking for her and wanting to be with her. She loves the attention and responds to him with loud yells and lots of smiles and giggles.

Brooklyn loves to eat. She refuses to just watch us eat at dinner or breakfast. She wants to join in. She squeaks and pretends to chew until we feed her too. She usually sits in a high chair across from Coleman and they have loud conversations while they eat. Her favorite things to eat are applesauce, pears, sweet potatoes and sometimes peas. She doesn’t like baby food meat or cereal, but will tolerate the stuff if we mix it with something she does like. She’s a good little eater and likes to taste stuff we eat too. She likes cookies and graham crackers especially. She really loves any fruit and will chew on about anything she can get in her mouth. She sometimes chews on cold carrots while Coleman has a snack It’s kinda funny, but she can drink from a cup. She’s still nursing exclusively, but can drink from a bottle and from a regular cup and is really excited about sippy cups, especially when she watches Cole get a drink.  She borrows his cup from time to time.

Brooklyn is sleeping about 7 hours at night. She goes to bed around 8:00 and sleeps ‘till about 3 or 4 – give or take. She and Coleman are sharing a room which makes things a little exciting, but they’re doing pretty well together, all things considered. Brookie takes 2 naps every day (almost every day…). She sleeps for about an hour from 10 – 11 in the morning, then takes another nap when Cole does at 2:00. She usually sleeps for 2 or 3 hours, so I really don’t have any excuses for my messy house…

Brooklyn loves her daddy. Ever time he comes home she greets him with happy smiles and screams. She loves cuddling with him at night too. They have a special relationship. Ty is so cute with her. I think he’s already shopping for a big bat. Yesterday he informed us that she’s not allowed to think about boys ‘till she’s 25. 

Brooklyn, you are a delightful little girl! Daddy and I love you so much! Big Brother Cole loves you too! You make us so happy every day!

Coleman – 26 months
about 28 lbs.
32 inches tall

Cole - you are amazing! Daddy and I love you so much! You make our days adventurous! We sit up at night talking about how much we love you, the fun things you say and do, and how cute you are!

Coleman is growing so fast and learning so many things! Every time I look at him I wonder when he got so big!

Cole loves to play with all things that have to do with transportation – trains, boats, airplanes, helicopters, and especially CARS and TRUCKS! He can play with cars for hours at a time, rolling them, talking to them, organizing them and (sadly) throwing them. (We’re working on the throwing thing…) He also loves Woody, dinosaurs, his stick horse, magnets puzzles, books, water, animal figures (especially his huge elephant), tools, blocks, balls, sand, dirt, and just about anything else he can touch. Cole especially loves playing catch with Dad. Lately he’s really liking throwing the football. He calls most balls “sockaballs”, but does differentiate between them if you ask. 

Cole loves to climb on everything (he’s his daddy’s little boy!). He loves to run outside and go for walks. He loves to follow the sidewalk around or chase his friends along the sidewalk or across the grass. He’s getting pretty agile! He can throw really well and is working on kicking. He’s improving every day. Today we kicked an acorn along the sidewalk on the way home from our friend’s house.

Cole likes to eat snacks. He’s a big fan of eating on the go. He’s much rather eat while playing than have to stop to eat. (That’s also reason #1 on our “why we’re not potty trained” list – playing is way too much fun!!)

Cole will eat nutritious snacks most of the time. He likes grapes, carrot sticks, pears, apples and oranges mostly. He loves to eat all kinds of fruit, but these are his best “on-the-run” snacks. He also likes crackers and cookies, trail mix, marshmallows, goldfish, cran raisins, olives, M&Ms, sunflower seeds, freeze dried yogurt bites (we bought them for Brooklyn, but he fell in love with them), “Woody snacks,” “Nemo snacks,” “monkey treats.” “crocodile snacks,” “shark snacks” and almost any other kind of fruit snack. For meals, his favorite breakfast is oatmeal with cran raisins in it (we don’t even have to add sugar…). He loves fruit with breakfast or sometimes he’ll have a granola bar with it. He eats cold cereal sometimes too, but almost always dumps his leftover milk all over the place, so oatmeal is much cleaner! He loves special breakfasts like waffles and cornbread and he will sometimes eat eggs. He always has his “milk sip” too. Lunches and dinners are trickier. He likes plain tortillas, plain pita bread, plain whole wheat bread, plain noodles (sometimes we can sneak a little olive oil and parmesan cheese in with it) plain rice, grated cheese (not sliced or cubed or even string cheese!!!), quesadillas, chicken nuggets, “cheese hamburgers” (ground beef patties with or without cheese), hot dogs, lunch meat, pepperoni slices (so healthy…), peas, corn – on or off the cob, carrot sticks, spaghetti squash (if he gets to dig it out), red peppers, zucchini, raw onions, any fruit (last night he ate 4 kiwis). He likes applesauce, pear sauce and yogurt too. The trick is that none of the food can be mixed with anything else or be touching anything else. He will sort through it and put it in categories if you give it to him mixed. Nothing with sauce goes in his mouth. He won’t even eat grapes with Nutella. Funny kiddo!

