Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blown Away

So, I hope this post makes sense. I had a long list of things to say, but I don't want to embarass anybody by being too specific. I've just been overwhelmed lateley with all the examples of people being great, going the extra mile, and helping and loving other people! I've seen so many friends, relatives and neighbors do amazing things lateley!

For several months all I've heard is nutty stuff about big corporations and people being horrible, cheating, lieing, and letting people down. It's a bit of a grim outlook on life, but it's true. Lots of bad things are happening in the world. It's hard not to get caught up in the whole mess.

These last few weeks I've been overwhelmed by so many people I've seen doing amazing things and showing such kindness for others! There are a lot of people doing a lot of nice things for neighbors, friends and family and even people they don't know! I've been so impressed by fathers going the extra mile to serve others and their own families even when it's hard and the world would tell them they don't have to. I've been so impressed by friends helping each other and being there for each other. I've been so impressed by mothers who love and serve their familes, friends and nieghbors when it might seem like their own lives are extremely challenging and the world wouldn't expect anything more than the absolute necessities from them. I've been so impressed by people who are willing to help each other with whatever they need regardless of lack of recognition, time factors, etc. Even the little things make a huge difference! People are and we all can be so great! Keep loving and serving! I hope I can follow these great examples!

I do have the right to embarass one person on my list. I'm so thankful for Tyler and all the great things he does. He's got so much on his plate and the med school world seems to whirr around him with constant constraints on his time and energy. In the midst of all that he still finds time to do what's important - serve others and love his family. We both know and freely admit that our lives aren't balanced like we would like them to be, but Ty still has a great way of sacrificing to make things great for other people. I can't explain with words how lucky I feel to be his wife! I love you Ty!

Happy Easter!

Cole's first chocolate bunny. He went for it first thing and the teeth marks are precious. We did take it away after a minute (a pound of fudge-filled bunny all at once would have made the day too insane!)

Cole opening his eggs and eating them as he goes

Happy Easter everyobdy! What a great day!

(We don't have pictures of Cole in his Easter shirt - He'd be thrilled to stay in his jammies all the time! By the time we got his church clothes on we were out the door! After his nap he ate without his shirt, so - oh well! :) He did look cute!)

Easter Sunday was a really nice day! The weekend had been busy and it was kindof nice to have a bit of a relaxing day.

We got up in the morning and Cole had slept until almost 9! So great! He and Dad checked out what the Easter Bunny left and when Cole figured it out, he was really excited! (We’d been to an egg hunt earlier in the week and he figured out that eggs have candy!) So great! I think he may have been a little disappointed that only 2 of his eggs had “Nems” (M&Ms) in them and the others had fruit snacks and animal crackers. Ty and I were glad though because as he opened each egg, he ate its’ entire contents (all before breakfast, of course). :)

Ty got a homemade chocolate bunny and an egg with a backrub coupon. :) I know – but poor people have poor ways. :) The Easter Bunny lost the Frisbee she’d been saving for a couple months… when it surfaces it will be fun! :)

After going after a whole chocolate bunny (which mean Mom and Dad had to rescue before he was entirely consumed and devouring all his eggs, Cole was really excited to find out that the Easter Bunny had left him a train! Cole LOVES trains. He’s pretty obsessed with Uncle Trent’s train in UT, so we were really excited for him to have one of his own. He and Dad put it together and played while Mom made breakfast. (I love moments like this!)

We had waffles and strawberries for breakfast, which Cole thankfully seemed to really like. :) (The more he likes his food, the less it ends up on the floor and the longer he stays happy at church.) :)

After a fun and sortof relaxing morning (due to the fact that everyone who wanted a showe actually got one - an amazing phonomenon for Sunday mornings at our house), we got all dressed and ran out the door to church. The primary sang in sacrament meeting and did a great job! I was glad when it was over! :) The kids were pretty good the rest of the day but you could tell the Easter Bunny hadn’t missed anybody – talk about sugar hype!

