Saturday, August 22, 2009


We can't believe Brooklyn is almost 3 months old! She's growing so fast and is so beautiful! We'll post pictures soon, but wanted to write a bit about what she's doing right now.

Brooklyn is an amazing little girl! She brings a special spirit and special dynamic into our home. She's calm and easy going most of the time. She smiles at almost everything. We just got back from a long Utah trip and while we were there we stayed with my Grandma Neff. Brooklyn's lived at her house about half her life up 'till this point. We all miss being there and I think she misses it the most. She and Grandma have a special relationship. Brooklyn loves cuddling with and talking with her. We all miss being with Grandma, but lateley Brooklyn's reminded me a lot of the feeling at Grandma's house - calm and happy from deep inside where happy isn't easily influenced by the ups and downs of ever day life. She reminds me a lot of my Grandma Neff.

Part of her relative "calm" (if that word can relly be applied to babies) has to do with the fact that she has a very happy schedule. Brooklyn sleeps at night. She goes to bed around 9:00, just after Coleman, and sleeps long chunks at night. She eats a couple times - usually around midnight and again around 5am. It's wonderful to count on at least a 4 hour chunk most nights! I really enjoy feeding her most nights because she's happy to eat, snuggle and fall back to sleep.

Brooklyn has the tenacity of her dad hard-wired in. She's hilarious. Just like Tyler, she doens't do anything half way. She puts a ton of effort into what she wants to do and really pushes herself! It's almost funny to watch. She reminds me of Tyler waterskiing. He uses all his energy to ski as well as he can and he's not at all cautious about it (as evidenced by the fact that when people see him fall they wonder if he's still alive, but seconds later, he's ready to go again with the same tenacity) :) Brooklyn tries to sit up until she just absoluteley can't go anymore. She does quite well - holding a mega crunch for several minutes at a time. If I sit her up she can hold herself in that position for a minute or two until she looses her balance. She rolled over a few weeks ago (still at 2 months old) and we thought it was a fluke, but now she does it and we can tell it's on purpose. She wanted her binki the other day and it had fallen out of her mouth. She reached and reached for it until finally she just mustered her energy and lunged at it, turning over and catching it under her face. She can't quite turn from tummy to back yet, which seems to frustrate her, but we're sure it won't be long. :)

Coleman loves "Bwookin" and they have a special relationship. A few days ago they were both in bed with Tyler and me and we were so tired. It was a little beyond Tyler and me to be really entertaining. We were holding them facing each other while we were laying down when they started the cutest conversation that held them both captivated for several minutes. I supose those are the moments you live for as a parent! It was really sweet. "Brookie" is his other name for her. He likes to tell us what she needs and give us a play by play of her squeaking. She loves to be around him and just watch what he's doing.

Brooklyn loves to play in her bouncer. She likes to kick to make the mucis play and bat at the toys with her feet. She tries to sit up in it a lot and we think she looks pretty cute. Brooklyn likes to walk in the stroller. She likes to watch Coleman play at the park. Her favorite thing to do is still chit chat. She is quite the little talker. She'll talk to you anytime. She also loves to take baths. She loves to splash the water and sink herself into it the push out fast with her feet. She tastes it sometimes and it's pretty funny. She and Coleman both like to drink bath water... She suprised me a few days ago while Coleman was swimming in our pool. We were about ready to go so I plopped her in to see what she thought. She's been swimming once before, but it was at Cottonwood Heights in their warm specialty pool. Our pool isn't heated and it's a pretty chilly experience even on warm days. She LOVED it though! She played for 10 or 15 minutes kicking her feet and enjoying me putting her in and pulling her out. She's going to be a good swimmer like her daddy and big brother.

Brooklyn is a great sleeper (most of the time / knock on wood). She usually goes to bed around 9:00 and then eats twice before around 8:00 when she gets up in the morning. A lot of times she eats the first time before Tyler and I go to bed so that makes it nice to only have to get up once. Brooklyn also takes really good naps - she's starting to consistently sleep for an hour or sometimes more while Coleman is napping. She usually falls asleep when he eats lunch and sleeps through the first part of his nap. It's great! She's not super super consistent, but the schedule thing is working out pretty well.

Brooklyn loves to listen to the mobile music (too bad it only lasts about a minute and a half). She listens to that while she falls asleep for her naps or to go to bed. She doesn't like to be swaddled and sleeps mostly with her arms above her head. She sleeps with a flannel blankie and the small afghan my mom made for her. She likes to squeeze and hold onto stuffed toys while she plays, but likes the hard stuff better - she holds it in a vice-like grip sometimes even while she's asleep.

