Sunday, October 4, 2009

"Granma Maree"

Grandma Marilee came to visit us this week! We had so much fun having her here! We all hung out together and had a great time! The kiddos LOVED all the extra hugs and attention. She made them feel so special! Cole quite enjoyed showing off and Brooklyn loved the extra hug and cuddle time. :) Ty and I had a fun time having someone to chat with and hang out with. We didn't take her anywhere super cool or do anything out of the ordinary, but we had a good time just being together. Grandma even tended the kiddos while we went out on a date! Thanks, Grandma, for making us all feel so special! We loved spending time with you! We'll have to take pictures next time. LOVE YOU!


Here are a few pictures of Brookie at 4 months. :) We think she's really cute! :)

Love the dad!

Love the feet!

Brookie's favorite book, Baby's Noah's Arc

Tiny toes

Ok, Mom! Enough with the pictures!

Brookie is 4 months old!

Broolyn is such a special girl. She's still pretty easy going and is pretty happy most of the time. she's getting a little bit intense in her activities (the Tyler's starting to show through). She loves to turn over on her tummy to play and is still mad that she can't really get back to her back. She is really strong and loves to bounce in the jumper. She likes to sit up and play or lay on her tummy to play. She enjoys the gym Daddy and Mommy built for her, but lateley spends more time bonking her head on the toys beacuse she'd rather be on her tummy than her back.

Brooklyn likes to chew on everything! No teeth yet, but she's got a mean bite. She likes to chew on toys and sometimes I give her carrots while Cole and I eat lunch. She can hold them and gnaw on them and she really seems to enjoy it. She's so funny! She likes her binki and can put it in and take it out when she wants providing she can find it - it has kindof a long string and sometimes gets lost. If it gets lost she settles for sucking on the ribbon or the clip that hooks it to her shirt. If she's sleeping and decides she wants it but can't find it she sucks her thumb. When she sucks her thumb she curls her pinter finger around her nose. It's really cute to watch!

Brooklyn's favorite toys are her loopy ball, the Noah's arc cloth book (she likes some other colorful cloth books too), and a loopy ribbon crunchy square tag toy. She'll play with anything though and frequently does. She likes her blankies and Cole's blankie. (Cole's not realy all that happy about that and has appinted himself the keeper of the blankies. He helps her know which ones she can have and which ones are his.)

Brookie likes to ride in the stroller and especially loves being outside. She likes to watch other kids play and she lunges toward people and things she wants. It's pretty cute. It won't be long before she's in on all the action!

Brooklyn has a special love for her daddy. Any time Tyler's around she lights up immediateley! she still loves to cuddle with im and she LOVES talking to him. She also has a special love for her big brother. She loves to play with him and talk to him. She LOVES watching everything he does and always has a smile for him.

Brooklyn is growing so big! She weighs 15.5 lbs and is 24.75 in long. She has been sleeping most of the night, but sometimes throws in a few tricks. If she hears anything going on without her she has to be a part of the party. :) She takes 2 or 3 naps every day and one is while Cole naps (what a blessing!) She probably sleeps so well while he's asleep because he's quiet. :)

She's a good eater, but is really excited to eat real food. Any time we eat in front of her she licks her lips and wiggles like crazy! She's tried watermelon (loved it!), applesauce (loved it!), mixed grain cereal (ate it, but wasn't all that excited) and pear sauce (another thumbs up:)). She feels all grown up when she gets to eat with the big people - you can tell from her face that she thinks it's pretty neat. She's hillarious!

Brooklyn loves to swim and take baths. Just like her brother, she's a water baby! It doens't matter how cold or warm the water is, as long as she can splash, she has a good time. Our pool has been pretty chilly lateley, but she doesn't complain. She kicks and stands on the steps of the pool with a big smile. she likes to try to sit up in the tub and loves to kick. She doens't get baths as much as Cole did when he was little, but she still LOVES it when she gets a turn. Sometimes we put them in together and they both seem to like that. They're good buddies. I'm sure they'll really like swimming together when they're both big enough to really do it on their own. :)

We love you, Brooklyn! You always have a smile ready for anyone who looks your way. You have a special spirit about you that makes everyone fell happy around you. You're our little ray of sunshine! We're so glad Heavenly Father sent you to our family Brookie! You're so special! We love you so much!