Cole loves to play with his friends. He loves to play outside! He loves the park, Mrs, Nelson’s toy store, the library and going on errands. He likes Costco, Target, REI (he can move around and look at stuff to his heart’s content – nothing really breakable there), Bass Pro Shop (it has fish like Cabellas and lots of neat looking animals – and it has ATVs!), and the Ontario Mills Mall (they have a huge tropical fish tank and several animated animals in a jungle scene that he just adores!) He finds things to enjoy wherever we go. He’s a happy little guy (as long as he’s eaten and slept enough). 

Cole is using his huge vocabulary to describe all sorts of things – from things he’s seen to things he wants to do, to what he “dreams” about. We’re not sure he really understands what dreams really are, but he sure comes up with some entertaining stories about what he dreams about. He’s using sentences a lot more and is quite expressive. Some of our favorite things he’s said lately are:

Grandma Marilee: “Cole, how many arms does an octopus have?”
Cole: “Lots-a arms and elbows!”

“Hey Dad!”

“Hey Mom!”

“Hey Bwookin!”

“Hey Sis”
“Bwookin Grace!”

“Watch-a-show” and “Watch-a-part-a-show”

“Coleman’s cryning!”

“Kernah Hogan!”

“Have a tiny one!” and “Have a big one!”

“Set, ready, go!”

“Run like Dash!”

“Walk a minute,” “Drive a minute,” or “__________ a minute” (fill in the blank with anything he wants to do)

“Get a email” (talking about the mail from our mailbox)

“Take a picture of Coleman”

He will copy anything you ask him to say – some of our favorites are mozzarella, dirigible and manubrium. He constantly asks “What’s that, Dad?” or fill in the name with whoever we’re with. He’s very curious and remembers EVERYTHING!

He’s also a little problem solver. The other night we were walking home from our friends’ house in the dark (it’s getting dark quite early). Cole said, “Find the sun, Dad!” We tried to explain to him that the sun had gone to bed and when that didn’t work, we told him it had gone to shine on some other people. In an exasperated 2 year old way, he said, after thinking for a minute, “Find a flashlight, Dad!” He’s always trying to figure out how things work and how to solve problems whatever they might be. His other favorite fixes are: “Need new batteries!” and “Get the scissors!”

Coleman is sleeping really well still – even with a little alarm clock in his room who wakes him up around 4 in the morning. He usually goes back to sleep pretty well. He sleeps from about 8:00 ‘till anywhere between 6 and 8 in the morning. He takes a nap from 2 ‘till around 4:30 or 5. We’re really thankful for nap time!! It’s quite rejuvenating! (for all of us!)

Cole LOVES his family. We love to look at pictures of our family and talk about them. Everywhere we go, he’s on the lookout for family members. He frequently thinks he sees our family – especially Uncle Trevor, and the great grandparents. People are pretty cute with him when he calls them the names of his grandpas and grandpas. We can’t wait to see everyone again over the holidays! For now, we’ll keep enjoying chatting on the phone. Cole LOVES talking on the phone with everyone – he also really loves webcamming. 

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Visit from Mom and Happy Halloween!!

October Pictures

Can you tell I have a big brother who likes cars and trucks? I really think they're NEAT!

Our great friend, Janel, came over to practice taking pictures before traveling to her sister's house to take pictures of her cute niece. Here are a few she took of us:

(I should definateley be wearing makeup - - - oh well
Cole is pretty friendly. He walked right up to this little group of kids and said "hi guys"
Brookie LOVES sleeping and cuddling with Dad! Coleman loves getting in the shower and bath with Dad! What a fun dad!

Our bathing beauty...

You might not want to come to breakfast at our house. This is what it looks like most days... :)
Milk puddles and applesauce monsters!

I'm so smart guys! I know how to turn this light on and off, over and over! :) I'm my daddy's little girl! We have smart kiddos. Brookie can figure all sorts of stuff out and so can Cole. Coleman asked us last night to find the sun b/c it was so dark. We told him the sun was sleeping so he said "Find a flashlight, Dad!"