After church, Cole took a good long nap, Tyler studied and I made dinner. We’d invited a med school friend whose wife is out of town to eat with us, but the upcoming test (Monday morning - so MEAN) had everybody a little busy with studying, so we ate alone. I think this is the first real Sunday dinner I’ve ever cooked for just my family. Usually we eat pretty simply (and I serve out of pots and pans to save dishes). I wanted it to be special, so I did it like my mom or Grandma would have (except the tablecloth... just can't go for that one with Cole around). It was a lot of work to do it alone, but to mu suprise, a lot of fun! It was nice to have a little taste of home. (This is the first time I’ve made real mashed potatoes since I’ve been married – my poor deprived husband!) We had pork roast, potatoes, gravy, corn, broccoli and salad. It was really yummy and Cole even ate quite a bit! Tyler and Cole said really nice prayers for dinner too and it was special to hear them thank Heavenly Father for our savior.

Ty spent a lot of time studying and a lot of time with the family. I have such a wonderful husband! He made the day really nice! Thanks Ty for all you do for our family!
Happy Easter everyone!

Grandma Marilee, Leanne and Disneyland

Grandma Marilee and our friend, LeAnn, came down to visit for a day and a couple bits (we say couple bits because they got here Thursday night and left Saturday morning). It was a fast trip, but so fun to see them! It really made Cole happy to have so much attention too!

Thrusday night we had a great time eating, chatting and hanging out. LeAnn and I went on a wild goose chase into Pomona (hey - I don't get out too much at night and new addresses plus the farmers markets blocking the streets can kindof throw 'ya). We finally did find what we were looking for and I had a great time just hanging out! Thanks LeAnn! :) It was nice for Ty and Marilee to have some time to hang out too. :)

Friday we went to the happiest place on earth - Disneyland! I was so sad Ty had to stay home to study, but he was probably glad for the break from us. Marilee, LeAnn, Cole and I had a great time! We'll be sure Dad can join us next time! :)

Coleman was in heaven! I knew he'd like it, but he was totally loving every moment. We went on Small World, Pirates, Pinocchio, the Buzz Lightyear ride, the jungle safari ride, saw the tiki room, watched the parade, and just had a great time hanging out! Cole was excited to see the characters he recognized and we even got to eat at the Pinocchio resraurant! What a great day!
Grandma and LeAnn took great care of him too. He got so many loves and got to do pretty much whatever he wanted. (Even "climbing" on the rocks at Disneyland (gee wiz - whose son do you think this is?) He was so spoiled and loved every minute of it!

Cole loved seeing all the attractions and all the people! (Cole is definateley a people watcher and observer.) He loved seeing Burt and Mary Poppins singing with the band, Goofy waving at all the kids, and everyone else dancing and singing during the parade! The music was fun and the rides were a blast! He didn't even mind the big wet drop offs (even bigger and wetter because we were at the front of the car) on Pirates!

LeAnn and Grandma got him a Mickey balloon and some fun Cars characters to remember his trip (and rest assured, he remembers! He's played with them ever since, and talked about it a TON! He even asks to sleep with the cars, but after 2 nights of him waking up and being upset over not being able to find one or some of the cars, Ty and I had to ammend our bedtime rules: no cars, just books in the bed. :) He really thinks his Mickey balloon is cool too (and so do I - it's been 5 days and it's still floating high!)

The next day (after sleeping in until almost 10) Cole stayed in his PJs, played with his balloon and cars and watched the Cars movie. He laughed and giggled so cute and had to have all 5 cars with him all the time! If he misplaces one for a minute, he's looking for it the next! What a funny little guy!

Thanks so much Grandma and LeAnn for the great time! We love you! Come back soon!

Wow! This is so fun, but I'm soooo tired! Cole did take short nap, but was up and ready to go again in no time!
Sleepy sleepy!

Loving Grandma and my new blankie

Watching for "ammos" (animals) on the jungle safari ride

Seeing the neat animals on the safari ride - this was probably Cole's favorite ride (maybe tied with the tiki room) - he's still talking about it!

Loving watching the parade - thanks Leanne for the great view!
We're so good at the Buzz ride!

This is the coolest "boona" (balloon)!

Me and my cars watching the "show"
P.S. LeAnn - I want to be like you when I "grow up" - you not only turn lemons into lemonade in your life, but you make everything better for everyone around you! Thanks so much for being such a kind friend!