We're so happy to have you in our family, Brooklyn. You're a special little girl with a lot to teach us and share with us. We love your fun personality and the love that shines in your eyes. You're so special to Daddy and me. You are a most treasured blessing from our Heavenly Father. We love you so much!
Love, Dad and Mom

Friday, August 14, 2009

Cowboy Song

When I was about 10, my grandpa took my cousin and me with him on a business trip to Colorado. Oh the way he taught us songs and told us stories. One of the songs he taught us was a modified cowboy song:

Oh I long to be in Utah When the bloom is on the sage.
Oh I long to be in Utah back a ridin' on the range.
Just to hear the bacon fryin' Just a sizzlin' in the pan
In the early morning at breakfast
Drinking postum from a can.
Just a ridin,' ropin,' rompin,'
Poundin' leather all day long.
Just a swayin,' sweatin,' prayin,'
Listen' to the cowgirl song.
I recon at a becon,
I would work for any wage,
Just to be again, to be free again,
When the bloom is on the sage.

(Grandpa changes some of the words to make the song better for us... :)) It's kindof a silly song, but since I've been singing a lot over the last 2 years (it's amazing how you run out of songs after a couple hours of singing in the middle of the night)I've sung this song to Cole and Brooklyn and the message is different for me now than it was when I was a kid. I feel a lot like this cowboy who was just working away at his daily grind and wishing to be home. Tyler and I have had a busy year this first year of medical school and we really miss our family and friends at home. We both miss the beautiful mountains and the activities that we grew up enjoying so much. We've wished many times to be able to show Coleman the places we love and the things we love to do and let him experience them for himself. This summer was our chance to be home for 6 weeks and enjoy a lot of the fun things about being home. Here are some fun pictures and notes about what we did. We wish we could remember all the fun things we did and write them all down, but for now (until our memories are better and we get more sleep...) this will have to do. BIG THANK YOUS to our friends and family for making our trip so much fun!

Getting There... O The Excitement!

Our trip to Salt Lake was really exciteing! We'd been looking forward to it all year. This was Tyler's last real summer, so we knew we'd have to make it count! :) He was really working hard with school stuff because of Brooklny and our visitors (both our wonderful moms came to help out after she was born and my dad came too). He took his last final and we were off 2 days later to Utah.

Marilee (Ty's cute mom) was at our house right before we left. She was so cute to hold Brooklyn and play with Cole and take him to the park while Ty and I got ready to go. It was a crazy few days, but it all worked out. Coleman got to fly home to Utah on the plan with Grandma Marilee and he was thrilled!!! We took him and Ty's mom to the airport the day of Tyler's last final and waved goodbye - not a really fun thing for an already tired hormonal mamma who about lost it driving away from the airport. It worked out so great for him though!! (Hey! I'm working on it!)

After the airport we took our car to have the tires rotated then drove out to Rancho to Kelly's and Sally's (our dear med school friends)house to wish Clara (who was already asleep) a happy birthday. We'd missed her party, but it was fun to chat a bit with Kelly and Sally and just relax after the marathon year. We had so much to do, but it was so nice to relax and hang out with them. Sally fed us some of Clara's yummy birthday dinner too. :) We were feeling really lucky, especially since we'd cleaned out all our food at our house.

We came home and worked late into the night getting ready to leave. I took the rest of our leftover food and stuff to Veronica's house (she's nice to put up with me and all my strange things) the next morning and we were off. We didn't leave quite on time, but mostly. Brooklyn was a terrific traveler. We stoppped to feed her twice, I think, and she slept most of the way. It was nice to have Tyler all to myself - we talked and had a great ride to St. George.

St. George was even easier because Coleman wasn't into all Grandma Coleman's things. It still didn't feel the same without him (and I might have cried a few more tears missing my baby boy...) It was great to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa Coleman. They're so cute to let us stay as we travel through. Grandma of course had dinner prepared for us - even though we didn't get there 'till about 11:00. We had taco soup for a midnight snack and sat around and talked for awhile before we decided we had to call it a night. It was their first time meeting Brooklyn too, so that made it special. I think Brookie's got Grandpa wrapped around her pinkie finger. We were sad to leave Grandma and Grandpa "Great" in St. George, but we were hoping they'd come up in a few weeks (which they did - hooray!)

