Sunday, June 7, 2009

Goings On

Here are a few pictures of what we've been up to lateley. Aside from watching way too many Disney movies, we've been to the park and on a couple short walks. We're really working on more efficient, less tiring ways of getting the kids and stuff down the stairs to go on a walk or to the park. Sometimes the thought of dragging a couple strollers, the diaper bag, toys, snacks AND the kids down the stairs, to the park then back is a little too much for me. Coleman has been a trooper about the disruption in his schedule and has found new ways to keep busy indoors and still enjoy to the fullest his time outside. Brooklyn is just happy to be about anywhere. She loves to watch her brother and sleeps best when the decible level at our house is at a medium roar!

Cole really is loving stickers! He sticks and resticks them all over the place. Here is his latest masterpiece. :)

Coleman LOVES to "figz" things. He's been using his tools puzzle to "figz" his airplane. He turns it upside down (we're not sure where he learned that) and works on it with his "drivers," the "hamma," wrench, saw and "pyers." He also likes to "figz" the walls, the blinds, the TV and the strollers...

Brooklyn loves to watch the mobile! We wonder if she'll be just as inquisitive as her big brother - so far we're pretty convinced.

Brooklyn doesn't love to sit on the couch, but we did get her to pose for a minute to take a cute picture. She prefers to be in on the action rather than watching from the sidelines. I wonder if any kids have ever been squished to death becuase their parents were holding them AND their sibling...

"Sista BWOOKIN!"

Coleman says Brooklyn's name so cute! I hope we can always remember the way he acts with her - it's absoluteley darling! I know she' s going to love having a big brother too. She already watches him (of course she may not have a choice when his face is only an inch from hers...) I'm so happy he loves her so much! I especially love the spontaneous "loves" he likes to give her and how he rocks her so softly (which is really hard for him) in her bouncer. I love that he tells people about her all the time by saying "sista BWOOKIN!" We just had a couple posts of Cole and I realize we need a few more pictures of Brooklyn. Really, I'm probably just photo happy. If I had it my way I'd take tons of pictures and remember every moment of every day with these two little ones. They are the light of our lives. Tyler and I feel so blessed to have them (especially when they're sleeping - they're extra cute when the chaos subsides for a few minutes every once in awhile) :)

I was originally intending to title this post "pretty in pink." My mom and dad gave her this cute pink and white outfit even after I made such a big deal about how it bugs me that little girls always always wear pink. I have to say though, this is one of my favorites. :) She looks good in pink. I think I'm converted.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

haircut gone awry (but it's all ok now)


after... (a while after - like days later - after everyone had calmed down)

Cole's hair has grown so long! I kinda like it long, but it was time for a haircut! While my parents were here I thought I'd give Cole some great one on one attention while I cut his hair. Haircuts at our house have always involved chocolate too - one of Cole's favorite things. OOPS! I couldn't have made a worse choice on how to spend my time with him. He cried and screamed like I was actually hurting him while I started cutting his hair. When neither of us could take it anymore, I quit, leaving Cole with a really great red-neck mullet look which he sported for the rest of the day and part of the next 'till Tyler could fix it. YIKES! I held him in my arms (while Tyler tried not to cut my hair) while Tyler masterfully finished the mess I'd started. Props Ty! I didn't know what a talented man I'd married. It was like wrestling an aligator. I'm glad we cut it short this time so we don't have to do it again any time soon.

As a new mom of 2 I'm trying so hard to balance my time between both kiddos so they both feel like I love them as much as I do. It's just a little harder than I thought. It wasn't so hard while my parents were here - just a few bumps in the road like this haircut, but since they've been gone and Ty's been in school it's been tough to give them both all the attention they need. I have realized this week though that I DO love them both (I was worried there wouldn't be room in my heart for another baby because I love Cole so much, but Mom and Grandma were right - your heart just gets bigger.) I still love Cole just as much - if not more, and I love Brooklyn too! Families are a wonderful thing! I hope they both know how much I love them!

Cole taught me a great lesson this week. He was watching Mickey Mouse in our bed while I fed Brooklyn (he gets a little jealous when I feed her - while I hold her I can't do much else). I was sitting worrying about how I could do things better and what I was going to do to make sure both kids know I love them when Cole suprised me by snuggling over to Brooklyn and giving her a big hug. In the moment I was sure he was feeling very jealous, he showed me what a beautiful thing it is to have a sibling by loving the very person who was stealing all my attention. Thanks Cole for reminding me how things are really supposed to be! Thanks for being such a great big brother!

grandpa's hat

Grandpa and Cole - 2 peas in a pod

Cole loves Grandpa!
eating lunch and wearing my hat

drawing with chalk and wearing my favorite outfit - my hat and NO pants - did i mention there's an aligator on my shirt? SO COOL!

I got it right here, Grandpa!

saying hi to Baby Bwookin and showing her my hat

While my mom and dad were here, my dad wore a green hat almost the whole time. (He said he didn't wear the usual red U of U cap because you're not supposed to wear red in California... he's probably smart :) )

Cole somehow picked up on Grandpa's wardrobe choices and has wanted to wear his blue hat (that Grandpa gave him) every day since he was here! Sometimes he wears just his hat and his diaper and sometimes he wears the hat, the diaper, and the McQueen shoes, but the hat is a definite must!!
Thanks Dad! We've been trying to get him to wear a hat his whole life!


Our good friend, Sally, came over this week to take pictures of Coleman and Brooklyn. Sally is a fabulous photographer and it was fun to watch her work. (She pulled off tons of great photos even with 3 crazy toddlers running around the house.) We had a good time hanging out too. Thanks Sally! These are a few of our favorites, but it was so hard to choose!