A couple funny pictures of Cole

Grandma and Grandpa also gave Cole some really neat bunny and duck marshmallows for Easter! What a lucky little guy! We let him start having them early and he LOVES them! He can't get enough! Ty and I think we'll play Chubby Bunny next time too! :)

Cole loves to watch movies in our bed. We sometimes turn on Cinderella in the morning or I let him watch a bit while I work at the computer. I sometimes watch it with him – it is pretty cute. :) I turned it on the other day while I made the bed and look what happened! One little monkey made up in the bed! He made sure to jump on it after too. :)

General Conference

General Conference was a great weekend for us! It was nice to spend time together as a family. We were able to get Conference online and were able to have it on in our bedroom for all 4 regular sessions. It was so great to hear the Prophet and general authorities speak! It always inspires me want to try harder to do better. We “watched” most of it, but with Cole around it wasn’t quite as relaxing as it used to be. :)
Cole did seem excited to hear the prophet though! He wandered in and out and would walk up to the screen to say "PWOFIT!" in his newly found loud voice. We’ll have to read some of the talks online or when the Ensign comes out. Cole did manage to listen to President Monson and all the musical numbers. We think he might grow up to lead the Tab Choir one day. Hey - maybe he won't even need to grow up first, he's getting a lot of practice in now. :)
Tyler went to Priesthood at the church with Joe and said it was fabulous! I miss hanging out with the girls during Priesthood. I tried to play and do a couple special things with Cole, but he was more interested and content to do his own thing, so that’s what we did. I love my little family!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break in UT

We drove to Utah for Tyler's srping break. We had to go in March anyway to take my car to get inspected, etc. and it was a fun chance to spend some time with our families. It worked out perfectly!

Tyler had a lot to do the week before we left (including school and fixing all the weird things that went wrong with our car right before we left...). He worked hard and he and our friend, Joe, spent a lot of hours on the car. If we keep going at this rate we'll have a brand new car pretty soon. :) They did great work. The car got us to UT and passed inspection! What a deal! More stuff went wrong on the way and while we were there, but Ty and my dad had fun trying to figure it out.

When we finally got on the road, we drove the whole way striaght through to SLC. We stopped in St. George for an hour to see my grandpa and grandma and have a burger. It was so fun to see them and the short visit left us really looking forward to spending a little more time with them on the way home. :)

Cole did so well in the car! He watched the trucks and other vehicles pass by, he played with his toys, read his books, took a nap AND watched a bit of "Poppins." Thanks Dad! When we got to SL, we were late for dinner, but it was sure fun to see everyone! Grandma Flint was at Tyler's mom and dad's house and it was fun to visit with her for a few minutes. Cole was OVERJOYED to see everybody - especially his uncles! He sure loves "Twevo" and "Twent"!

The next day we spent hanging out with the Evans crew in the morning and just enjoyed being with family! We made a trip to Ty's and Cole's favorite place to hang our and do nothing - - - REI. That afternoon we ran over to see my mom and dad before the big b-day party for Addie! Cole was so excited to see her and to see Grandpa and Grandpa (I know - he calls them both Grandpa.) We played over there until it was time for the party.

Addie's party was a swimming party and everybpdy joined in on the fun (even Grandpa). Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Scott, Aunt Leanne, Addie, Mom, Dad, Cole and "Neff" (a.k.a. Grandma Neff) were all there to celebrate, swim and have a good time. The Burgoynes joined us too, which made it lots of fun! Cole (usually a water maniac) had a bit of a rough time. I guess it was late and he was hungry and there were tons of people there, but even though he didn't jump right in as usual, he did really seem to love the playground in the kids area. He played there until he was blue! Addie, on the other hand, was quite the little fishy. She LOVED being in the water! We all had a great time! What fun! We were glad when we left that we all had all our clothes. (As we were leaving some people came out who had had everything in their lockers stolen...) YIKES! I'm glad I didn't have to walk out of there in just my swimming suit!

After swimming we all went back to Grandma and Grandpa's house for dinner. Grandma made Cafe Rio salads and they were DELICIOUS!!! Cole and Addie really hit it off and enjoyed being together! They shared some "beams" and corn and seemed to really like the Cafe Rio food. Thanks Grandma! It was a hit!!

