Saturday, May 30, 2009

THANKS Grandma and Grandpa!

We've had a busy couple weeks! We're so glad to have had my mom and dad here to help out and to make us all feel loved. My cute mom flew in the day after Brooklyn was born and stayed 'till today. I was so sad to see her go. There's nothing quite like hanging out with your mom to make life seem even more fabulous than it already is! She worked so hard while she was here and we all loved having her! PLEASE come back soon! (and bring Grandpa too!)
Mom and Brooklyn when they first met at the hospital the night we came home.

Brooklyn loving being held by Grandma.

After the first week my dad came too and we LOVED having him here. We know he truly loves us because he slept on an air mattress in our living room for 4 nights (he's been avoiding air mattresses and camping out anywhere but his own bed ever since I can remember).

Mom and Dad and Brooklyn enjoying each other. What a lucky little girl to have such great grandparents!

Coleman was especially excited to see Grandpa. He was stuck to him like glue the whole time he was here. Cole even started wearing a hat (something he has always refused to do) becuase Grandpa wears a hat. :) What a deal for us! (Now if we can convince Cole that Grandpa doesn't ever throw food, we might have something...)

Cole and Grandpa swinging at the park.

Coleman and Grandpa swinging. One of Cole's new favorite things is to swing at the park. He had an especially fun time swinging and taking off my dad's hat every time he came close to him. They passed it back and forth and we were all laughing!

We went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner one night. Cole was really excited about the whipped cream. :)

Everybody but Coleman looks a little tired... Oh well - tired, but happy!
One night we decided to go to the farmer's market in La Verne. They have a few vendors and a really neat little petting zoo. Cole LOVES to see the animals so we took Grandpa and Grandma to show them around. He's an especially big fan of the "dotes" (goats).
My mom bought him a monkey backpack to wear when we go out walking. The monkey has a really long tail for Mom or Dad to hold on to while Cole makes his way around exploring. He LOVES it!

Coleman, the monkey, and Mom looking at the animals.

Cole and Grandpa looking at the goats. When the goats come close to the fence Cole scoots back. He enjoys animals from a distance (he's his mother's son). :)

Mom and Dad and Brooklyn. They were standing a ways away watching Cole dance to some of the most aweful guitar music I've ever heard. I think they were standing that far away so poor Brooklyn didn't have to suffer through it. Cole thought it was great!

Cole and Dad exploring the farmer's market.

Cool! A fountain! Dad even let Cole touch the water! It was so neat!

The three musketeers! - Grandpa, Dad and Cole.

Pretty girl.

Coleman and Grandpa were watching "Poppins" on the couch while Cole wore one of Grandpa's hats. They both were enjoying cuddling with the afghans.
The last night my parents were here we tried to go up to Baldy to enjoy some nice canyon weather and scenery. We were hoping to get a little hike in as well, but it was raining so we went to Costco for pizza and took Coleman to the park. We'd been promising him all day he could play in the dirt. He LOVED the sand and we all enjoyed watching him. Brooklyn slept and ate the whole time.

Hungry Brooklyn and Mom at the park.

Grandpa enjoyed the sand box too. NEAT digger!

Dad and Cole playing in the sand.
We were so lucky to have family here! We enjoyed every minute of being with them and so appreciate all the help they have been! We're getting more and more excited for school to be out and to go home to Utah. This was a fun preview! Thanks Mom and Dad for all your help! We love you and miss you! See you soon!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

One Week Later

As of tonight Brooklyn is a week old and looking great. After a crazy first night she's only getting up twice a night. She's also a very good baby overall. Luckily I had a five day weekend to help with Brooklyn, catch up on school, and study for my psychiatry final. Hopefully with all day studying tomorrow I'll do ok.

We'll call this happy Brooklyn Buddha.

"Excuse me! I have another question."

We had our first watermelon of the season and Cole didn't forget how much he likes it. It was all he wanted to eat.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Brooklyn is here!

We're excited to announce the arrival of our newest family member. Brooklyn Grace Evans came at 5:35 P.M. PDT on Sunday, May 17, 2009.

Weight: 7 lbs. 10.6 oz.
Length: 20"

We got home from church, Michelle made dinner for a lady in the ward who was in the hospital this morning, we made arrangements for Coleman, and went to the hospital. We got to the hospital, I told them my wife was having a baby and I learned that people at the hospital don't listen. First, they had to take Michelle back and check that she really was having a baby. The lady in admissions was worried Michelle was going to deliver at the desk,y but the medical staff was a little slow to believe us. In short, the anesthesiologist didn't make it, and the doctor made it only because they made Michelle wait.

Here's a couple of pictures from the first 24 hrs. of life.

Hanging out with mom.

Am I cute?

She really did come out of Mom's tummi!

I'm a good big brother.

Brooklyn and Dad.

This is more like within 48 hrs, but it's cute.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Psych, Cars & Hot Sauce...

No pictures - sorry. I do have a few pictures to post, but they're a pain to get to right now (the new addition of a crib to our bedroom has really put a damper on the organization of the corner where all Tyler's school stuff, my craft stuff and any other random stuff usually lives). Now it just looks like an explosion of baby stuff, school stuff, Cole's toys and anything else that has been thrown over there this week. The camera is in the back...

Anyway, just a quick note (mostly to remind myself for later) about what we've been up to:

Tyler is working hard at school - he's got about 4 weeks left, so we're all pretty excited. He just finished 2 classes that have been ongoing throughout the semester, but unfortunateley that doesn't seem to have freed up much time. He's still going strong. Right now they're working on psych stuff. I think he's got one more week of that then it's one more class 'till the end! YIPPEE!