The drive to Utah was fantastic! Brooklyn traveled like a dream, the ride only took 4 hours and was absoluteley gorgeous! After being in CA for a year, small little details of the landscape that I'd never really paid attention to before seemed to strike me so vividly the whole way. Driving into Salt Lake was like walking through my parents' front door - the trees were green, the skies were clear and best of all were the gorgeous mountains that surrounded the whole valley. I LOVE UTAH!

Tyler Evans Sport Photography
We had to get to Salt Lake quick so Tyler could take pictures of Trent's swim meets. We set up a deal that we would take pictures of the kids swimming and make posters for them. It turned into a much bigger project than we'd origionally planned on, but Tyler (as always) did an excellent job! He took TONS of pictures, workinga 15 hour day, a 12 and a 10 to get the best ones he could of the team members. Coleman LOVED going to see Uncle Trent swim. One time he found that the buckets that help hold up the canopies are fun to play in 'cause they're filled with water. That kid is a water maniac!!
Neff's House
We stayed at my Grandma Neff's house. It was so fun! I know we were a lot of work for her and she went above and beyond to help us be comfy and have a lot of fun. Brooklyn LOVED cuddling with her and talking with her. Grandma could always get fun coos and conversations out of Brooklyn. They have a special relationship. Grandma also played with Coleman and helped me with everything! I'm not sure I would have survived without her to help me get everyone dressed, fed and loved in the mornings. We had fun hanging out with her. She's such a great example to me and it was fun to have some time to spend just hanging out and chatting. Life seemed so crazy to me while we were there and she helped me be more calm about it and have a great perspective! THANKS Grandma!
After a year of "goup dating" exclusiveley (taking our kid(s) everywhere) Ty and I went on our first single date since we were home before. We went to Porcupine Grill (one of our favoritest places) and ate really yummy pasta. It was crazy! We were seated, ordered, were served and ate all in 20 minutes! They must have wanted to get us out of there quick - maybe they knew they wouldn't make too much money on us becuase we don't drink... who knows? After dinner we went to Target (romantic, hu?) to pick up a few things we still needed that hand't made it to Utah with us. We were going to go to a movie, but decided to hang out at my parents' house and watch one of theirs instead. They were at Grandma Neff's house helping her with our kids. We watched a whole half a movie before breaking down and going over to see our kiddos and rescue Mom, Dad and Grandma Neff. It was a fun night.
After 3 incredibly eventful, insaneley hillarious, absoluteley exhausting, fabulous years, I love you more than I though was ever possible, Ty! You're my hero, my true love, my favorite! I love you so much! Thanks for being such a wonderful husband and dad! I'm looking forward to our next anniversary - maybe we'll make it all the way through the movie. :)
Side Note:
I feel like we've had a really busy three years - we got married and both had mono, I taught school for 2 years while Ty finished his undergrad in Bioengineering and graduated from the U. We have 2 kids and we're in medical school and it just keeps getting crazier and crazier. I talked about this for a few minutes with my grandma one afternoon (who we share an anniversary with 57 years apart :) She was telling me I was busy, then we started talking about her and Grandpa. They also had a 2 year old and a newborn on their third anniversary. Grandpa worked and Grandma worked part of the time their kids were growing up too. It was funny to compare the birthdays of our kids with my aunt and uncle - so similar Sept/Oct and April/May. So parallel it's almost scarry. It does make me feel better knowing we're not the only insane people in this world :) - and their family turned out great! :) Wish us luck!!!

Daddy and Brooklyn Piggy :)

Cole loves fruit! he really enjoyed apples while we were on our trip. Here he is in the middle of his enjoyment.

Cousins on the swing at Gra-Neff's house - we were all together for a wedding shower for Jake and Faith!

Brooklny sleeping in the bed i've always slept in at Grandpa's and Grandma's house

Pink. (it's not so bad)

Brooklyn can sleep anywhere and sometimes in the strangest positions. :) Thanks Grandpa for the nice resting spot!
Fun 4 Cole
While we were there, we went to lots of places I've been wishing I could take Cole to: the Cinderella park, the stake park, Liberty Park, the grandparents' houses, the pool, Cabellas, Wheeler Farm, Anna's cabin, etc. Cole LOVED them all - he loved playing outside in the Grandmas' back yards and all the fun times he had visiting these great places. Cole loved swinging and playing in the water most.
Coleman playing in the sand at the stake park. :) Cute Grandma Neff came with me to the park - it was quite the haul with both kiddos in the hot hot. She's such a trooper and it was so great to have her there!

