Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Valentines!

Once again, I have no pictures to post. It's lame, I know. I just wanted to write down what a fabulous Valentines day we had (since I no longer am up to par with my regular journal keeping...) :)

Our Valentines started early - Tyler brought me beautiful red roses on Thursday. (He claims he was in trouble last Mother's Day when he got me flowers the night before we left for Lake Powell I took them to my mom to enjoy while we were gone and he kept them 'till they were dead and gave them back to me when we got home. :) I guess he was in trouble). This time we've thuroughly enjoyed them. They smell soooo good!

Friday night we went to dinner as a family and had the most fabulous hamburgers at Red Robin. We got a bleu cheese burger and a jamaican chicken sandwich and switched half way. Cole loved the fries and the balloon and the crayons - we had to feed him for real when we got home - he was too excited at the restaurant to eat for real. Did I mention how much I LOVE not having to do dishes? After dinner we looked around at the bike shop - Coleman was, once again, thrilled! He LOVES bikes, but refuses to ride a trike.

On Saturday we went to the climbing gym with friends and spent the whole day. We went out to lunch and climbed and climbed. Cole loved the gym too and made friends with eveyone there. He especially loved the brush they have to clean the holds. I wish I had a picture of him climbing the wall - he's going to be a good climber like his dad! :)

Sunday we went to church and made it through the day. After church, Joe and Janell and a new friend, Levi, came over for dinner and games. Cole was once again in heaven having friends around!

We partied a lot for one holiday - we even watched movies at night and had ice cream (I think I might have to call it "ice keamy" for the rest of my life because it's so cute when Cole says it. We do have a movie of that, but it unfortunateley won't upload to Blogger :(.

It was a great holiday. Poor Tyler will be getting his present (a book) late because it got deleted from the Amazon order - here I thought I was being all sneaky and adding it to an order of school books... Anyway, Valentines was great!

Thanks Grandmas and Grandpas for the loveley Valentines. Cole has enjoyed the cards, cookies and candy. Tyler and I have enjoyed them too, but there's just something about kids and the excitement of it all! :) I think Cole's favorite words are kokat (chocolate) and ice keamy. :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fun Fun Fun and Funny Stories!

So, we've been busy lateley. Cole has been playing hard and learning lots! He knows what he wants and he knows how to tell us about it. :) Here are some pictures of some of the fun things we've done lateley and some of the funny things that have happened.
I'm cute, loud, hillarious, and learning LOTS!
17 months old today!

So, I've been feeling a lack of creative outlet in my life. Consequently my family has eaten all sorts of strange made-up recipes - some work and some don't. I figured I should channel my creative energies into something I knew I was a little better at...

Cole has been learning colors and shapes and is really excited about it. He loves to watch Baby Einstein to see the animals and the different colors and shapes in the puzzles and toys. I'm trying to help us watch less TV and do more activities, so I came up with making a flannel board of shapes for him to play with and learn from. (I also had in mind something we could take to church that would keep him busy for a few minutes;)). I worked really hard making the shapes all the same general size. I even broke out a compass my dad gave me and my rusty geometry memories and made most of the shapes circumscribed in the same size circle. (I know, I'm weird.) It was fun and a lot of work. I couldn't stop with just shapes, so I made a car and a truck, a train, an airplane and a helicopter (Cole's favirite things to point out as we drive). Then I made some fruit shapes because he's so crazy about fruit (and there are pictures of fruit on the Baby Einstein video...) Anyway, long story short, I had a lot of fun and was really excited to make something for Cole. I gave the shapes to him yesterday to keep him busy while I worked on dinner and it worked for about 5 minutes... I was a little discouraged, but 'ya know. He's 17 months old - I should have expected that. This morning though when he woke up he ran into the living room yelling "shapes, shapes, shapes!" I know this sounds dumb, but it made me feel special that I'd made something he liked enough to scream about it. :) He played with them off and on throughout the day and this afternoon after play group he named every one of the shapes without help. He knows some of the colors too and can name all the fruit and the things that go. :) What a smart little guy!

We went to play group at our friend Ryan's house today. It was so fun! Ryan shared all his toys and we had fun snacks! There were a lot of new friends to meet too! Thanks Lisa for having us all over! We're looking forward to seeing everyone again next week.

Cole is learning to wash himself. Every time he takes a bath or a shower he washes his own tummy and neck (the theory is to wash his hands really well). Now he's learning to wash his hair. We think he never did it before because for a long time he couldn't reach the top of his head.

This morning before we went to our play group, Cole and I had to go outside. We've been cooped up in the house for such a long time that it felt good just to play. He loves our playground (ghetto though it may be). He loves the slide and to climb through the tube to the other side. Unfortuanteley this time we found a new hole in our tube - right next to the grafitti. I guess we'll have to find a new playground, but for today, he was happy as could be! :)
We got an early Valentines package in the mail from my mom and dad. Cole opened each part a piece at a time and was in heaven! He was most distracted by the peanut butter cookies (even after eating Hershey's kisses and M&Ms). Here he is eating the most important part, the chocolate on top.

We also got an early Valentines package from Tyler's mom and dad. (We're so lucky our parents keep us in cookies and candy and all the fun stuff!) I wish we had pictures. Cole's favorite part was the packing peanuts which we spent a lot of time tonight and probably will again tomorrow loading into his dump truck then dumping them out.