Addie and Cole in the high chairs enjoying eating, being together and hanging out with the fam! :)

That night we even had time (after Cole went to bed) to play Shanghi with my mom and dad. Ty and I are really liking card games lateley and we're a little limited in what we can play with two people, so it was fun to have a little bigger crew! :) Thanks for staying up late to play with us!

We had lots of opportunities to play games with Ty's parents and brothers too. We're all pretty adicted to Sequence and they seemed to like Pound Pound, a new game (similar to Hearts or Spades) that Joe and Janel taught us.

Games kindof saved us. We were really bummed that Trevor was sick for most of the time we were there... We're really glad he's feeling better though! The day we left he was out the door to aerate (sp?) lawns! What a trooper.
Poor Tyler had to ski with me (it's kindof a joke right now) - being 7 months pregnant and trying to ski at all (even on the easy runs) was really funny. It feels like your legs are connected differently to your body... So weird. I didn't have a lot of trouble skiing (although I was super overcautious!), but sitting down and laughing myself silly was a bad plan because then I had to get up after. Not such a pretty sight. Oh well, maybe next year I'll be able to keep up a bit better. Ty's a patient guy, but 3 ski seasons of pregnant wife would be kindof lame. :)
Our families treated us like royalty while we were there. I forgot how good my mom's and Tyler's mom's cooking is! They really outdid themselves! We enjoyed eating at a couple of our favorite UT restaurants too. Why is it that food is yummier there?

We went out to dinner with Jack, Mel and Hannah one night and really loved being together. We waited for over an hour for dinner though and had 2 very unhappy little guys by the time we finally ate. We kinda just choked down our food and called it a night. It was kinda sad, but the company was good! Thanks Jack and Mel for hanging out with us! We're lucky to have such great friends!

We also got to hang out with Taylor, Kenzie and Will later that night at Ty's mom and dad's house. It was so fun to see them and to see how big Will has grown since Christmas! It's so fun to watch all these cute kids grow up and learn so quick! Thanks for hanging out with us! That's one of the biggest things I miss about last year - living close to friends and family and just chillin'. :) I'm glad our kids are all going to be around the same ages. It will be fun to keep hanging out for years to come!

Ty worked a bit over the break on some studying and stuff - working on the car and getting ready kept him pretty busy the couple days before we left, so he (the responsible med student) put in a few hours to good hard work. :) I took advantage of his work time to go to lunch with my Grandma and my mom. It was so nice - I really miss hanging out with them. I used to show up at my Grandma's randomly and I could always count on a good chat and a good time. I really miss living so close - I'm already crossing my fingers in hopes of a UT residency so we can be close to family, but we'll see. :) I love you guys! (Five Guys has FABULOUS hamburgers!!) - maybe that's why I gained 5 pounds in 3 weeks (I'd rather blame it on the baby though :) ).

I'm really sad we didn't take more pictures! I was kindof a photo idiot while we were there! I'll have to do better next time! Here are a few I do have...

Lunch with Grandma, Mom, Leanne, Addie, Anna, Anissa, Zoey & Stephanie - gues what we had! BURGERS! Gotta love the Training Table!

Cole enjoyed his chicken, but I think he was enjyoing the company and the attention more. :)

Annie and Zoey

Grandma and Mom

Anissa and Stephanie (Steph has grown soooo much!!!)

Addie and Leanne (Addie has also grown a TON! She's so much fun to hang out with! We can't wait to do it more this summer!!)

Ty and Cole and I had to go check out Grandma Neff's new remodeled house. It's beautiful! Cole decided he needed to eat Grandma's whole orange as a snack! Thanks Grandma! (Snacks at Grandma's house are always the best!)
Grandma Neff has a really neat bell that rings really loud!

Cole helping Grandpa and Dad with some work at Grandpa's house! :) Grandpa has such cool tools!
Anyway, the trip was a blast! We got to see a lot of people and do a few things, but we were sad we didn't get to see everybody or do all the things on our list. We're all looking forward to June when we can spend a little more time at home and not feel like we have to cram it all in.

Thanks everybody for the great time! We love you all and can't wait to see you again!