Swinging at the Stake Park. Love the McQueen hat!

Hot, but having loads of fun at the stake park
Anna's Cabin
June 30 - July 1
Grandma Neff, Dad, Mom, Anna, Nanc, Narissa, Ty, Cole, Brooklyn and I all went on a trip to Anna's cabin. It was so fun to all be together. We're so glad we got to go and were able to spend some time together. Spending time together makes tough times easier. The week before we went was a hard one for all of us, but being together and leaning on each other made it feel less scarry. We're so blessed to have family!

Annie's cabin

Cole and Dad at Witt's Lake - most of the time we're at "witt's end" not the lake, so this was refreshing :)

Gra-Neff as Coleman affecionateley calls her. Her name morphed from just "Neff" to "Gra-Neff" somewhere in the middle of our trip. Everyone loves you, Grandma, no matter what name we all you by. :)

My amazing mom at Anna's cabin with us. It was a crazy week, but she still made it great for everyone!

The three stooges (just kidding) - 3 of the most amazing women I know - Mom, Grandma and Nanc.

Beautiful flowers at the cabin (EVERYTHING is beautiful up there - compared to CA it especially looks like paradise!)

Another picture of Utah heaven

Cole is facinated bu all things "stick-like" - thanks for sharing your walking stick!

My amazing grandma!

Coleman's amazing grandma! (My wonderful mom!)

Aunt Anna - she can always make everyone feel special. It was so nice of her to share her time at her cabin with us. We had a blast!
Cole rode to the cabin with Mom, Dad and Gra-Neff. He loved stopping to see/pet the horses. We all had a fun time at the cabin playing Pound Pound and Shang-hi. Cole played with everyone and everything. We went on a walk and thres rocks in the stream - a definite highlight! He got to see chipmunks and deer. He fed them birdseed. He played with Narissa's dog, Gunner, made garden stones with Anna, played with his tools, hung out with the family and watched Dumbo! What a great trip!

Puzzles at the cabin - brings back so many fun memories. We were never bored at Anna's cabin!

Man heaven! The boys and the guns - what else could be so great?

The manly men
Family Hike
July 2
This was Brooklyns' first hike - she slept through the whole thing, all curled up on her daddy's chest. Cole enjoyed "climbing" (as he calls it) in the river. He didn't want to have anything to do with the trail as soon as he saw the water!
Hiking in the river in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Mom and Dad love to hike and climb. Cole loves to walk and play in the water - guess who won? It was fun anyway. Brooklyn enjoyed the ride.

More fun in the river. Coleman thought the waterfall was so great! Mom loved it too - you can tell by how dry she isn't...

More water hiking and the beloved stick

Brooklyn absoluteley loves taking baths! She just sits back and enjoys the water. She gets that from her parents -one who will admit that baths are great and the other who thinks that but won't admit it.

Coleman had his own room at Gra-Neff's house. We read stories every night. He really liked Green Eggs and Ham and "Lady" (There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly)
Pizza Party with Grandpa Terry
Ty's dad threw a great party one night. We'd been trying to get up the canyon to cook over a fire for a couple weeks and it never seemed to work out. The day we could finally get together with his dad and brothers (his mom was out of town at a class) it rained... so sad. But Grandpa Terry has a knack for making things fun for everyone no matter what. He got some pizzas and we just hung out together. Ty and Trent had a jam session and Cole loved dancing to the music. I really enjoyed hearing Tyler play his sax (something I hope will happen more in the post apartment phase of our lives...). Brooklyn even seemed to enjoy listening up close and personal. She didn't give any indication that the music was too loud for her. She sat with wide happy eyes! I learned something new too - trumpets and saxophones can growl! :)
Dinner with Brooke and Khloe
So, I'm really sad I don't have pictures of this, but we hung out with Tyler's cousin Brooke and her little girl Khloe. Khloe and Cole are almost exactly the same age. They had a good time together and Ty and I loved seeing Brooke. Her cute hubby was selling a car that evening so we didn't end up seeing him that night, but it worked out that we got to see him later at the Oakley Rodeo, which was fun. We love you guys! Thanks for chillin' with us. :)
4th of July Breakfast
We had such a great time going to the 4th of July neighborhood breakfast with Ty's mom and dad and brothers. It was wonderful to see old friends and just hang out. I really love the people in their neighborhood and ward that I've come to know since meeting Ty :). What a wonderful group of people. They know how to make everyone feel welcome. It was great to feel at home there! :) We love their fun omlet tradition too (yes, I know - I like their omlets, but still don't eat any other eggs if I can help it. :)) I had a wonderful chat with Melissa Nelson. She's such an amazing and inspiring person! Tyler and I went to dinner with her and her husband, Dave the next week too. It was great to be with them and hear their medical school stories. It gave us a little push to keep going and do it happily. :) Thanks Dave and Melissa!
Grandpa Terry and Brookie