Ty's also trying to decide exactly what to do this summer. He has a couple options and is working on trying to figure out what will work out best for his school and for us as a family. He's being very considerate of our new baby girl too. He always thinks of everything! I think we're all just hoping for a nice break from the norm.

Cole is being Cole. He's into cars, trucks, busses, cycles (motorcycles), trains, b'doers (bulldozers), tractors, bikes, tagiz (taxis), anything that goes. He plays with them all day - in the kitchen where they roll on the floor, in the window sill, on the carpet, the sheep skin, in his crib, and on the cleared off shelves (where he's thrown everything else on the floor to make room). If he's not playing with cars, he wants to watch Cars (the movie). He's just a little obsessed. He also loves to watch cars pass on the street. We go on lots of walks to watch the cars. :) Once in awhile he takes a break from the usual and plays with Tyler's tools. He LOVES to pretend to "figx" things. He babbles on about the drivers (screwdrivers), wrenches, hammer, mezzer (measuring tape), etc. and talks about when Grandpa will come and they can play with toos. :) Gear up, Dad and Grandpa - you've got one excited 20 month old on your hands who will for sure want to help you "fig-it."

Cole also loves to "dance." He loves to have music playing in the background and he loves to bump to the beat. We have to say bump because basically he bends his knees to the music and waves his arms around. It's pretty cute. He loves to jump too - to music, on our bed or on the couch... Unfortunateley, our house sortof is a gymnasium...

Cole is learning all sorts of other new things too. He's talking a lot and trying to make sentences. He tells really cute shrot stories with one and two word sentences. He almost always asks "please" and he for sure keeps Tyler and me in stitches with the funny things he says. We might be crazy, but we stay up at night laughing about all the funny phrases he's coined at our house. We love to read to him - he asks for the books and songs by name and can finish lots of the phrases along the way - including the alphabet. :) His favorite books are: Dinosaur Roar, The Alpha Building Crew, any of the machine/car books, and nursery rhyme books. His favorite songs are the "ABCs", "The Eensy Weensy Spider," adding the nursery rhymes to the ABCs (thanks Anna for teaching us that fun game - now he wants me to sing it AND all the nursery rhymes over and over), and "I Am a Child of God." The other night at bedtime he kept shouting "God" - I was mortified as a mother that my child would yell something like that. It took me the whole next day to figure out that he was asking me to sing "I Am a Child of God" and was getting more and more frustrated when I didn't understand what he meant. We're working on teaching him more words to that song...

Cole is learning to pray. He gets better and worse depending on the day and the distractions, but it's pretty cute. He likes to do it himself and will tell us if he wants a turn. He's getting really good at understanding taking turns with us and with his frens. :) He plays pretty well with other kids, but is sometimes a bit of a bully to his little friend, Shaun. He absoluteley LOVES him, but it's really hard to share toys you're both so interested in. We're just glad they still like each other. :) We're proud of Cole for not hitting or kicking his friends. IF he has a problem (which really is rare) he yells about it and kindof asks for help. It's pretty funny. We love our little guy! He makes life exciting!

I'm just doing the same old stuff. The mom thing is a lot of the same over and over. I do love it though. What else can you do that lets you slide down the slides at the park, play in the sand, eat lots of strawberries, cut fruit into shapes, hang out with other moms and kids, watch/memorize Disney movies, crawl on the floor, make car noises, swim/splash, and be intested in every hole, piece of dirt, leaf, bark, rock, wood chip, puddle or tall patch of grass in the vicinity? :) It's a blast!!!

I am still scared out of my mind when I think that we'll soon have two kids to accompany on these great adventures and one of them will be a newborn. Adding to my anxiety is the fact that I've been thinking Brooklyn will be here every day for the last month. I can't believe she's not (and neither can our doctor...), but at the same time I'm glad she's stayed in to bake a little longer than Cole. I do have to say that I have gained a new respect for women who carry children to their due date and beyond. I didn't know how easy I had it with Cole. I woke up in the early morning (without panicking about anything or worrying about when he'd show up - it was a complete suprise). We went to the hospital, he was born and life was grand! (Granted, he has given us a run for our money since that day, but really, pregnancy and delivery with him was pretty easy.)

Brooklyn has been so different and even now is showing me I need to be grateful for everything - grateful for how easy it was before and grateful for learning about what it's like this time around. Life's not horible - don't get me wrong - but I can sure tell you I'd prefer to have her in my arms right now than in my tummy. Our doctor says she's going to be a big baby and that's exciting and scarry all at the same time. We'll see if she's right. Tonight I decided I'd had enough and we went out for spicy Mexican food to see if that would get her excited enough to come join us (today was Tyler's day off school - a free day for no other reason than for us to have our baby... or not... it would have been nice and convenient :) ) Aparently, Brookly is going to take after my dad who is a legendary salsa-drinking champion. Yes, I admit I drank hot sauce today to see what would happen - - - the answer: absoluteley nothing (well, almost nothing). Brooklyn did a little salsa dance for us for about 10 minutes then decided it was time to go back to sleep. So much for that one. I guess she'll come when she's good and ready.

Tyler gave me a sewing machine for Mother's Day. I've ha d a lot of fun the last couple days trying to figure out how to make a few things. It's been really fun and it's kept my mind off worrying about when our baby will decide to grace us with her presence. :) We've hung out with friends quite a bit too, which makes things fun. We're lucky to have such great friends here in CA and just about everywhere else right now too.

Guess that wraps it up for us right now. Sorry for the long and wordy post. I'll climb over the mountain of junk in the corner soon to get the pictures from the camera - until then...