Saturday, September 26, 2009


So, these pictures are in reverse order once again. :) Someday I'll remember that before I post all of them, but oh well. They're all pictures from Cole Buddy's birthday! :) We love you little man!
A week or so after Cole's real birthday we had a little party with his friends and their families. It was so much fun to see the kiddos play together and to hang out with the adults. Our darling friends were way too kind, helpful and generous. It was a really fun night!

Coleman was a fan of his birthday cupcakes!

Gracie liked Brittney's cookies :)

Coleman + Water = always a winning combination!

Veronica, Sean, Trish, Cody, Gracie, Kaydee, Mike, and Coleman (of course)

Cody, Kelly, Mike, Wesley, Coleman and Clara

The SHAPES garland - I was trying to get creative with decorations and made this little shape banner while the kiddos were napping. I wasn't all that impressed with it, but I hung it on the wall outside Cole's room to wait 'till we decorated by the pool. The first thing Coleman said when he woke up and saw it was "OOOh! Shapes!" He made my day! That's one of the reasons it's so great to be a mom. Your kids think you're cool even when you're pretty average. :)

Cute Clara and her cupcake

A little messier version - Cupcake eating 101: You take the cupcake and stuff it into your mouth as far as it will go. Keep stuffing. Smile.

And again :) Practice makes perfect!

Wesley playing in the pool.

The birthday boy and his best buddy!

Mike, Gracie, Kaydee and Brooklyn
Thanks for holding Brookie for so long! Don't they look cute with 2 kiddos?
I wish I had taken pictures of all the kids and their families - I'm sad I don't have pictures of Landon, Sean, John or Mackenna... I wasn't doing a great job of taking pictures and trying to keep myself together. Chalk one up to the unorganized me! Thanks Sal for taking over with the camera! You're a lifesaver! Thanks to Sally we have lots of cute pictures! Thanks Veronica for all the decorations and decorating skills (she's such a pro!!) Thanks Brittney for bringing cookies so close to delivery day! (Great when your friends who are due any minute go to such lengths to help out!) Thanks Trish for making an extra special trip to the store for chips. Coleman wants to say thanks for all the fun birthday presents. He was just a little spoiled. :) Thanks little friends for being so fun!
Presents from Grandpa Terry, Grandma Marilee and the Uncles:
Cole really liked the cookies and the cards! It took him awhile to figure out the toy tools.
He played the musical cards (from Cars and Toy Story) over and over - he laughed and giggled and danced and screamed to them! He even took one in the car all the way to Rancho and kept himself entertained. :)

I'm sad I don't have pictures of him opening his birthday presents from Grandpa and Grandma Coleman and Great Gra-Neff. We had a small little party while we were in UT and he had a great time opening pre-birthday presents. Too bad I wasn't on the ball enough to take pictures... Thanks Grandpa and Grandma and Gra-Neff! I don't have pictures of him opening his presents from Uncle Scott, Aunt Leanne and Addie either, but they were a hit (we have frogs and lizards all over the house :) - any boy's dream!)
The post-birthday cake bath with the cars. (The cars needed a bath too, because Coleman shared his cake with them - so funny!)

Does it look like we love cars?
Birthday cake face

Sharing the cake with his cars

Digging in - who needs a fork?

Cake and candles - we had to do it a couple times. Fire is so cool!

Birthday dinner!
Dad and Cole picked up burgers fron In N Out for Cole's birthday. Cole LOVES "cheese hamburgers!" It was fun to see him so excited to have his birthday dinner. By the time Tyler and I sat down and had Brooklyn ready to go in her bouncer, Coleman had finished his burger. He ate his and most of Tyler's. :) Guess we'll be getting extras from now on. :)
The day of Coleman's birthday, we had decided to go camping. Coleman loves camping and anythng that has to do with dirt or being outside. Unfortunateley, because of Tyler's school schedule, that didn't quite pan out. We fabricated a plan B and apologized to our friends who win a major award for being extremely adaptable, flexible and inpreterbable (sp?). We decided to run up to the canyon for a hike and picnic. We packed up and left for closest canyon (not quite as great as the UT canyons or as close). When we arrived we waited for the lodge to open so we could buy forest passes to park. Sadly, we found out we couldn't get passes becuase of the fires, so we quickly had to fabricate a plan C. The kiddos were hungry and tired of sitting in the car and we'd used up half the day already. We finally decided on Bonelli Park (about 1 mile from our house) and headed over for a picnic. It was so fun once we finally got there. The kiddos had a blast and it was a beautiful day to be outside. :)

The Three Musketeers: Wesley, Sean & Coleman

The birthday boy and his manly bag of cars.
Birthday morning pictures:

Some awesome 2 year old pictures of Coleman! (We've given up on faking studio portraits with him. He won't go for it. He loves getting his picture taken, but won't dress up or pose. It's gotta be an "in the moment" kind of thing.) Here are some of his funny 2 year old moments:

Coleman is 2!

We're so excited for Cole! He's such a wonderful boy! Tyler and I are constantly chuckling to ourselves and telling each other how cute we think he is and recounting the funny things he says and does. We're loosing sleep over it, we think he's so funny!