LeAnne Belliston and her cute niece. We all loved seeing you LeAnne! We're looking forward to seeing you again soon! Thanks for hanging out with us!

Uncle Trent and Cole
(Is he the favorite Uncle?)

Grandpa Terry and Brookie taking a snooze after the party. She LOVES sleeping upsidedown - like a little possum. :)
Oakley Rodeo
We got to go to the Oakley Rodeo this year. It was so fun! Thanks Uncle Dave and Aunt Susan for having us. My Uncle and Aunt throw a big BBQ and party the day of the rodeo every year. It's so fun to get together with them and their friends to hang out and go see the rodeo. Tyler and I LOVE Oakley. I think if we could ever swing it we'd live there someday... we'll see. It's such a fun town and the people are great (I say that especially because half of the town population is related to me... :)). Anyway, we had a blast! We drove up with Brooklyn and Cole rode up with my mom and dad and Grandma Neff (he was in heaven!). Grandma Neff, my mom and dad, Uncle Dave, Aunt Susan and their family, Nanc, Narissa, Scott, Leanne, Addie and Tyler's uncle Bob and his family (Brooke and Eric - the cousins we hung out with earlier) were all there to play with. We all had a fabulous time. The food was delicious and the rodeo was really fun! Cole loved playing in Dave and Susan's yard. They had a fun fire pit and Cole played with sticks! - always a great thing! The rodeo was long, but Coleman loved it! He sat really well for it being a 2 hour event taking place past his bedtime! :)He wasn't so sure about the fireworks at first, buthe's been talking about them ever since! Thanks Dave and Susan and family and all our family that was there! What a fun day!

swinging on Dave and Susan's swings
(Cole LOVES to swing!)

Grandpa on the swing

Grandpa, Tyler and Cole swinging

Cole and Khloe

Jamie, Grandma, Leanne, Addie, Scott, Grandpa, Cole, Nanc and Narissa hanging out around Dave's new firepit!

Cowboy Cole wearing Grandpa's hat

Brooklyn and Jamie - she's so cute with her
Jamie came to Grandmas to stay with us for a couple days while we were there. We all LOVE having her around - the kids especially adore her! We fee bad we think we got her sick while we were hanging out, but we still enjoyed being with her. We hope we can do it again soon! (skipping the sick part, of course!)

Brooklyn and Grandpa

Grandpa and the granddaughters

Aunt Leanne and Brooklyn

Dad, Grandpa, Cole Scott, Addie and Leanne on the tramp

Cole and Dad watching the rodeo

The horse is "jumping"

Scott, Leanne and Addie at the rodeo
Even now (more than 2 months later) he still talks about the rodeo and the horses and cows he saw "jumping." He's sure the cows were jumping over the moon and he loves talking about the fireworks - he says he saw blue ones, red ones, yellow ones and purple ones. Thanks for the great experience Dave and Sus and everyone!

Shopping with Mom
My mom and I used to shop together all the time - and go with my grandma a lot too. It was somethingI always enjoyed and is something I really miss now that we live far away and now that I have two kiddos that don't really like shopping... :) Mom and I went for a few minutes while Ty watched the kids one day and I got some cute pants. It was mostly just fun to be with her. We snuck away one other time to go to the outlets too - that was great! We used to have a girls weekend in Park City every year with Grandma and the cousins and aunts. It was always really fun. It was nice to go up there on this trip to remember all the fun times we have had and have another one to add to the list. Mom was really busy while we were there - remodeling, taking care of everyone, doing church stuff, etc. so it was nice to be together just us for a few minutes! Thanks mom! I love you!
Brooklyn's Baby Blessing
Tyler Blessed Brooklyn in his parents' ward on July 5. It was a beautiful day and he gave her a beautiful blessing. After church we went over to Grandma Neff's house for lunch. We had salads and yummy bread. It was a fun day. We were sad Ty was sick so he missed the party afterwards, but I guess he made it for the most important part! :)
We love you Brooklyn! You're our special girl!
Grandpa Evans and Trev

Beautiful Brooklyn Grace Evans

Cole, Trev, Trent and Grandpa Terry

Mom and Brooklyn - it was getting a little hot to wear so many clothes...