Cole and Tyler LOVE to wrestle! After dinner they decided to go at it in the living room. We think Cole drank too much milk and Tyler turned it into a milk shake. Poor Cole was caught in the act of sharing his milkshake with Dad's face... It was soooooo gross, but so funny. Poor little guy! He got over it fast because he got to take a bath with Dad (one on his most favorite things)! They both cleaned up pretty well. :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Indoor Activities :)

Its' been chilly here (for California) and really rainy! We, along with the rest of the state of CA have been pasing a cold around for a couple weeks. Our apartment complex turns into a big puddle when it rains, which makes it hard to play, even though Cole loves it! Too bad he was sick for most of it and his mean mom wouldn't let him play outside in the freezing puddles. We've had to find fun inside stuff to do. Here are a few pictures of Cole's new favorite indoor passtimes. :)

we love to play with our friends!
Mackenna and Brittney came over the other day to play. It was fun to hang out with them. Cole and Mackenna get along great! I'm glad they like playing together! Did I mention BUBBLES are a new favorite buzz word around here too? Don't watch, Mom. We sometimes do them in the house...

these blocks are a hit!!
My mom made Coleman these yarn blocks for christmas. They're made from that plastic weavy stuff (i'm sure that's the technical term for it) and yarn and they have awesome bells inside. He absoluteley loves them! Lateley he's been playing with them more and more. He's building taller towers and learning to say the colors of the blocks (most of the time he thinks they're green or purple) :). His other favorite thing to do with his blocks is to pretend they're a train. He lines them up on the floor and pushes them along saying "choo choo!" It's about the cutest thing I've ever seen!

cole found the pots and pans under the oven!
I ran in the other room for a second to grab something while making dinner the other night. When I came back Cole was sitting in the drawer and the pans were flying. :) I ran back into our bedroom to get the camera, but missed the best shot. He'd made his way out of the drawer, but was still enjoying himself with the pots (they make a great sound when you bang them on our linoleum).

playing with his tube of zoo animals
This was a great 40% off buy at Michael's the other day. Cole can say all the animal names and make a lot of the sounds. He LOVES to dump them out and them put them back into the tube. My favorites are the elephant sound (you can see him spitting to make it in the picture above) and the gorilla sound.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cole, Cole, Cole

It’s becoming obvious to me that I need to take more pictures. Ty and I figured out a cool way to add pictures as a background (sortof) to our blog, but now I’m realizing that I don’t have anything to post. Yesterday I did have the camera out, but I was too slow to catch Cole sitting in the drawer under the oven playing with the pots and pans. :) I’ll have to be quick to the draw to catch this guy. He’s a fast mover and he’s on to something else in seconds.

I guess I can tell about the pictures we posted anyway. :) - sorry, another post without pictures...

The olive thing is old – ovov is a new favorite word and a new favorite food.

Ty and Cole both got haircuts! I think they’re both pretty handsome! (I got a haircut too, but you don’t want to see – I don’t recommend our local Fantastic Sams…)

Cole LOVES Oreos! He will do just about anything for an Oreo. This picture of him is him saying AND signing more please!

We’ve started a playgroup. Cole LOVES to play with Clara, Mackenna and our new friend, Ryan! He also loves to push anything with wheels! This day worked out great!

Blueberries are another new favorite food. They’re even better than Oreos. Our grocery store had them on sale last week for a great price so we got some. Tyler loves them, but guess who ate most of them? COLE! Dad got a few for lunch one day and I made muffins for breakfast once, but the other 2 cups were devoured by the little guy. He calls them b’berries. We finally had to start giving him the frozen ones from Costco because he kept wanting more. He picks through the raspberries and loganberries and eats all the blueberries first. Messy, but oh so fun! We’re glad he likes some healthy food. :)

Cole LOVES to ride his airplane and mow the “lawn.” He especially loves to play with them right before bed. So much for stories, he’s got toys! We have to read during the day, because when Dad’s home, Cole wants to show him all the neat things he knows how to do. :)

Oh the CAM! Cole surprised us the other day at Joshua Tree when he knew the names of many of the items on Tyler’s climbing rack. Ty pulled it out and Cole immediately and emphatically yelled CAM! Since we’ve been home from our mini trip, the climbing gear has been living in the living room (does that shock anyone?). I finally decided to put it away a few days ago, but Cole was quick to protest. He had to keep out one of Dad’s cams. He carried it around for a long time. I think it makes Tyler’s heart happy to know that one day he’ll have a permanent climbing buddy. Cole still has to gain another 10 lbs before the first child sized harness will fit him. (We’re safe probably ‘till next year, then I can start worrying about both our boys.)

Cole is in love with his bath time again. After a few short sabbaticals from bathing (yuck) he is once again loving the water – sometimes more than once a day. He likes to make big splashes and pour water from his stacking cups. He calls them sips. He likes to wash my feet (in or out of the tub). He also really likes soap. Thanks Grandmas for introcuding us to fluffy bath soap! He can wash his own hands, tummy and neck. He tries for hair sometimes too.

The hair picture is a pre-haircut, after sticky dinner do. Who needs hair gel – hot dogs, cheese, yogurt, they all work just fine – and they’re scented. :)