Cole's personality is showing more and more all the time! We love the glimpses we get into his view of life. It's so sweet, innocent and hillarious!

He talks a ton about everything! He is starting to tell us what he "dreams" about - we're not sure he really knows what we're asking him, but his latest "dreams" have been about the grandmas and grandpas, Nephi, and a Mickey balloon. As he was waking up the other day, he mumbled to himslef about being on the grass and watching a Mickey balloon float in the sky. It was soooo funny!

Cole loves his little sister. She's so lucky to have him. He can't wait for her to get up in the mornings. If he gets up first, it's not long before she's awake because he is so excited to see her he has to run to her crib and shout "Bwookin's AWAKE!" He says she's awake even when she's asleep. She always has a big smile for him even when she's kindof rudeley awakened. :)

Cole is really loving playing with friends. He loves to go to his friends' houses. He calls all his friends by name and knows most of their parents' names too. It's so funny to hear him talk about everyone. Today between sessions of General Conference we played outside for a few minutes. Cole's friend Wesley was throwing keys back and forth with his dad, Cody. Cole watched for a minute and then exclaimed, "Good catch, Cody!" He loves to comment on what other people are doing and he has us all institches most of the time!

Coleman is growing and growing! He still weighs 25 lbs. He's getting taller and thinner and now all his pants fall down (guess we'll break out last years shorts again). To me he's starting to look more and more like Tyler, but I think he has Neff eyes. He's a handsome little guy and I love watching him grow!

Cole loves to eat snacks. He would rather snack than have a meal. Sometimes we leave his food out on the table and he will snack on his breakfast or lunch leftovers while he plays. It's pretty funny to watch. Even if he eats a big breakfast he'll often ask for a snack shortly afterward. :) So funny! He loves all kinds of fruit, carrot sticks, corn, chicken nuggets, "cheese hamburgers," "istas" (quesadillas), grilled cheese sandwiches, and sometimes pb&j. He's getting a bit pickier, but still is a pretty good eater. True to form he also loves chocolate! It must be genetic!

We thought we were done with sucking on a binki and then Brooklyn came. Cole loves the binki more now than he ever has. We'll see how long we end up keeping it, but for now, it's working great to help him get himself back to sleep at night and we might need that when Cole and Brookie can finally share a room. :)

Cole loves his blankies, cars, trucks, animal figurines, puzzles, books (he can read some of them to me), balls (especially his soccer ball), the tent and all things that belong to Dad! He loves Daddy's tools, Daddy's flashlight, Daddys climbing gear, and just about anything else Tyler ever touches. It's pretty cute. A few days ago he crawled up on the couch next to Tyler and wanted to read the paper with him. They read together for a second and Cole studied Ty's every move. We're glad he's following in his daddy's inquisitive and studious footsteps. :)

Cole loves watching "shows." I always hoped I'd be one of those moms who doesn't let their kids watch TV, but that all flew out the window. We still try to keep it to a minimum, but he really does love movies. We watched a Living Scriptures movie about Nephi the other day and when I asked him what Nephi was building he emphatically told me he was building a spacehip! :) Being a mom is such great entertainment! Hey - it worked out to be a fun FHE lesson later!

Coleman, we love you so much and are so glad you're a part of our family! We're so thankful that Heavenly Father sent you to us! You make our lives so exciting and wonderful! You're our special boy!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

how it's supposed to be

i couldn't resist this morning making a post about cole and brooklyn. mornings have been tough for us lateley (probably becuase nights have been tough). i feel like it would take about as much effort to climb mt. everest as it takes to get everyone dressed and fed in the morning without any major breakdowns - and then there's the going somewhere after that part - - - think about walking/swimming to mt. everest, then climbing it. rough. there's the two-year-old tantrum factor to consider and the fragile baby sister factor and the mommy's lack of sleep/patience factor. needless to say - life here is pretty nutty in the mornings.

this morning, however was a little different. there was still a tantrum, a little one who just wanted to be held, milk all over the high chair and the floor, cars swimming in the tray, clothes to put on, diapers to change, a tired mommy who didn't get up early enough to shower, the phone rining with friends wanting to get together (how does everybody have time for it all?) but there was one extra special minute or two when cole leaned down to spontaneously hug brooklyn and she smiled back at him and squealed. i'm so glad they love each other!

that triggered my memory of the other great things about the morning. tyler put cole in bed with me when he left and he gave me a hug. cole gave me a hug then leaned over and said "bwookin wake up! "mommy, she wakin' up!" (even though she was still asleep) "get her out mommy!" these two funny kiddos really love each other. (i worried about it for 9 months for nothing!) cole shares with her and gives her lots of hugs. her face lights up whenever he's around and she loves to watch him and talk to him. i'm so glad these two will have each other to grow up with. it brought back fond memories of growing up with my hilarious brother. we're 2 years apart and had a great time growing up together. i love him so much and am so glad to have him. i wish we could see each other more often. i'm glad cole and brooklyn will have each other just like we did. families are so wonderful!