Happier Brookie (wearing only her slip and headband) with Grandma Marilee

Brookie and her Grandma Neff

A sweet smile while sitting with Grandma

Brookie and Grandma Flint

Brookie and Grandpa Terry

Brookie and Nanc

Cousin Addie

Brookie and Grandma Great (Coleman)

Brooklyn and my mom

Brooklyn and my dad (happeist now that she's not wearing anything but a bum wrapper :))

Brookie and Grandpa Great (Coleman)

Brookie and Dad

Sugarhouse Park!
Cole, Brooklyn, Grandma Colema and I went to Sugarhouse park to feed the ducks. We mostly fed geese and seagulls because they're more agressive (scarry for me - I'm affraid of honking geese - don't tell Cole - I tried to be brave - have you ever seen Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds?" - - -anyway...) We had a fun time feeding the birds and wading in the water. Thanks Grandma for the fun trip!

Cole and Grandma Coleman

Cole and Mom

Brooklyn enjoying from a distance (we wouldn't want the geese to taste her...)

Cole LOVES water! We stood and threw rocks in the water for a LONG time!

We waded up the river to the swings and had a fun time swinging too. Thanks Grandma for the fun day!


Cole's first corn on the cob. HE LOVED IT!
The Hose
Grandma Neff has a yard and a hose - a perfect combination for little boys to have fun. We had FHE outside with the hose twice while we were there - he was loving every minute of it!!!

a very mischievous moment...
he pretended to give me a drink then soaked me!

Liberty Park

We picnicked at the park

Dad at the park

Cole playing in the sand with a stick

We ran through the water at the park, but I think he enjoyed watching the other kids more than anything.

Swinging at the park
What a fun day!!!
Grandma, Aunt Leanne, Addie, Aunt Susan, Jamie, Emma, Cole, Brooklyn and Mom went to the fountain at the Gateway mall. It was so fun!

Jamie and Emma stayed for awhile and we had to party as hardy as we could manage. We had a party in Grandma Neff's backyard because we didn't have time to roast hotdogs and make s'mores up the canyon we made them in her fire pit (in the 100* weather - what troopers!)

Jamie, Ty, Cole, Emma and Grandpa Coleman
Coleman really liked roasting hot dogs. He thinks fire is neat!

Grandma Neff, Brooklyn and Grandma Coleman

Brookie with Grandma and Grandpa

Jamie takes great pictures
We were so glad to hang out with everyone! Thanks for the great time! Coleman really loved being with Jamie and Emma - he still talks about them and every time we see cute blonde girls he follows them and calls "Jamie!"
Just Hangin' Out
Dad and Brookie taking a nap - she loves to sleep curled up with him and I think the feeling is mutual! :)

Addie, Leanne, Grandma, Brooklyn, Grandma Neff and Grandma Great - we went to lunch and had a fabulous time! Hamburgers are a girl tradition in our family! Thanks for getting together everyone!
Wheeler Farm

Brooklyn in the very bumpy stroller!!

Grandma and Cole feeding more ducks

Cole LOVED the chickens! They were really the only animals that weren't melting in the heat. Note to self: next time we go to Wheeler Farm, go early in the morning or pick a cooler month! It was sooooo hot! WE looked at animals for a few minutes then decided we'd come back another day. Grandma bought us popsicles and we headed home having seen the coolest chickens ever (at least that's how Coleman tells it). Grandma also got him a whirly wind toy that he hung out the window all the way home. He thought it was about the neatest thing ever. It even blew off once and we had to backtrack to find it. Thanks again for the fun activity!
More Hangin' Out

Jake's Wedding
My cute cousin, Jake, got married while we were there. His darling wife Faith is so beautiful and it was so fun to see how happy they are together. It was fun to have a good excuse to get together as a family too! I was sick the day of their reception, but I really tried to pull it together to take some pictures for them. Here are a few cute ones of the little girls - they looked so cute all dressed up.

oh yeah -throw in a picture of yummy food

Ok. Amy's not so little, but I think she's beautiful!

Coleman enjoyed the wedding reception too - kids to play with, Grandparents, yummy treats...

Faith and Jake
The foot picture...
I wanted a really cute picture of Brooklyn's feet, but haven't been able to get anything I'm in love with. This is the best so far...

Hangin' out with Christy, Doug and Emma Rose
My amazing cousin and her family were in town for her brother's wedding. It was so fun to get to see them a couple of times. I always wish it could be longer. Christy is one of my heroes! She does so amazing wonderful things and is such a great mom! I love her so much and enjoyed spending time with her and her family. Her little girl, Emma, is just older than Cole and they had a good time together - and I'm sure there are many more to come! Love you guys!

Boating with Glade and Renee
July 24

Renee waterskiing - isn't she awesome?!!!

Ok. I'm not posting any pictures of Tyler anywhere near this one. I look like a waterskiing kindergartner! (I guess I am - I haven't been up on skis since before my mission, so ...7 years... yikes, I'm old.) I'm pretty happy because it felt nice. 2 skis were a breeze. One ski, however, still eludes me. I'll get there one day and I hope I look better than this, but it was fun. :)

Colema took a short nap on the tube on the beach while the other guys got some tricks in. :)

Trev's tricks

Terry's tricks

Marilee's tricks

Trent and MArilee on the tube. SO FUNNY!

Trent and Tyler on the tube

Flying the tube

Trent, Tyler and Glade and Renee's nephew

Cole wearing a jacket (without complaining) hanging out on the tube though he much preferred the beach beause he could stand in the water and throw rocks. He could have stayed there all day!
I'm sad I don't have pictures of Tyler. He was the first one out and he wakeboarded. I'm bummed. Next time for sure!
We did have a great time hanging out with everyone. Thanks the the invites, Glade and Renee. We're glad it worked out! You're so sweet!

More 24th of July Fun
We went to a BBQ at Dave and Rae's after waterskiing all day at Willard Bay with Glade and Renee. It was a full day of fun!
Brooklyn and Grandma Great

Brooklyn and Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa and Brooklyn

Cole and Dad - Cole loved pushing the toys around.

Grandpa and Grandma Great

Cole loves seeing the fish and the stuffed animals at Cabellas! Brooklyn is learning to like it. :) I just accidentally deleted the rest of the pictures... I'll try to repost later.
The Zoo with Grandma Marilee
We had a great time hanging out at the zoo! Coleman LOVES animals and this was the perfect activity. We were able to see a lot of them before he tired out and Brooklyn was a doll! What a fun day! Thanks Grandma Marilee!

Cole really loved the play area - especially this crocodile! He has a thing for crocodiles... :)
Find the Eggs!
Cole helped me make a cake for Leanne's birthday. He got to crack the eggs and dump in all the other ingredients. He thought it was pretty cool until I turned on the mixer and the eggs disappeared. He wanted me to "find the eggs." It was funny. He didn't really seem too happy about it 'till later when he got to dump in the carmel and sweetened condensed milk and have a few tastes. :)

Another Family Hike

We LOVE our mountains! Ty, Cole, Mom, Brooklyn and I had a great time hiking. The air was so nice and cool - especially once we got to these rocks. It was amazing! Thanks for being game for anything, Mom!
Long Lost Friends
We got together with our good friends while we were there and it was just like old times even though we're scattered all over now - Jack and Mel and Hannah are in med school at the U (they're home base), Andy and Liz and soon to arrive baby girl Ericksen are in Nebraska. It was so fun to see them! We all lived in student apartments when we first got married and we did stuff together all the time. These were the friends who I met on my first date with Tyler. We went repelling and I was pretty sure all these guys were nuts! They are and I LOVE them for it! Thanks for being such wonderful friends!!! We love you and miss you!
Andy, Cole, Hannah, Jack and Ty
I also got the chance to go to lunch with some of my friends from my ward. They're the awesome kind of friends that even though you don't get to see them very often it's still just the same when you do get together! Thanks guys for hanging out! I can't wait to see you again!
Dave Made it Happen
My Uncle Dave is hillarious! He's one of the busiest guys I know. He works hard and plays hard, has time for everybody and is just an amazing guy! We got to see him quite a bit as he would drop in to say hi to my grandma on his way back and forth. He was determined to get Tyler out waterskiing, but the scheduling was crazy. He did finally make it happen though (during a family party he missed to take us out on the boat - thanks Aunt Sus for your extreme patience!) They're so amazing and so kind to make things fun for us. The water was horrible for skiing, but it was super fun to be together. (I got all the best water while trying to learn to wake board... oops! should have let Ty and Dave go first.) It was just fun to be together though!

Brooklyn and Mom on the boat - what an obedient daughter wearing her life jacket. She's a patient kiddo!

Cole and Brooklyn and Mommy - 2 patient kiddos and one mommy wishing she were an octopus.

Daddy and the kiddos

My first ever attempt at wakeboarding. I was sure I never wanted to do it, but it was pretty fun! I had good teachers! Thanks Katie, Andee, Tyler, and Dave. (It takes a committee...)

Our crazy family - who takes a newborn and an almost 2 year old on a boat?

Dad and Brooklyn

Awesome Dave!
Thanks so much for the fun time!
Temple Trip
I wish I'd taken a picture of the temple while we were there. I don't remember which day I went, but I went to do sealings with my dad. It was so fun to spend some time with him. I'm so greatful for temples. I miss living so close to the temple and being able to go often. Thanks Dad for letting me hang out with you and for spending time with me in one of my favorite places! Thanks for your great example! I love you!
Tay, Kenz and Will

Will and Cole playing in Grandma's basement.
Taylor and Kenz were so busy while we were there -they're re-doing a house they pretty much gutted. We were so sad they couldn't come to our friend BBQ the week before, but were thrilled they could stop by my grandmas one night just to hang out. These guys have been working like crazy! We're so glad we could see them though! It's always fun to see you guys and chat with you. We really miss being able to do it more often! Thanks for coming to see us!

The Day We Were Supposed to Leave...
So, the trip rushed by way too fast! Before we knew it our time was up and school was awaiting us back in CA. We got up and tried to get ready, but just couldn't quite make it. We had so much to do and so much more we wished we could do. One of the things on our list we were sad we hadn't finished was rock climbing with my amazing aunt. We saw her the day before and decided we'd just go for it anyway. You can never climb enough while in UT and spending time with Nanc is always worth it! She's so amazing she makes everyone around her feel better just because she's there. We had a great time Nanc! Thanks for being up for anything!
Mom and Grandma tended the kids while Nanc, Ty and I went climbing. Thanks Mom and Grandma! You're amazing and are definateley going to heaven for all the time you spend doing nice things! We love you so much and are so thankful for your help!!!

Ty out up a climb on my favorite wall! :)

I'm good at belaying when he promises not to fall :)

The handsomest belayer around!!!

My awesome aunt!

Shout out to Nanc for being a safe, fast, strong and mostly just amazing climber! I'm always impressed when I do things with her. She's good at everything and she makes everyone else feel like they're good too. She's the most positive person I know! Thanks for your great example Nanc!

Yikes! What a picrture - guess I should have gotten up a little earlier and combed my hair...

my favorite belayer! he's so great! (and he always makes sure i fall UP!)

This is me. This was my first lead climb. I LOVED every minute of it! Climbing is such a rush (even when it's easy stuff like my favorite climb here at Challenge Buttress)

Nanc is an awesome climber. She says she hasn't climbed for a long time, but she did this one as easily as a short walk. :) Nanc can do everything!

Tyler's last climb - it was amazing even though he didn't think so.

I wish I could look like that!

Tyler or Tarzan?
I love you Ty!

GO UTES! (the altered BYU hat)
Thanks Nanc for making everything fun!

There wasn't a lot of time for baths, but cole did like taking them at grandma neff's house - the audiences were a definite plus! Thanks grandmas and grandpas for paying so much attention to him! (to all of us)

Brooklyn and Aunt Nanc! Everybody loves Nanc!

Coleman really enjoyed playing in Grandma Neff's ditch. He'd just taken a bath, but the water was on and we'd missed their last water turn. He thought it was great to float flowers and wood chips down the ditch like boats. And of course, the splashing! :) It brought back so many great memories from when I used to play in the ditch with my cousins. :)

So, this picture is out of order. This is on the way up to Salt Lake when we stopped at my grandpa's and grandma's house in St. George. It was so fun to see them and be able to spend a little time with them at their home. They're so nice to let us stay there!

Tyler took these pictures of a rainbow one evening about the middle of our trip and stitched them together in photoshop. It was really neat! There were 2 parallel rainbows. :)

We had a fantastic trip! It was wonderful to be with our families and friends and spend time doing some of thethings that we love so much. We wish we could remember to post everything that we did that we enjoyed, but it was way too fun and way too fast for that! Thanks everyone for making it so much fun! We love you all! We can't wait to come back!